September 18, 2012

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"ROG's resource of 660 Koz at 11 g/t is almost unheard of in Africa." (9/17/12) Roxgold Inc. - The Gold Report Interview with Brock Salier More >
"PTM offers good value; we rate it a Buy." (9/12/12) Platinum Group Metals Ltd. - Matthew O'Keefe, Mackie Research More >
"NFR has the potential to skyrocket into a tenbagger." (9/14/12) Northern Freegold Resources Ltd. - Jay Taylor, HotlineMore >
"The team running IRL worked for Newcrest, Newmont and a number of other major mining companies." (9/14/12) Minera IRL Ltd. - The Gold Report Interview with Aleksandra Bukacheva More >
"Metallurgical recoveries from NFR's Revenue are extremely positive." (9/14/12) Northern Freegold Resources Ltd. - Michael Fowler, Loewen, Ondaatje & McCutcheon More >
"PVG drilling in H1/12 increased the number of mineralized domains." (9/14/12) Pretium Resources Inc. - Ovais Habib, Scotia Capital More >
"ORT is expected to produce a 5N (99.999%) purity level of alumina." (9/14/12) Orbite Aluminae Inc. - Morning CoffeeMore >
"You do not want to miss out on CSL stock; it is your lottery ticket." (9/12/12) Comstock Metals Ltd. - Christopher Skidmore, Beat the MarketMore >

Gold News Articles


Central Bank Policy 'Hugely Bullish' for Commodities

"Despite recent euro strength however, the cost of buying gold in euros remained within 2% of its spot market all-time high during Monday morning's trading." - 09/17/2012

Gold Futures Struggle for Direction Post-Fed Glow

"Gold futures weaved in and out of the red Monday, looking for a firmer direction after they rallied strongly last week on the Federal Reserve's latest bond-buying plan." - 09/17/2012

Mali's Gold Industry Resists Turmoil

"The chaos that erupted in the months since the military staged a coup d'etat has left the country's twin economic engines, the cotton and gold industries, essentially untouched, in contrast to the vast economic damage caused by coups and conflicts in West African neighbors like Guinea and Ivory Coast." - 09/17/2012

The Next Recession Will Be Triggered by Oil

"Any move of 100% or more in energy prices within a year has historically been the straw that breaks the camel's back. - 09/17/2012

How Long Before Money Collapses?

"Gold remains in the bulk of the world's leading reserves for that rainy day when something else is needed other than the currency issued by the nation's central bank." - 09/14/2012

The Bottom Line on Gold, the Dollar and the Euro

"The euro and the dollar take turns winning and losing against each other, but both are being debased, both are losing ground in the real world and both have lost a lot of ground against gold." - 09/14/2012


Miners Catching Up to Metals; Huge Run Coming?

"The big miners, represented by the gold miner ETF GDX, have outperformed gold itself since July." - 09/14/2012


How to Play the QE3 Rally

"While the market probably has factored in some of QE3, the move will nonetheless add more liquidity to the market, devaluing the U.S. dollar, meaning an increase in gold and silver prices." - 09/13/2012

Loose Money Is Here Again (and Gold Stocks Love It!)

"As was the case with the previous two quantitative easing programs, gold and the gold stocks love the idea of loose money." - 09/13/2012

Platinum Hits Five-Month High on South Africa Mine Unrest

"Platinum rose around 2.5% on Wednesday for its biggest one-day rally in a month, boosted by supply fears after sprawling labor unrest halted production at some mines in top platinum producer South Africa." - 09/12/2012

Spot the Dog: Gold Stocks Underperform All Other Sectors

"Gold stocks do not accurately or reliably track the price of gold in direction or magnitude, sometimes going in the opposite direction." - 09/11/2012

Gold Bugs Love It, but a New Gold Standard Is Just a Dream

"It's pretty unlikely that the U.S. will ever re-adopt the gold standard, both because of the cost and because of the vested interests opposed to it." - 09/11/2012

Profit from Rising Silver Prices with These Three Picks

"Investment demand for silver should increase, thanks to the effect of global monetary easing." - 09/10/2012

Silver at Multi-Month High

"Historically, gold has been worth about 12 to 15 times what silver is worth, but recently it has been worth roughly 50 times silver's value." - 09/10/2012

South Africa Mine Unrest Spreads

"The violent rise of the AMCU is the biggest challenge to the unwritten pact at the heart of the post-apartheid settlement: that unions aligned to the ANC deliver modestly higher wages for workers, while ensuring labor stability for big business." - 09/10/2012

California Gold Rush Mine Won't Be Reopened Yet

"What investors had hoped would the reopening of California's second commercial-scale gold mine in the Mother Lode has been halted by deteriorating equity markets." - 09/10/2012


Australia's Gold Production Declines in 2011/12

"For the June quarter, gold output totaled 65t, some 2.5t or 4% greater than in the previous quarter." - 09/10/2012


Detour Gold Set to Open Canada's Biggest Gold Mine

"The Detour Lake mine marks the strongest sign yet of a trend toward massive, open-pit gold mining in Canada on a scale more commonly seen in desert geographies in Nevada, Chile or Africa." - 09/09/2012


Gold Futures Rally Nearly 2% After Payrolls Report

"Gold futures rallied Friday as a negative jobs report was thought to be a catalyst for additional U.S. economic stimulus coming sooner rather than later." - 09/07/2012

Survey Participants Strongly Bullish On Gold Prices For Next Week

"The big move in gold prices this week, after the bond-buying announcement by the European Central Bank and hopes for more stimulus from the Federal Reserve next week, has most participants in the weekly Kitco News Gold Survey suggesting values for the yellow metal could rise again." - 09/07/2012

Supra Mario, Bond Vigilante

"German Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann asks if Supra Mario will punch and kick the weaker Eurozone states should they fail to fix their debts and deficits. But judging by the gold price in euros, now a tick or two below all-time record highs, plenty of private capital says no, he won't." - 09/07/2012

Gold Stock Breakout

"After weathering a long consolidation followed by a major correction, gold stocks remain deeply out of favor . But this bearish sentiment is slowly yielding as gold powers higher in its usual autumn rally." - 09/07/2012

Gold: The Ultimate Crisis Barometer

"It's no secret that one of gold's best attributes is as a barometer of economic crisis. It would appear that the yellow metal is once again serving this function." - 09/06/2012

Gold Turns Higher, Keeps $1,700 in Sight

"Gold prices turned modestly higher Wednesday, with investors remaining tentative ahead of Thursday's European Central Bank policy meeting and the U.S. jobs report on Friday." - 09/05/2012


S. Africa's Mining Unrest Upsets Risk/Reward Outlook

"SBG Securities forecast downsizing at almost all South Africa's mature gold operations over the next three years in the face of 'declining reserves and unrelenting inflationary pressures.'" - 09/05/2012

Gold Speculation Vehicles: Gold Stocks Versus Options

"Gold stocks used to be the best way for the ordinary investor to increase exposure in the search for higher returns. Nowadays, leverage is extremely easy to come by, even for retail investors." - 09/05/2012

Gold Standard To Be Reinstated Through The Back Door

"For the first time in over 30 years, talk of a return to the gold standard has become part of mainstream U.S. politics." - 09/05/2012

Has QE3 Already Begun?

"With the recent breakout of the frustrating consolidation zone that always follows a B-Wave bottom I think gold is now ready to begin the initial phase of the next C-Wave advance." - 09/04/2012

Gold, Silver, Mining Stocks: Breakout Time, Not Bubble Time

"Precious metals and miners appear to be making constructive and powerful breakouts." - 09/04/2012

Near-Term Targets for Gold, Silver and Mining Shares

"It's amazing. Two months ago you couldn't give away mining shares or silver. Suddenly, everyone is bullish again." - 09/04/2012

What to Do When, Not If, Inflation Gets Out of Hand

"Are you prepared to handle high inflation for a sustained period of time?" - 09/04/2012

Why the GOP Is Really Talking About the Gold Standard

"The move to 'audit the Fed' and a return to the gold standard are two ideas Ron Paul supporters care most about." - 09/04/2012

Don Coxe Recommends Investors Read Lenin to Understand the Markets

China and India have always been crazy for gold and the yellow metal remains the choice store of value in those two countries, says Don Coxe, a strategic advisor to the BMO Financial Group. In an exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Coxe explains how demographic shifts are affecting the price of gold and delves into the logic of investing in gold as a long-term strategy. Coxe also draws an important lesson in economics from his reading of Lenin. - 08/31/2012


Under-Explored South Sudan Open for Business: Minister

"While little prospecting has been carried out so far, South Sudan is thought to have significant mineral potential." - 08/31/2012

Gold Market Buoyed By Bernanke's Jackson Hole Remarks

"Gold prices ran up to fresh five-month highs Friday as traders seemingly concluded that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s highly anticipated Jackson Hole speech meant there is a good chance for further easing from the central bank." - 08/31/2012

Global Copper Inventories to Decline Substantially This Year: Pat Mohr

"Substantial production losses and outages at existing copper mines will cause global copper inventories this year to fall to 47 days of consumption from 52 last year, Scotiabank Economist Patricia Mohr has forecast." - 08/31/2012


Your Window to Buy Gold Below $1,700/oz Is Closing

"Short-term as well as longer-term trends suggest that the gold price is going to move out of its recent correction soon." - 08/31/2012

Start Your Own Gold Standard

"While politics has the power to cloud even the most basic beauties in the financial system, it does not currently prevent individuals from applying the gold standard to their own portfolios." - 08/30/2012


Prepare for Fireworks in the Gold and Silver Sector

"We can only conclude that although all eyes are focused on the Fed, there are other factors in play that will drive gold prices higher and we are quietly confident that a new all-time high of around $2,000/oz will be achieved by New Year's Eve." - 08/30/2012

Gold: First Mover Advantage

"Gold still hasn't made it back to its all-time high, but Stifel Nicolaus' gold-to-crude oil ratio suggests gold climbing to $1,900." - 08/29/2012

Two Ways to Buy More Gold for 2013

"The high level of bearish sentiment early in the summer and the seasonal tendency for gold to bottom in July created a good risk-reward entry point, but another opportunity to buy should be just around the corner." - 08/29/2012


Peru May Give Environment Ministry More Power over New Mines

"President Ollanta Humala has sent a bill to Congress that would give the environment ministry more power to approve or reject new mines in Peru. Peru, a top global metals exporter, has a pipeline of new mining projects worth $50B." - 08/29/2012

Bernanke Disappointment Could See Gold Correct

"'Gold prices could correct, possibly abruptly and steeply, should Bernanke's speech again hint of distancing the Fed from further monetary policy easing,' says James Steel, chief commodities analyst at HSBC." - 08/29/2012

Bet on a Gold Comeback with the Gold Explorers ETF

"If investors are forecasting a solid return for gold, the explorers ETF could be a very interesting fund to target at this time." - 08/29/2012

Are the Precious Metals Sending a Signal?

"The precious metals are moving back into the spotlight. After being left for dead by Wall Street several months ago, gold and silver are at four-month highs." - 08/28/2012

Why Billionaires Love Gold

"Despite the fact that we've been in a powerful gold bull market for more than a decade already, I believe the best is yet to come for gold prices." - 08/27/2012


Republicans Tease with Gold Standard, But Idea Seen Full of Bugs

"U.S. Republicans have all but guaranteed the backing of the 'gold vote' this November by raising an idea that even the most bullish mainstream bullion boosters believe is unrealistic: a return to the gold standard." - 08/27/2012

Gold Steadies After Stimulus Hopes Spark 4-1/2 Month High

"Gold prices hit their highest since mid-April on Monday, buoyed by speculation that the U.S. Federal Reserve may be set to unveil another round of monetary stimulus, but then steadied on caution ahead of a key central bankers' meeting later this week." - 08/27/2012


A New Cyclical Bull Underway in Gold Stocks

"Markets have bottomed, a new cyclical bull has begun and there is substantial room to move over the coming months and year." - 08/26/2012

Doug Casey Predicts Day of Economic Reckoning Is Near

It is a deal with the devil: Governments churn out more and more cash for the promise of continued prosperity. But the day of reckoning is near, according to Doug Casey, chairman of Casey Research and an expert on crisis investing. As the epic battle between inflation and deflation continues, Casey discusses his predictions for the new world market in this exclusive interview with The Gold Report. - 08/24/2012


Gold Stocks Got You Down? This History Lesson Will Pick You Up

"While veteran gold investors see markdowns as a buying opportunity, gold's price decline has raised the ire of more than a few newer investors." - 08/24/2012

Gold Is in a Very Strong Bull Market

"Heading into weekend, gold prices looked set for a gain of more than 3% on the week, after gold rallied following Wednesday's publication of Fed policy meeting minutes." - 08/24/2012

Gold and the $600 Billion Question

"Let's enjoy this gold rally while it lasts, but let's also remain disciplined in taking profits along the way, raising our stops to protect remaining profits." - 08/24/2012

Render Unto Caesar, Part I

"What does the history of ancient gold coins say about Europe's kingless, faceless money today?" - 08/24/2012

Does China Have a Hidden Agenda on Gold?

"We have seen Chinese companies begin to make inroads into securing future supplies through investing in and taking over resource companies around the globe. We are now seeing similar moves into the Western gold mining sector, of which the most recent example is China National Gold Corp.'s interest in taking over control of African Barrick Gold." - 08/24/2012

Ready, Steady, GOLD!

"We could attribute the recent rise in the price of both gold and silver to the U.S. dollar topping out and losing some of its strength recently." - 08/23/2012

Contrary Gold Futures

"Futures traders have been incredibly bearish on gold for months now. They are actually a powerful contrary indicator for gold." - 08/23/2012

Shifting Indian Gold Demand Trends

"One of the fundamental reasons for gold's sluggish performance in 2012 has been the lack of demand from India, traditionally the largest buyer of gold on the planet." - 08/22/2012


Invest in Gold Mining Stocks While They're Still a Bargain

"Gold mining stocks offer something in return, dividends, in addition to benefiting from a continued rise in gold prices." - 08/22/2012

Gold Climbs to Three-Month High

"Gold prices hit their highest level since early May on Wednesday, rising to $1,645/oz during this morning's London trading." - 08/22/2012

The Only Way to Win with Gold Stocks

"Small-cap resource stocks can give you great leverage to the underlying commodities, such as the precious metals." - 08/22/2012


Guyana Is Proving Its Worth for Explorers of All Sizes

"Though it has long been a source of wealth for the country, gold exploration in Guyana has been on a tear over the last four years." - 08/21/2012


Big Changes Ahead: Gold Just Became Money Again

"The Fed and FDIC circulated a letter to banks that proposes to harmonize U.S. regulatory capital rules with Basel III. If the proposals are approved by regulators, then this is a momentous change for the gold market." - 08/20/2012

Gold Market to Be Driven by Politics This Week

"Jean-Claude Juncker, head of the Eurogroup of single-currency finance ministers, is expected to visit Athens Wednesday to discuss Greece's request for a two-year extension to its austerity program." - 08/20/2012

Love Trade Cools as Central Banks' Gold Demand Heats Up

"As we enter the 'Love Season' for gold, we'll look for any indications from government policies that might spur the continuation of the long-standing tradition of gold buying for weddings, births and festivals." - 08/20/2012

Long-Term Technical Outlook for Gold and Silver Is Rosy

"The fact that gold and silver are unlikely to break to new highs anytime soon hardly deters me in my bullish enthusiasm for select gold and silver stocks." - 08/19/2012

Central Bank Stimulus Hopes Give Boost to Gold

"Gold traded just below $1,620/oz during Friday morning's London session, very slightly below where it ended last week amid renewed speculation over central bank stimulus measures." - 08/17/2012

Role of Gold in a Bear Market

"Though the old standby of holding cash during bears remains fine, gold's returns have been far superior." - 08/17/2012

Why Are Gold, Silver Mining Share Prices Not Moving Higher? Part II

"Several silver and gold mines link dividend payments to profit and to the gold and silver prices and have seen their share prices outperform their competitors who do not follow this practice." - 08/17/2012

Are Central Banks Still Hoarding Gold?

"A new report shows global gold demand fell in the second quarter from prior year levels. While some investors were discouraged by the price action, central banks were more attracted to gold than ever before." - 08/17/2012

On the Ground in the Yukon: Part 1

"On site in the Yukon, Mineweb reporter Kip Keen takes a tour of the Yukon's operating mines and some of its leading exploration projects." - 08/16/2012


Evaluating the Wisdom of Buying Gold

"Even before the height of the global crisis, there was a 'wise crowd' of institutional and individual investors who had been buying gold as a safe haven from currency risks and the trillions of dollars invested in derivatives, and as a way to recycle petrodollars." - 08/16/2012


Why Are Gold, Silver Mining Share Prices Not Moving Higher?

"The prime reason that institutional investors and wealthy retail investors are buying gold and silver mining shares now is that these will produce a greater total return than the gold and silver prices themselves." - 08/15/2012

Paulson, Soros Add to Gold ETF Positions

"Soros Fund Management, which sold most of its SPDR Gold Trust position last year, doubled its stake to take it to 884,400 shares." - 08/15/2012


Bear Market Conditions Hit Junior Mining Sector

"Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia President Gavin Dirom said tough economic conditions have hit the sector again, prompted by worries about Europe's sovereign debt crisis and China's slowing demand for copper." - 08/14/2012

Gold's Fearless Summer Turnaround

"Can fear refuel investment demand for gold? It's a question many investors are now asking." - 08/13/2012

Better Sentiment Seen Toward Gold as Gold-Platinum Premium Sets New High

"The cost of an ounce of gold bullion minus that of an ounce of platinum breached $230/oz Monday, a new record high for the gold-platinum premium." - 08/13/2012

'Ryan Factor' Could Prove Bullish for Gold

"Political policies that could slow growth are likely to be bullish for gold, as the Federal Reserve would need to keep its accommodative monetary policies in place, amid efforts to achieve its official mandates." - 08/13/2012

Post-Euro Possibilities

"The widely promoted gold standard would be absolute disaster for the sole reason of inadequate supply." - 08/13/2012

Which Way Will the Pendulum Swing for Gold?

"Gold isn't always on an upward path. When looking at the average monthly returns over the past decade, you can see that short-term setbacks are normal throughout the year." - 08/13/2012


Bulls Are Still in Control, But Time Is Running Out

"We will probably see the dollar continue to drift lower for the remainder of this month, possibly even into the Jackson Hole meeting as traders continue to hope for the next round of QE." - 08/11/2012

Gold Marking Time Until Federal Reserve Symposium

"Heading into the weekend, gold prices looked set to end the week little changed by Friday lunchtime in London, with silver prices similarly flat." - 08/10/2012


Gold Bulls Strengthen on Outlook for Additional Stimulus

"Gold traders are the most bullish in five weeks as investors expanded their bullion holdings near a record on mounting speculation that central banks will have to do more to bolster economic growth." - 08/10/2012

Will QE3 Be Gold's Last Hurrah?

"Investors banking on a third round of U.S. money-printing to push gold back to record highs this year are taking a risk, not least because the metal's other pillars of support look shaky." - 08/10/2012

Mining Is One of the Most Undervalued Sectors

"Erste Group Analyst Ronald-Peter Stöferle speaks about the strength and durability of the current bull market in gold." - 08/10/2012

Gold Rush in China Could See It Sweep Past India

"China may have overtaken India as the world's top consumer of gold in the first quarter of 2012, but the country is not resting on its laurels. By buying gold mines and accumulating the produced gold before it hits the international market, China is able to purchase gold below the spot gold price." - 08/09/2012

Gold Market Lacking Momentum as Traders More Interested in Olympics

"Gold hovered just below $1,610/oz for most of Wednesday morning's trading in London, in line with last Friday's close." - 08/08/2012

What Happens to the Gold World When Greece Exits the Eurozone?

"The very fact that the B.I.S. undertook over 500 mt of currency/gold swaps two years ago testifies to its ability to facilitate and support the global monetary system as we know it now." - 08/08/2012


Peru Seeks to Build a New Relationship with Mining Companies

"Central and regional governments, the mining companies and local residents say they are ready to build a new relationship based on trust and respect." - 08/08/2012

Could Gold Be Tripped Up by a Coming Deflation?

"There are many high-quality mining stocks today that you can buy at 7, 8, 10 times earnings, something we have never seen in this bull market, and you can receive a dividend yield that is higher than a 30-year Treasury bond." - 08/08/2012

All Roads Lead to Berlin

"Despite numerous summits, we still look to the European Commissioners to present and implement a solution that would boost economic activity and drive down unemployment. As we see it, there are only two choices: They can either default or print." - 08/07/2012

Guatemala Steps Back from Mining Reform Plans

"The Guatemalan government is stepping back from plans to take a stake of as much as 40% in new mining projects, a top government official said." - 08/07/2012

Gold Will Hit New Highs in 2013 and Beyond: Blanchard

"While gold finished 2011 in consolidation mode after reaching a record nominal high above $1,900/oz in September, Blanchard's analysts see the stage being set for another robust advance through the remainder of the year and beyond." - 08/07/2012

Gold Close to Confirming a New Breakout to All-Time Highs

"I expect gold to rally for about 8–13 months into at least June 2013, and our longstanding target has been in the $2,300/oz arena." - 08/07/2012

Speculators Pile Into Gold Futures, Options

"For the week ended July 31, speculators in the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's weekly commitment of traders report saw their net-long positions in gold rise significantly in both the legacy and disaggregated reports." - 08/06/2012

Gold and Silver Regaining Footing as Treasuries Make Bearish Reversal

"The long-range upward trajectory of precious metals, particularly gold, is continuing higher and has considerably higher to go." - 08/06/2012


Five Ways to Invest in Gold

"A recent survey shows that nearly half of U.S. investors don't believe they're knowledgeable enough about the precious metal to make a decision about adding gold to their portfolios. The World Gold Council highlights these five options to get investors started." - 08/06/2012

Likelihood 'Remains High' for Central Bank Stimulus

"Precious metals prices held on to most of their gains from Friday's rally, which coincided with a stock market rally following better-than expected U.S. non-farm jobs data, as well as news that Spain may seek a bailout." - 08/06/2012

South Africa Tops Gold Grade List

"After more than a century of gold mining in the country, South Africa is featured in the number one spot in terms of gold grades, with Canada close on its heels, in a report drawn up by Natural Resource Holdings' Roy Sebag." - 08/06/2012


Fed Hits 'Kill' Switch on Liquidity

"Gold, as the ultimate safe haven at both ends of the long-wave, will eventually prove its merit as a store of value in deflation. Before we arrive at that critical juncture, however, there will undoubtedly be phases of volatility along the way that temporarily obstruct gold's forward progress." - 08/05/2012

Precious Metals Short-Term Outlook Is Bullish

"We believe that gold and gold stocks are primed to head higher in the coming weeks." - 08/05/2012

Is Gold Mining Healthy?

"In 2011, gold-mine production came in at an all-time record high. And in 2012 experts anticipate production to be even higher. But is the gold-mining industry truly healthy?" - 08/03/2012


To Achieve a Successful Gold Standard, You Don't Need Gold Coins

"When most people think of 'gold-based currencies,' they think of gold coins. But, actually, gold coins themselves are probably the least important part." - 08/02/2012

In Junior-IPO-Land, Money Favors Old Hands

"What the shape of June and July IPOs illustrate more than anything else is that pedigree counts now more than ever." - 08/02/2012

What Happens to Greece's Gold when Greece Exits the Eurozone?

"When Greece required a generous bailout from EU creditors, we were led to believe that part of the collateral, to be forfeited on default, was the 111 tonnes of gold owned by Greece. It is this gold that is in danger of being lost to the nation now." - 08/02/2012

Gold Tied to Central Bank Moves

"'Investors [are] continuing to favor the U.S. dollar over bullion as the key safe-haven trade,' says a note from ANZ Bank." - 08/01/2012

Have You Overlooked This Piece of the US Economic Puzzle?

"In some ways, gaining an understanding of the U.S. economy and its current trajectory is as simple as recognizing a few fundamental facts." - 07/31/2012


World's Gold Deposits Are Drying Up

"Of the 439 mines or deposits over 1 Moz, only 189 are in production and have an owner with over $1.8B market capitalization. The remainder are owned by juniors, private companies or government-sponsored enterprises." - 07/31/2012

Gold and Silver Await the Starting Gun

"This week is another political week in that we have meetings across the board involving the ECB and the Federal Reserve followed by the job numbers on Friday. All of these have an effect on the investment community in that investment funds tend to stay on the sidelines until the direction of the markets becomes clear." - 07/31/2012

Most-Accurate Gold Forecasters Split over Gold's Next Step

"The only three analysts to correctly predict gold's biggest quarterly slump in four years are now split, reflecting investors' diverging views on the probability of central banks doing more to shore up growth." - 07/31/2012

Some Smaller Gold and Silver Miners Pay Decent Dividends, Too

"There aren't many precious metal producers issuing dividends, but there is a good handful, and they are serious about sharing profits." - 07/30/2012


Gold Investors Waiting for Signal

"Prices for gold bullion fell below $1,620/oz during Monday morning's London session, slightly below last week's close, while stocks gained and U.S. Treasuries fell, with markets focused on key monetary policy decisions due later in the week." - 07/30/2012

Gold ETFs Turn Higher on ECB Pledge as Central Banks Meet

"Silver ETP holdings have been on a modest upward trend since early July, indicating some investors view the recent silver price range as a good entry point." - 07/30/2012

Silver Prices Ready for QE3

"Just look at what silver prices did after Bernanke announced QE2. From August 2010 to August 2011, silver prices gained 141% to hit more than $43/oz." - 07/30/2012


Challenging the Paradigms of Investing

"For all the hype over recent tech IPOs, did you know that investors have lost more money in Groupon and Facebook than the entire assets in all of the gold funds?" - 07/30/2012

The Federal Reserve, Gold, Oil, & the Dollar's Demise

"Over the longer term, a weak dollar is positive for precious metals and other hard assets." - 07/29/2012

Gold Set for Gain on Week

"Spot market gold bullion hit a five-week high at $1,625/oz during Friday morning's London trading, on course for a weekly gain that would see the pattern of alternating up and down weeks stretched to week number 11." - 07/27/2012


Hong Kong's Largest Gold Bullion Vault Signals Rising Asian Wealth

"Hong Kong's largest gold-storage facility, which can hold about 22% of the bullion now in Fort Knox, will open in September to meet rising demand from banks and the wealthy." - 07/27/2012

Gold Pares Gain After GDP Data but Remains Higher After Technical Momentum

"Traders have been keying off major U.S. economic reports for some time now as they try to gauge whether data will mean any more monetary easing from the Federal Open Market Committee." - 07/27/2012


On the Hunt for a Tenbagger Gold Miner

"There are some tenbagger gold miners out there, says one of Australia's best fund managers, if you know where to dig." - 07/27/2012

Platinum: 'Little Silver' v. Big Gold

"Gold's use is ultimately social, having been a thing of beauty, symbol of power, store of value and a means of exchange since the earliest civilizations, while platinum is primarily an industrial metal, which isn't helping platinum versus the gold price one bit right now." - 07/27/2012

Investing in Silver: States Support Move to Metals as Dollar Weakens

"Worries that the U.S. dollar is on the cusp of a collapse have lawmakers from more than a dozen states (up from just three in the past few years) seeking approval from their state governments to either issue their own alternative currency or use gold and silver as a currency for settlement of state-related transactions." - 07/27/2012

Is Gold Ready to Run to All-Time Highs?

"I fully expect gold to continue past the $1,900/oz area and run to $2,300/oz or higher in a Wave 5 rally into the summer of 2013." - 07/26/2012

Two Keys to Gold's Next Breakout

"If history repeats, gold will, by this fall, be poised to benefit from both a relative strength increase as well as a historic long-term 'oversold' signal." - 07/26/2012


London's Olympic Gold Medal Worth the Most in the History of the Games

"The 'podium value' of the London gold medal is worth approximately $708, according to the World Gold Council. It is the highest value of any gold medal in the history of the modern games, primarily because of the record high prices for gold and silver." - 07/26/2012

Gold Rallies with Euro

"Gold prices have tended to rally this year in advance of events such as Fed announcements and Congressional testimony by Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, but have subsequently retreated in the absence of explicit signals that more QE would take place." - 07/25/2012

Gold Will Regain Its Safe-Haven Appeal

"More and more of the people will stop being fooled by governments and their fiat currencies and move to protect whatever wealth they may have left. And the likely route for this will be by investing in gold." - 07/25/2012

Potential for Stimulus Supports Gold

"Seasonally speaking, gold has entered the second half of the year where prices, at least on a seasonal basis, tend to have upside bias due to factors having little to do with world economies." - 07/25/2012

Do Gold, Silver Prices Fall in a Shrinking, Debt-Distressed World?

"In the U.S. there have been three recorded deflationary periods and gold increased its purchasing power in each of them, by between 44% (1929–1933) and 100% (1814–1830)." - 07/24/2012

Gold Prices on Hold as the US Dollar Strengthens

"This period of stagnation can be used to do all the due diligence necessary for you to feel comfortable with the purchases that you intend to make. Formulate your plan now, execute it when you are ready and ignore the white noise generated by the naysayers." - 07/23/2012

'Dollar Danger' Threatens Gold

"'The great danger for the gold price is the stronger dollar, because of its long-term negative correlation to gold,' says Eugen Weinberg, head of commodity research at Commerzbank." - 07/23/2012

Leading Gold ETF Sees Biggest Weekly Outflow of 2012

"The SPDR's holdings have fallen nearly 25 mt so far in July, putting ETF on track for its biggest monthly outflow since December." - 07/23/2012


Platinum Plumbs Deepest Discount to Gold in 7-1/2 Months

"Gold's premium over platinum reached its highest in 7-1/2 months on Wednesday at over $210 oz and could rise still further as the white metal suffers from its heavy exposure to the beleaguered European car market." - 07/23/2012

'Flat Momentum' Sees Gold in Contracting Range

"The U.S. dollar gold price hovered above $1,580/oz during Friday morning trading in London—in line with where it has spent the last two weeks—while stocks and commodities ticked lower and U.S. Treasuries gained." - 07/20/2012

New Gold-Mining Technology Scaling Technical Hurdles

"South Africa still has one of the biggest gold resources in the world, but that gold is at depth. The proposed new way of mining dispenses with all blasting, keeps people away from the danger areas, facilitates mining round-the-clock every day of the year and refocuses on revenue." - 07/20/2012


Copper Fares Better Than Gold and Silver

"Copper prices have been trading higher to unchanged on the year and 'this is a good signal that economic conditions around the globe may not be as dire as has been reported,' said John Person, president of NationalFutures.com." - 07/20/2012


Another Gold Mining Company CEO Walks the Plank

"We are beginning to see carnage at the CEO level in 'underperforming' gold mining companies (which in current markets means most of them)." - 07/20/2012

Profiting from Europe's New Gold Rush

"The atmosphere for gold mining in Europe appears to be improving. Its importance is recognized in Brussels; even though only a few clumsy steps have been taken, the general attitude is making a positive shift." - 07/20/2012

Silver Prices: Metals Rise on Hopes of QE3

"While another round of monetary easing would be a negative for the U.S. dollar, it would be a distinct positive for gold and silver. In addition, loose monetary policies and waning confidence in global paper money continues to draw investors toward metals." - 07/20/2012

Put On Your Seatbelts, It's About to Get Bumpy!

"Copper has significantly underperformed equity markets and is likely leading the next move down." - 07/20/2012

How Gold Will Be Made Acceptable by the Powers That Be

"If the fiat money system suffers any more body blows from debt crises and the like, gold will be deemed a very necessary strategic asset for banks." - 07/19/2012

Mongolia Gov't Coalition Fans Fears of Resource Nationalism

"The coalition will include minority parties such as the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party and Mongolian National Democratic Party, which both want to limit foreign investment in the booming mining sector." - 07/19/2012

You Don't Want to Miss This Opportunity

"Looking at the results of metals and natural resources during the first half of 2012, only four commodities on our periodic table pulled off a positive return. Wheat grew the most, rising 13%, followed by single-digit rises from corn, gold and copper." - 07/19/2012

Buy Gold Now: Five ETFs to Consider

"Seasonal influences for gold and gold stocks are starting slightly earlier than usual this year." - 07/18/2012

Gold 'Saddled with Uncertainty' Over QE

"Gold prices ticked lower Wednesday morning in London as markets continued to digest yesterday's testimony to Congress by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke." - 07/18/2012

Seasonal Recycling in Gold

"The gold price tends to display a seasonal pattern—rising in spring, slipping or flat-lining in summer, only to rise once more in the fall and then winter." - 07/18/2012

Can Gold's Luster Be Restored This Summer?

"Gold’s best opportunity for a turnaround might not occur until later this year after the vaunted four-year 'presidential cycle' peaks." - 07/18/2012

The Potential for Gold Stocks in 2013-2014

"If gold is able to break above $1,625/oz and confirm its bottom, then it would be on an eventual track for a rebound back to $1,900/oz." - 07/17/2012

Gold and Silver Investors Are Turning to Undervalued Junior Explorers

"We have long maintained that capital will move from fiat currency, to conservative bullion, to productive miners and finally to explorers that will significantly outperform the staid metal." - 07/17/2012

Is This the Swan Song of a South Africa's Mining Industry?

"South Africa's gold mining sector is undergoing a dramatic change, the question is, what will it end up looking like?" - 07/17/2012


Bernanke Keeps the Stock Market Waiting for QE3

"Some are beginning to wonder if QE3 will ever happen and how much worse things have to get before we see it." - 07/17/2012

How to Buy Gold in Today's Troubled World

"The big question for investors is how to buy gold in a renewed bull market for the shiny metal." - 07/16/2012

Gold Market 'Nervous and Thin' Ahead of Bernanke Testimony

"'Keep an eye on the dollar and the stock market for clues as to the next direction [for gold],' says David Govett, precious metals manager at brokers Marex Spectron." - 07/16/2012


Australian Mining Boom Generates Huge Wealth

"Western Australia, which contains 13 of the nation's richest towns, is the center of the mining boom." - 07/16/2012

Zimbabwe Jan–June Gold Output Up 29%

"The southern African nation's gold mining sector is recovering from an economic crisis that peaked in 2008 when hyperinflation reached 500 billion percent and forced most mines to shut." - 07/16/2012

Diversify Your Precious Metals

"Gold is an essential part of any investment portfolio, but silver and platinum may serve the same purpose, even though they are also used in industrial manufacturing." - 07/15/2012

The Next Major Move in Precious Metals Is Close

"I am still a firm believer that gold in most respects is a currency and the only one that can maintain its value. There are very serious issues looming in Europe and across the world that are far from resolution. With few tools left in the toolbox to stimulate world economies, further easing can never be ruled out." - 07/13/2012

When Will Gold Stocks Start to Sparkle?

"We need a turnaround in sentiment to cause gold prices to rally strongly thus setting the stage for a massive rebound in the mining sector." - 07/13/2012

Gold Now Flat on a Year Ago

"Barring a sharp jump in the next two weeks, gold in dollars will soon be so far underwater, it'll be drowning compared to the record highs of August and September 2011." - 07/13/2012

Does Central Bank Gold Buying Signal the Top Is Near?

"The World Gold Council is so confident that central banks will continue to buy gold that it's changed its reporting structure: It's added 'official sector purchases' as a new element of gold demand, while eliminating 'official sector sales' as a negative supply factor." - 07/13/2012


Precious Metals in Summer Doldrums

"While worldwide gold demand sees big spikes in autumn, winter and spring for various income cycle and cultural reasons, there are simply none during the summer." - 07/13/2012

What the GLD ETF Chart Tells Us About Gold

"What gold needs to do, in terms of the GLD ETF, is clear the 158 hurdle on a closing basis to set the stage for a new advance." - 07/12/2012


Employment in the Mining Industry Is a Pocket of Strength

"U.S. employment in the mining sector has increased 16%. This change is far better than any other sector, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics." - 07/12/2012


Sprott Sees Record Gold Price in 2012

"Eric Sprott, the founder and chairman of Canadian fund manager Sprott Inc., expects bullion will rise as investors seek the safest assets while governments spend to stimulate their economies, increasing chances that inflation will accelerate." - 07/12/2012

Too Close to Call

"For the bulls, the S&P needs to move above $1,375, the CRB commodities index must generate another leg up and gold must make a higher high by reclaiming the $1,622/oz level. These are the bullish lines in the sand." - 07/12/2012

US Gold Production Declines During April

"U.S. mines produced 17,400kg of gold in April, a 7% decrease compared with revised March production of 18,800kg, the U.S. Geological Survey reported." - 07/11/2012

Gold Subject to High Emotions in Quiet Market

"Having seen sharp falls during Tuesday's U.S. trading, gold prices regained some lost ground Wednesday morning, climbing as high as $1,583/oz, while stocks and commodities were broadly flat and U.S. Treasuries dipped." - 07/11/2012

Gold Protocol to Sideline Informal Miners

"The world's major gold producers seek to draw an iron curtain between their mines and Africa's enormous, varied, informal gold industry." - 07/11/2012

Un-Scary Reasons to Add Gold

"The World Gold Council's analysis points to gold's value in a diversified portfolio." - 07/11/2012

Is Gold Stuck in Bizarro Land?

"Gold and silver are simply waiting for stronger easing actions to warrant higher prices. As growth rates, unemployment levels and equity prices continue to struggle, it appears that it is only a matter of time before the Fed or ECB take more definitive actions to secure the lead in the race to debase fiat currencies." - 07/11/2012

This Gold Price Cycle Shows We're Headed for a Rise

"Gold prices may be choppy until the Eurozone's picture comes more into focus, but gold's past is a good indicator that investors will revisit an asset that can hold its value and can be counted on for liquidity." - 07/10/2012


Junior Feeding Frenzy on the Horizon

"According to Benjamin Cox, a lot of junior miners will be taken out this fall as majors look to replenish ounces at some of the cheapest levels seen in a very long time." - 07/10/2012

Gold Miners are Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!

"I am bullish on gold miners. . .but with one very large qualification: They must produce positive cash flow." - 07/10/2012

Gold Climbs Back After Weak Jobs Report

"Gold prices were trading slightly higher Monday as investors continued to let the dust settle from Friday's labor report. 'Prices have firmed a little bit and sentiment seems to be improving,' said Jeffrey Nichols, managing director of American Precious Metals Advisors and senior economic adviser to Rosland Capital." - 07/09/2012

Can Gold, Silver Prices Rise in a Growing Global Economy?

"Central bank demand is a very significant contributor to gold demand and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. In this case then, economic growth has a direct link to the gold price." - 07/09/2012

Weak Jobs May Mean More Printing and Higher Precious Metals Prices

"Gold and silver have been recently moving higher based on the Eurozone and stocks breathing a sigh of relief as the summit came up with a purported solution to reduce funding costs, particularly for Italy and Spain, worth $149B." - 07/09/2012

Gold Alternating Between Up and Down Weeks

"Gold prices held above $1,580/oz Monday morning in London, broadly in line with last week's close." - 07/09/2012

Miners Say Resource Nationalism Still the Number One Risk

"In its report 'Business risks facing mining and metals 2012–2013,' E&Y's Global Mining and Metals Group outlines the top 10 business risks for mining and metals. Resource nationalism, skills shortage and infrastructure access top the list." - 07/09/2012


Burma Forms First Public Gold Company

"Burma, now known as Myanmar, launched its first public gold company with the stated aim of protecting small- and medium-size enterprises against foreign competition." - 07/09/2012


World Gold Council Sees China's Gold Demand Rising 13%

"Gold demand in China, the second largest user after India last year, may expand 13% in 2012, the World Gold Council said." - 07/09/2012

Gold Stocks Compared to Past Bull Markets

"Things are on par with the past and gold stocks are right on track." - 07/09/2012

The Market's Next Major Move

"This report clearly shows how the U.S. dollar plays a dominant role in the price of other investments." - 07/08/2012

Gold May Be Preparing for Further Falls

"We are either building a base, or preparing for another leg lower through $1,500/oz." - 07/06/2012

Gold and Silver Hovering Above Key Technical Support

"But bulls shouldn't let their guard down; the metals are still contained within a wedge formation." - 07/05/2012

Did the EU Summit Affect Gold?

"As central banks attempt more desperate measures, precious metals stand ready to rise again." - 07/05/2012

How Undervalued Is Gold?

"We have to consider the profitability factor. Cash costs are confusing across the industry because they are not standardized." - 07/05/2012

The Market Is Giving Major Correction Signs

"I continue to see divergences with the Elliott wave counts and other indicators that are giving me some short-term concerns." - 07/04/2012


Think Gold and Stay the Course

"Dream on, politicians. The debasement of all fiat currencies continues unabated and they will all hit the wall sooner or later." - 07/04/2012

Investment Bid Needed to Move Gold Price Higher

"Gold remains in the same range since early May, and would have to move above trendline resistance at $1,624/oz to reverse the bearish posture." - 07/02/2012

Why Deflation is the Biggest Catalyst for Precious Metals

"The time to buy gold stocks and physical gold and silver coincides with deflation fears." - 07/02/2012

An Investor's Guide to the American Gold Eagle Coin

"Physically holding the gold in your hand means the only issue you have to worry about is how to safely store the asset. Enter the American Gold Eagle Coin." - 07/02/2012

The Path to $10,000-an-Ounce Gold

"There's a plausible path to $10,000/oz gold. And it doesn't require a breakdown in civil society." - 07/02/2012

Is the Table Set for a Mania in Precious Metals?

"It's striking, when you really stop to think about just how big the impact could be if some significant fraction of the larger financial world started chasing the small niche market that is gold. Such cash inflows will send our industry to the moon." - 06/30/2012

Euro News Is 'Shot in the Arm' for Gold Prices

"Gold Prices rallied ahead of Friday's U.S. trading, while commodities and the Euro also gained following news of an 'important' agreement at the E.U. summit in Brussels." - 06/29/2012

John Embry on Gold, Silver, Currencies and Commodities

"I view gold and silver as monetary metals. The mainstream news media conflates gold and silver with industrial commodities, but they're really a competitor to the currency system. Gold is the antithesis of paper money." - 06/29/2012

Higher Gold Prices Triggered by Europe

"Of late, gold has been trading more like a 'risk on' asset instead of its historic safe-haven holding, as Friday's movement mimicked." - 06/29/2012

Cashing In on Underwater Mining

"Underwater mining companies hope to extract copper, nickel, ore, silver, zinc and even rare earth metals." - 06/29/2012

Gold: Safe Haven or Risky Investment?

"Gold is an important financial asset that lacks counterparty and downgrade risk, making it the ideal safe haven. Some of the world's largest and most powerful organizations have already realized this." - 06/28/2012

Central Banks Still Adding to Reserves

"Daniel Brebner, head of metals research at Deutsche Bank, expects 'very steady buying by central banks' to continue, which 'should help gold prices from weakening too much.'" - 06/27/2012


While Banks Crumble, the Next Leg Up for Gold Prices Draws Near

"In a surprise twist that only a few years ago would have been considered preposterous, the Basel Committee for Bank Supervision is entertaining whether gold should qualify as a full-fledged Tier 1 capital asset." - 06/27/2012

Strategist Nenner: Charts Indicate Gold Will Soar to $2,500/oz

"The bull market for gold will ultimately resume and push the precious metal to $2,500/oz, says independent strategist Charles Nenner." - 06/27/2012


The Gold Series: Mining and Supply

"There are three distinct streams that make up supply: official sales, recycled gold and mine production." - 06/27/2012


Gold, Silver and the 'Black Hole of Deflation,' Part 2

"Gold and silver performed their age-old role of broadly 'measuring' and holding 'value' during these tempestuous times, and will do so in the future." - 06/27/2012

Why We Are Certain that Gold Producers Will Soar

"Gold stocks do respond when gold goes higher and gold is going higher because of completely unsustainable fiscal and monetary actions of governments all around the world." - 06/27/2012

Do the Charts Say Gold Is Ready to Take Off?

"Seasonally speaking, gold leaves the current 'weak' seasonal time frame it's now in and begins to gather strength into year-end." - 06/27/2012

Here Comes the Hyper-Inflationary Bailout Endgame

"The fact that the only option is to fabricate money in one way shape or form is fundamentally positive for gold, but unfortunately, due to the high degree of government-sponsored manipulation in precious metals markets, a rising gold price cannot be expected until the apparatus that supports such market interference is somehow defeated." - 06/27/2012

Gold Miners' Low Correlation to Gold: Are They Cheap Enough Yet?

"It's not exactly a well-kept secret that shares of gold mining stocks haven't kept pace with the price of gold. But it's just kind of odd that so many of the miners share some similar pricing characteristics." - 06/27/2012

Gold Prices: Begging for QE3

"In the last round of easy-money moves back in January, gold rallied as high as 15%. Since then, gold has dropped numerous times from a lack of additional news of more easing." - 06/26/2012

The Black Hole of Deflation

"The failure of the political system to achieve these goals over such a long period of time is causing a fundamental loss of confidence in the financial and monetary systems of the developed world." - 06/26/2012

Precious Metals: Keep It Simple

"People often feel the need to complicate things by overtrading and overthinking the situation. My advice for the next three months is patience. My advice for the next three years is precious metals." - 06/26/2012

An Ending Made for Gold

"In the ongoing Euro-crisis, we won't know the details of how Europe will clean up its debt mess for a while, but we're pretty confident the story ends well for gold." - 06/26/2012


Gold Coin Sales from National Mints Fall in Q1/12

"Demand for gold coins fell in key markets in the early part of this year as the strong demand for small investment products that helped send bullion prices to record highs in 2011 tailed off." - 06/26/2012

Shouldn't Gold Be Spiking Right Now?

"If the precious metal is such a safe haven, why hasn't it shot up as the European debt crisis unravels?" - 06/26/2012

Gold in Sideways Range Ahead of European Summit

"Gold bullion prices dropped below $1570/oz, though they remain broadly in line with where they ended last week, with markets focused on this week's European leaders' summit." - 06/25/2012

Gold-Stock Valuations

"It is not fundamentals that have been plaguing gold stocks, but psychology. But fear paves the way for massive uplegs as sentiment slowly swings to the opposite extreme." - 06/25/2012

Gold Companies Where Management Has 'Skin in the Game' Outperform Others

"Gold companies that have a high level of insider ownership have significantly outperformed peers with less insider ownership, says U.S. Global Investors." - 06/25/2012

Surprise Strength in Gold

"Gold's unique mix of inflation and default insurance is currently cheaper than its peak price of 12 months ago." - 06/25/2012

What Will Drive the Next Leg of the Gold ETF Bull Market?

"In the current environment, the main driver of the gold price appears to be perceptions of the likelihood of another round of QE, as gold is viewed as one of the few hedges against U.S. dollar debasement." - 06/25/2012

Gold Moves Higher, Seen as Safe-Haven Play

"Gold prices were higher Monday as gold offered a haven for investors amid sluggish U.S. economic indicators." - 06/25/2012

Metals and Mining Stock Outlook

"The recent focus on the weakening outlook for global economic growth has emerged as a major headwind for the global metal industry. These near-term challenges aside, the group's long-term dynamics appear attractive." - 06/25/2012

How Does Gold Fare During Hyperinflationary Periods?

"When creditability in fiat money dissipates, gold may be the only viable option left standing." - 06/22/2012

Euro Weakness Contributing to Gold's Fall

"Near-term momentum may take prices lower, but we believe it may create an attractive point of entry for gold." - 06/22/2012

What Does China's Rising IMF Power Mean for Gold?

"Once China has established an economic power base rivaling that of the U.S., it may well challenge the U.S. at the IMF or set up a developing world equivalent, as it is doing with the potential rival to the World Bank." - 06/22/2012

Survey Participants Torn Over Gold Market Direction Next Week

"Survey participants who see higher prices said they thought the sell-off in prices this week was overdone and that the market will hold support levels. Those who see weaker prices cited strength in the U.S. dollar, which is pressuring commodities across the board." - 06/22/2012


Gold Prices Reflect Disappointment of Fed Meeting

"The markets had been anticipating further monetary easing, which would enhance demand for gold as an alternative asset class to store value by placing downside pressure on the dollar." - 06/22/2012


Six Percent Can Draw Gold from the Moon

"As long as real interest rates are low, gold is in a bull market; there are no plans to raise interest rates for at least two years. Indeed, the Fed is actively working to lower longer-term rates." - 06/22/2012


Summer Lows at Hand?

"Even though gold peaked in September and it's been declining for nine months, the gold trend is still up, regardless of the currency it's traded in." - 06/21/2012

Gold and Silver Are on the Verge of Something Huge

"My chart analysis and forward-looking forecasts show $3,000-ish for gold and $90ish for silver in the next 18–24 months." - 06/21/2012

Gold Down Ahead of FOMC Decision

"Spot market gold prices dropped back toward $1,600/oz ahead of Wednesday's U.S. trading, while stocks and commodities were broadly flat and U.S. Treasuries fell ahead of the Federal Reserve policy decision." - 06/20/2012

Margin Call: A Lesson For Us All

"In order to protect ourselves, our preference is to build our own personal stash of physical gold and silver, a stash that we can get our hands on quickly." - 06/20/2012

Gold Still at Risk of a Large Downward Move Before The Rally

"The likely cyclical lows for this gold correction will be in the October window and investors should make sure they are positioned long by that time." - 06/20/2012

Shorts on Gold ETFs Are Nearing a Big Squeeze

"There has been an increasing number of investors taking short positions on gold exchange-traded funds, but they better watch out for what's ahead this summer." - 06/19/2012

What Do You Expect from the Fed: QE3, Twist or Nothing?

"While the Chairman Bernanke has been non-committal about any action, some other FOMC members seem to be much more willing to act now." - 06/19/2012


Gold Overtakes Drugs as Source of Colombia Rebel Funds

"Mechanical diggers operate along the riverbeds and banks in Putumayo, protected by heavily armed rebels who allow no access to the sites and impose huge 'taxes' on production." - 06/19/2012

How Undervalued?

"The coming gold stock mania is gathering essential potential ahead of the most exciting capital growth opportunity we may witness in our lifetimes." - 06/19/2012

Euro Weakness Weighs on Gold and Silver

"Euro weakness weighs on precious metals as markets come to the realization that despite the Greek election resulting in a 'positive' outcome, the underlying problems facing the Eurozone are still very much present." - 06/18/2012


Fed Expected to Twist Again

"The Federal Reserve is likely to extend its Operation Twist program at the end of its two-day meeting on Wednesday, a growing number of Fed watchers said over the weekend." - 06/18/2012

Gold Recovers as Post-Greek Election Optimism Fizzles

"Gold prices recovered much of their early losses on Monday as appetite for higher-risk assets, which followed a victory for pro-bailout parties in Greek elections, dwindled and the euro and Spanish and Italian stocks and bonds fell." - 06/18/2012

Precious Metals: Comparing the 2012 Bottom to Past Bottoms

"Mark Twain said that history doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes. This is also true in the markets. No bull or bear market or particular event is ever the same. When trying to foresee bottoms and tops, we always compare current conditions (price action, sentiment, fundamentals) to past conditions." - 06/18/2012


Speed Up or Slow Down—Don't Exit the Commodities Highway

"Goldman Sachs is anticipating a 29% return for the S&P GSCI Enhanced Commodity Index over the next 12 months and suggests investors might want to increase their position in commodities." - 06/18/2012

Greece Election 'Should Be Supportive for Gold'

"Spot market prices for gold bullion traded above $1,620/oz during Friday morning's London session, a gain of nearly 4% for the month so far." - 06/15/2012

China's Growing Middle Class Continues to Dip Itself in Gold

"For a country whose gold production in the first four months of 2012 reached 109.6 tonnes, up 6.13% from the same period last year, passion for the yellow metal has scaled new heights." - 06/15/2012


The Shape and Future of Indian Gold Demand

"With gold imports to India reaching over 800 tonnes in a good year and 500 tonnes in a bad year, this demand accounts for between 20% of total gold supply (30% of newly mined gold), in a good year." - 06/15/2012


Gold Up, Set to Extend Gains to Sixth Session

"Gold futures climbed Friday, poised to extend their gains to a sixth session, as the prospect of fresh economic stimulus from the world's central banks underpinned demand." - 06/15/2012


Prepare for a White-Knuckle Ride

"In the short term, it may pay to wait a little while before increasing your exposure to the producers. In the longer term, gold and silver will continue to rise as fiat currencies are recognized for what they are: worthless." - 06/15/2012

Cheap Gold Stocks

"While it is very challenging psychologically to buy in deeply out-of-favor sectors, the panic-like gold stock bargains out there today are simply amazing." - 06/15/2012


The Right Formula for Markets

"Formula 1's fine-tuning of regulations to respect the risks and rewards of racing is the formula government policies should strive for when regulating businesses. Instead, excessive regulations are acting as speed bumps." - 06/15/2012

The Shape and Future of Indian Gold Demand - Part II

"Indian demand for gold will be driven, as it was the last decade, by savings and real income levels and not by price." - 06/15/2012

Are Gold and Silver Your Hedges Against Centrally Planned Economies?

"With the global solvency crisis far from being over, gold and silver still have huge potential as more central bank intervening is sure to come." - 06/14/2012

Gold Stocks Are Beating Gold, and You Can Thank Lower Oil

"A drop in the price of oil, a major cost for miners, may be the reason it finally happened." - 06/14/2012

Everything You Need to Know About Junior Mining Stocks

"The truth is you need to approach the junior mining sector with a game plan, an investment 'tool kit' if you will, to help you to cast aside the dogs and focus on the 'diamonds in the rough.'" - 06/13/2012

Gold Jumps Again but Rangebound Below $1,640/oz

"Buying commodities such as gold 'at current lows' has 'always been profitable' over the last 18 months, said Kevin Norrish, managing director of commodities research at Barclays." - 06/13/2012

Blaming the Machines for Gold

"If London's market-making bullion banks feel they can't hang a story on what's driving the price tick-by-tick, few journalists or private investors will spot the 'true' cause either. So save your energy." - 06/13/2012

Are You Brave Enough to Buy Low?

"People brave enough to buy when others are not interested know the secret of how to 'buy low and sell high.' They are the true contrarians." - 06/12/2012

Getty Images via @daylife

Buy Gold to Bet on Bernanke and QE, Not to Hedge Euro-Crisis Risk

"If the Federal Reserve engages in a third round of quantitative easing, or any other form of balance sheet expansion, one could imagine a scenario where gold and risk assets will benefit at the expense of the U.S. dollar." - 06/12/2012

Probing for Gold Porphyrys in Colombia

"A raft of gold discoveries has put the spotlight on the Middle Cauca Belt in west central Colombia, attracting the attention of major mining sector players." - 06/12/2012


Why Gold Prices Are Ready to Rally

"Gold prices could be ready to make major moves in very short periods—too big and fast for speculators. Without the speculators, long-term gold investors who can withstand short-term volatility will get back in the market to protect against weakening fiat currencies." - 06/12/2012

Producers for Growth, Juniors for Speculation

"While juniors, midtiers and large producers will usually bottom around the same time, they each outperform at different times." - 06/11/2012

Reserves in the Ground Make Gold Stocks Incredibly Cheap: Coxe

"As the entire banking system in the Eurozone remains at risk from Eurozone crisis, BMO Global Strategist Don Coxe doesn't 'see a way of getting out of this without bringing gold back in somehow.'" - 06/11/2012

Gold Falls Back as It Tracks Dollar

"If an event in Europe causes the U.S. dollar to weaken, gold is likely to rise. If it causes the U.S. dollar to strengthen, gold will likely fall." - 06/11/2012

Jerome Favre/Bloomberg

Gold-Investment Demand in China to Advance 10%, ICBC Says

"Gold-investment demand in China may gain more than 10% this year as buyers seek a haven from Europe's debt crisis and the prospect of weakening currencies, according to the country's largest bullion bank." - 06/11/2012

Speculative Buyers Mostly Return to Precious Metals

"After cutting bullish exposure to New York precious metals futures and options markets in May, speculators have mostly returned to buy back precious metals, according to U.S. government data released Friday." - 06/11/2012

How to Invest Your Mother's Money

"Risk is smaller with companies that expect to see large increases in production over the next few years. Why? Because even if gold flounders for a while, they will still grow into bigger companies." - 06/11/2012

Monday Precious Metals and Equity Prices Are Marked Up!

"In recent months, I have been talking about how stocks, commodities and the dollar could rise together. While is sounds crazy, we just may start seeing that happen sooner rather than later." - 06/10/2012

Gold Falls Following 'Bernanke Curve Ball'

"'Gold bulls were very disappointed by Bernanke's testimony yesterday,' says Lynette Tan, investment analyst at Phillip Futures in Singapore." - 06/08/2012


Strong-Dollar Fallacy

"No commodity is more responsive to the U.S. dollar's fortunes than gold. The sharp dollar surge in May drove a full-blown capitulation in gold stocks and to a lesser extent in the metal itself. Capital is already returning after that rare selling-exhaustion event, laying the groundwork for a major new upleg." - 06/08/2012


IMF Eying Spain's Gold: Trader Rog

"Bernanke's plan will probably work for the shorter view, but his Achilles Heel, and he knows it, is a massive loss of confidence in the world's bond markets." - 06/08/2012

Gold and Silver Update: Looking Ahead

"Fundamentals are supporting the current bull market in the metals, as central banks are adding to the money supply at double-digit rates. The technical indicators, along with seasonal indicators, are pointing to a resumption of the bull market." - 06/07/2012

Is the Table Set for a Mania in Precious Metals?

"A mania in gold and gold stocks is the likely result of the absolute balloon in government debt, deficit spending and money printing." - 06/07/2012

Gold's Second-Half Performance Dependent on QE

"We expect politicians and central bankers to turn to quantitative easing as their 'get out of jail' card and this will propel gold to the $2,000/oz level before the end of the year." - 06/07/2012

Bear Channel Broken for Gold

"U.S. dollar gold prices climbed to a one-month high at $1,640/oz ahead of Wednesday's U.S. session, a gain of more than 7% from May's low, while stocks, commodities and the euro also ticked higher and major government bond prices fell." - 06/06/2012

Adrian Day: Gold Liquidation Phase Winding Down

"Money Manager Adrian Day figures the liquidation phase in gold has about run its course and the metal may be about to get a boost from looser monetary policies around the world." - 06/06/2012


Gold Bugs Defy Bear-Market Threat with Soros Buying

"Billionaire George Soros bought more in the first quarter and hedge-fund manager John Paulson held on to the biggest stake in the SPDR Gold Trust, the largest exchange-traded product backed by bullion, Securities and Exchange Commission filings show." - 06/06/2012


On Jelly Donuts and Gold

"Gold is not merely a great thing to own amidst extreme circumstances. It can also be a great thing to own amidst merely marginal circumstances, for example, if you happen to be living during the tail end of one of the most powerful, world-dominating economic expansions in human history. . .rather than at the beginning of it." - 06/06/2012

Gold Standard, Gold Futures and Perception Management

"Gold is the buy for the long term. Gut-wrenching plunges in the price should be expected and ignored, except perhaps to buy more on such dips." - 06/06/2012

Gold: A Modest Proposal

"For the time being, London remains the world center for professional bullion trading, thanks to its time-zone advantage and its unique infrastructure and expertise. Gold bullion turnover in the London market averages more than $240B per day." - 06/06/2012


Why I am Currently More Bullish Than Ever on Gold

"It can be incredibly difficult to go against the herd. The most successful investors muster the courage to buy when everyone else is selling and sell when everyone else is buying." - 06/05/2012

Have Gold, Silver and Mining Stocks Bottomed?

"We are seeing the U.S. Dollar Index futures start to roll over, while gold and silver futures are trying to form bottoms and build consolidation bases. If this is a major top in the dollar, then gold, silver, and gold miners are on sale as we speak." - 06/05/2012

Fresh Blood: Juniors that Stand Out Among Recent IPOs

"Share price hardly serves as a litmus test to intriguing junior stories. And a few juniors stand out among the latest mineral exploration IPOs in terms of exploration and exploration teams behind them." - 06/05/2012

US Mint Coin Sales Rebound in May

"The Mint sold 53,000 troy ounces of gold American Eagles coins in May, more than double the 20,000 troy ounces sold in April." - 06/05/2012

Intermarket Analysis Applied to Gold, Gold Stocks and Bonds

"The precious metals complex has put in a bottom and an ensuing peak in bonds would not only confirm the bottom but would add fuel to the rebound." - 06/05/2012

Royalty Firms Could Spur Junior Miner Deal Bonanza

"With the recent pullback in precious metal prices and slumping stock markets, royalty firms could be the saviors for small and mid-tier miners who are eager to grow but strapped for capital." - 06/04/2012


Hong Kong-China Gold Imports Hit Record

"China's gold imports from Hong Kong, a proxy for overseas buying, set a record in November for the fifth consecutive month as demand from the world's largest gold consumer continued to defy expectations." - 06/04/2012

Major Improvement in Gold's Interim Outlook

"The 10-month price oscillator for gold, which measures how overbought or oversold gold is, registered its first 'oversold' reading since the bottom of the credit crisis in late 2008." - 06/03/2012

All Hail! Grade Is King Again for Junior Gold Stocks

"A number of gold juniors are looking to make their projects more palatable—and generate far quicker payback for investors—by decreasing their scope and/or focusing on higher grades." - 06/01/2012

Precious Metals and Miners Beginning to Outperform General Markets

"Recently, the gold and silver miners have been outperforming the S&P 500, indicating that we may be seeing the rotation from overvalued equities into the undervalued miners." - 06/01/2012

The Myths and Realities of a Gold Standard

"The gold standard is now within the living memory of just a few million Americans, nearly all of whom would be dangerous behind the wheel. But thanks to money printing and federal deficits, the idea of a gold standard has resurfaced in the public's consciousness." - 06/01/2012

Is the Market at a Historic Turning Point? Top Watchers Say. . .

Legendary Dow Theory Letters Writer Richard Russell issued a big bear warning May 27. In a special early alert for his subscribers, he announced that his analysis of the April to May activity on the Dow Jones Industrials showed the continuation of a primary bear market that started on October 9, 2007. "We are now dealing with the latter part of the primary bear market. . .subscribers should now follow a course of utmost caution," he said. "As for gold, I think it will be under pressure for a while, but before this bear market is over, gold will embark on a major bull move. The current correction in gold will test every goldbug's nerves," he added.

The Gold Report asked other market watchers for their interpretations of the numbers and the impact these trends could have on the price of gold and gold equities. Their responses reflected their unique perspectives. - 06/01/2012


The Golden Wealth of Turkey

"When I talk about the Love Trade, India and China are frequently discussed since the two countries have been dominating world jewelry demand. Turkey's love for gold, though, cannot be overlooked, as an estimated 5,000 tons have been accumulating in people's homes for years." - 06/01/2012

Global Gold Mining Trends

"Where in the world is the gold coming from? As investors, it behooves us to understand the forces that are driving industry trends, the same forces that may govern the decision-making process of a miner looking for gold." - 06/01/2012

Gold Mining Stocks: Now Is the Time to Buy

"At these levels, it's time to take a closer look at shares of big gold miners—while they are still a bargain." - 05/31/2012


Gold Reserves Getting Bigger Role in New Economic Order

"Under a $3.5B stabilization plan being promoted in Germany as the European Redemption Pact, the heavily indebted Eurozone states would use hard assets such as their gold and currency reserves to back a new type of euro bond." - 05/30/2012

Bulls Misjudged the Dollar

"Trading volume in U.S. gold futures yesterday hit a new 2012 record according to Reuters data, leaping to 484,000 contracts and breaching both the previous high of late January and the current level of open interest outstanding." - 05/30/2012

Patience Pays with Gold and Silver

"While some may expect bullion demand to be significantly lower from falling gold prices, demand for gold as an insurance policy on fiat currencies remains high." - 05/30/2012


Infographic: What Makes Gold Great?

"Wars have been fought, love expressed and political landscapes changed through gold. But what makes gold great? - 05/30/2012

Gold Prices: Making Sense of the 'Death Cross'

"This isn't hard to understand when you consider that the dollar and gold have an inverse relationship. If one rises, the other traditionally falls. I don't expect that to last much longer." - 05/30/2012

One of the Finest Opportunities to Buy Gold in the Whole Bull Market: Sprotts' Embry

"For Sprott's John Embry, the current level represents a strong buying opportunity because nothing in recent months has really been 'gold unfriendly.' - 05/30/2012

The Flock of Black Swans Facing Gold

"While the commodity spectrum as a whole peaked out around 14 months ago, the sheer number of potential black swan events on the horizon could see gold breach $2,500/oz before year-end." - 05/29/2012

Gold’s 'Contrarian Moment'

"Be very cautious about industrial commodities as a whole, at least until we see signs of inflation showing up in earnest, but don't miss this opportunity to use the recent correction to fill out that corner of your portfolio dedicated to gold and gold stocks." - 05/29/2012

Strong Evidence of an Important Low in Gold Stocks

"There is compelling evidence that the gold shares have completed an important bottom. A rebound is underway and should continue well into June. However, until we see a successful retest of this low, we have no way to confirm if this is the start of the next cyclical bull market." - 05/28/2012

Will Gold and Silver Fall All the Way with the Euro?

"What we've seen lately is gold and silver prices moving with (and often faster, both ways) than the euro, but the link remains solid." - 05/28/2012

Special Report: Richard Russell Calls a Bear Signal

In an early alert to subscribers on May 27, Dow Theory Letters Newsletter Writer Richard Russell announced that his analysis of the April to May activity on the Dow Jones Industrials showed the continuation of a primary bear market that started on October 9, 2007. "We are now dealing with the latter part of the primary bear market... subscribers should now follow a course of utmost caution," he said. "As for gold, I think it will be under pressure for a while, but before this bear market is over, gold will embark on a major bull move. The current correction in gold will test every gold bug's nerves," he said. Look for further bull vs. bear market analysis throughout the week. - 05/27/2012

Central Banks Boost Gold Holdings Yet Again

"Gold may have fallen out of central bank favor for a few decades, but central banks are realizing that it should be a significant part of a country's foreign reserve base as fiat currencies lose their intrinsic value." - 05/25/2012

Gold Tests $1,550/oz as Stocks Sink

"Gold is acting more as a risky asset and everything is tumbling ahead of the Eurozone finance ministers meeting, where nothing good is really expected." - 05/23/2012

Hedge Funds Reevaluate Gold's Potential

"Although the gold price made a series of higher peaks in the month of February, the relative strength indicator for gold told a completely different story." - 05/23/2012

Toxic Euro Corroding Gold

"The euro is becoming so toxic, even incorruptible gold looks at risk of being corroded by the Esperanto Experiment." - 05/23/2012

What Does the Oil Price Mean for Gold?

"Provided the currencies they do accept in payment for their oil are globally used, oil producers will be content to take currencies other than the U.S. dollar." - 05/23/2012

Dumb Money Buying Facebook, Smart Money Accumulating Undervalued Gold Miners

"There is a growing body of evidence that gold has formed a potential double bottom around $1,525/oz. This area in the low $1,500s represents a strong area of support." - 05/23/2012

Mining Stocks: Will the Downturn Last?

"For gold and silver miners, the outlook is bright. Their output prices should increase, while their inputs of energy and mining engineer talent will become cheaper as supply increases and energy prices remain at around current levels." - 05/22/2012

What Is Wrong with Gold Mining Stocks?

"There are some potential values beginning to surface in what could be an oversold industry segment where stocks are approaching 52-week lows across the board." - 05/22/2012

Yukon Juniors with Cash to Burn

"Despite a rocky junior market, exploration continues apace in the Yukon, which is set to have near-record exploration expenditures this year." - 05/22/2012

The Real Price of Gold Holds the Card for Gold Shares

"The real price of gold appears to have bottomed and looks likely to trend higher in the coming months." - 05/22/2012

Gold and Silver Long-Term Signal

"The reasons why I believe gold and silver will perform well in the longer term are a bit different than what many economists and pundits are expecting." - 05/22/2012

This Is the Bottom for Gold: John Hathaway

"In an interview with Louis James, John Hathaway discusses the U.S. economic outlook and why he's delighted by the current bearish sentiment toward gold." - 05/21/2012

If You Want to Be a Winner, Follow These Four Rules

"Rick Rule capped off predictions for gold, energy and other commodities with four rules successful resource investors must follow." - 05/21/2012

Euro Crisis Gives Gold Significant Upside

"The potential for a secession in Europe and/or a U.S. fiscal crisis represent significant upside risks to gold prices." - 05/21/2012

Sprott Sees Great Things for Gold and Silver

"In an expectedly upbeat presentation in New York, Eric Sprott pointed to a large number of factors supporting his premise that gold and silver will revert back to their rising paths." - 05/21/2012

Gold: The World's Friend for 5,000 Years

"Beware of the herd mentality that accompanies tech stocks. Groupon has lost more money than all precious metals funds' losses combined. Yet investors have 'defriended' gold recently in favor of the dollar." - 05/21/2012

What Is Volume Telling Us About Gold Stocks?

"If buyers become the dominant player in the market, which could easily occur once gold heads north again, stock prices could push dramatically higher." - 05/21/2012

How Strong Is Global Gold Demand?

"According to the latest 'Gold Demand Trends' report by the World Gold Council, the world continues to have a strong appetite for the precious metal, despite higher prices in the first quarter of 2012 when compared to a year earlier." - 05/21/2012

Counterattack by Bulls Sets Up Gold for Weekly Gain

"Heading into the weekend, gold prices looked set for a slight weekly gain by Friday lunchtime in London, having risen 4% from Wednesday's low." - 05/18/2012

Bottom Is In, But Is It September 2008 or October 2008?

"Judging from the technicals and recent sentiment data, it is clear that the gold stocks are currently more oversold and much closer to a major bottom relative to the failed recovery in the summer of 2008." - 05/18/2012

Gold Stock Capitulation

"Capitulation, the wholesale abandonment of a sector by traders pushed to their emotional limits, is one of the greatest buy signals. And the intense technical weakness and extreme sentimental distress in gold stocks sure looks like one." - 05/18/2012

National Strategic and Critical Minerals Act Wins US House Committee Approval

"The U.S. Department of Energy identified the 7–10 year period to obtain mining permits in the U.S. as compared to the average 1–2 years in Australia as one of the principal barriers to new U.S. mining ventures." - 05/17/2012

Precious Metals Market Manipulation?

"I'm not at all disinclined to believe tales of manipulation of markets by the state; I expect it, and as a speculator I relish it. But I like to see evidence for everything. And extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence." - 05/17/2012

How Gold Demand Remains Resilient

"Demand for gold was relatively resilient in the first quarter of 2012, with global demand falling 5% on a year-over-year basis, says the World Gold Council." - 05/17/2012

Major Long-Term Bottoms Forming in Gold and Commodities

"I think the 30-point rally in gold Thursday is signaling that gold has put in its yearly cycle bottom." - 05/17/2012

Liquidation of 'Crowded' Gold Trade Pauses

"'Market participants have given up waiting for a bounce,' says a Singapore dealer. 'The market will do what it needs to do to clean out the weakly margined before it becomes healthy once again.'" - 05/16/2012

The Bear Facts of the Bullion Market

"This time around, despite all the denials of the fact and protestations to the contrary, the gold market entered the cave of the bear." - 05/16/2012

Is the Resource Boom Over? A Resounding No!

"Adrian Day argues that China's growth is bullish for copper in particular, China's consumption having quadrupled in the past 15 years." - 05/16/2012

Australia's Mining Sector Grows at Staggering 12% a Year

"Australia's mining sector continues to gallop, while the rest of the economy trails behind." - 05/16/2012

Gold Recovers from 4-1/2-Month Low as Euro Firms

"Gold recovered from its lowest since late December on Wednesday, edging back into positive territory as U.S. stocks opened higher after speculation Germany and France will act to keep Greece in the Eurozone lifted the euro into the black." - 05/16/2012

Have Silver Prices Bottomed Yet?

"The drop below $30.00/oz that we have alluded to has now happened. We see this as being at or close to a possible buying opportunity." - 05/15/2012

IMF to Buy Gold Worth $2.3B

"The IMF is planning to purchase more than $2B worth of gold on account of rising global risks. The IMF currently holds around 2,800 tons of gold." - 05/14/2012

Bull Market in Gold 'Not Over' But Speculators Turn Bearish

"The price of gold and gold futures dropped yet again Monday morning, recording the seventh drop in nine trading days in May so far as industrial commodities, global stock markets and the euro currency all sank amid Athens' failure to negotiate a new coalition government." - 05/14/2012

Money Slowdown

"The resource boom isn't over; someone hit the pause button on the printing presses to take stock and do a review of the attempted fix methods and success achieved to date." - 05/14/2012

Major Bottom in Precious Metals Could Occur This Week

"We anticipate a bottom this month to be followed by a higher low in July or August. The fundamentals should become more clear by the end of the summer and would drive the precious metals complex much higher during the seasonally strong period." - 05/14/2012

Gold and Gold Miners Are Closing in on a Major Bottom

"A great buying opportunity for gold, silver and the miners is likely going to present itself in the near future. I will be watching this price relationship over the next few weeks waiting for a strong entry point for a longer-term purchase. After this pullback concludes, the potential returns that could occur in gold, silver and the miners could be breathtaking." - 05/13/2012

Everything You Need to Know About Gold Prices

"Gold's hot. Then it's not. Now what? Where did the love for the shiny metal go?" - 05/11/2012

Gold Takes It on the Chin. . .What's Next?

"The markets generally overreact to negative news, however, investors should keep in mind gold's normal monthly historical volatility. Throughout the past 20 years of monthly returns, the precious metal generally increased only 0.5% in May and has historically declined in June and July." - 05/11/2012

Do Eric Sprott and China Still Believe in Gold?

"Although gold and silver have been in a 'funk' lately, as Sprott points out, the year is not over and the reasons for holding precious metals have not changed. He also predicts that silver will be the investment of the next decade." - 05/11/2012

Casey Research Summit Special Report: Reality Check or Checkmate?

One special session at the April 27–29 Casey Research Recovery Reality Check Summit wasn't on the agenda—a private panel for The Gold Report readers with three of the premier summit speakers: Global Resource Investments Founder and Chairman Rick Rule, Casey Research Senior Editor Louis James and Casey Energy Opportunities Senior Editor Marin Katusa. You won't pin them down to a timeframe, but they're looking forward to a buyer's market, as equity prices fall and volatility increases. As Rule puts it, "When the luster is off the sector, it's off all parts of the sector, so in bad markets the best companies are cheap. When the best come cheap, you have to play." - 05/09/2012

Sell in May and Go Away? Not this Year: Frank Holmes

Frank Holmes, CEO and chief investment officer of U.S. Global Investors and a keynote speaker at the New York Hard Assets Conference May 14–15, explains why he believes the old expression "sell in May and go away" is not the advice to follow this year. He counsels investors to look to global stock markets and ride the global wave. - 05/09/2012

Asteroid Mining: The New Space Race Could be Worth Trillions

"Here's the math that will blow your mind: A space rock the size of a museum gallery could contain resources worth $100B." - 05/09/2012

Why Warren Buffett Won't Invest in Gold

"'If you buy an ounce of gold today,' says Buffett, 'you can go to it every day and you could coo to it and fondle it, but a hundred years from now, you'll have one ounce of gold and it won't have done anything for you in between." - 05/09/2012

Gold Slides Below $1,600/oz

"Gold futures fell for a third consecutive session as investors turned to the U.S. dollar and shed perceived risky assets." - 05/09/2012

Bearish Gold Hits Four-Month Low

"'Gold seemed to know only one direction today—down,' says Swiss precious metals group MKS." - 05/09/2012

Gold Rally Should Begin Soon

"The bullish expectation is still very much justified. We would need a turnaround very soon though, to continue the mega-bullish expectation." - 05/09/2012

Different Demands Drive the Gold Price, Part I

"The differences in the motives for buying and selling gold have a considerable impact on the price of gold. That's what makes an understanding of these so critical." - 05/09/2012

Junior Sector 'Primed for Consolidation'

"Though metal prices remain high, Haywood noted, investors continue to avoid the junior market. But Haywood concluded its junior market précis reasoning increased M&A activity may be on the horizon." - 05/08/2012

Will A Euro Breakup Boost Gold and Silver Prices?

"We may see a new round of Euro uncertainty this summer, which could lead to the next leg higher in precious metals." - 05/08/2012

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger Tag Team Gold

"The United States and the Federal Reserve system holds more gold than any other country in the world." - 05/07/2012

Keeping the Decline in Gold Stocks in Perspective

"With the current low valuations and extreme negative sentiment combined with the strengthening real price of gold (which implies future margin increases), we have little worry that this sector will explode in the coming years." - 05/07/2012

Political Change Will Put Pressure on Gold and Silver Prices

"This is going to be a rather volatile week for investors, a time to wear your hard hat and exercise patience with your trading activities." - 05/07/2012

Gold Is at or Very Near a Long-Term Bottom

"As soon as Bernanke broke the dollar rally, gold lost all of its downside momentum. This has turned gold's B-wave decline into a mostly sideways consolidation for the last two months." - 05/07/2012

The Dollar & Gold Have Eyes on Europe

"I remain a gold bull in the long term. However, in the short run the dollar has the potential to outperform gold under the right circumstances." - 05/05/2012

The Case for Higher Gold Prices

"Commodities investor Peter Krauth believes gold prices will eventually hit $5,000/oz in a 'superspike.' And that could mean even sweeter returns for gold investors over the long haul." - 05/04/2012

Signs of Panic and Despair in Australia's Labor Government

"So what does this mean for the mining industry? There are suggestions that one of the few ways Julia Gillard can win back voters is to revoke the carbon tax, which she introduced to appease the Green Party." - 05/03/2012

Bullion: Volatile Within a Bull Market

"Whenever gold sells off, big buyers come in to take advantage of lower prices. This is a pattern we've seen consistently and we expect it will continue. Meanwhile, gold has also become addicted to the Fed's actions." - 05/03/2012

The Most Boring Gold Market Ever?

"We've just had the quietest 40 days since the financial crisis began. How often are gold prices as range-bound as this?" - 05/03/2012

Central Bank Demand to Change Gold, Silver Markets and Prices

"There is a major trend for central banks to avoid the global open market when buying because the moment professionals in the market are aware of the presence of a central bank, prices tend to jump." - 05/03/2012

Gold Prices: How to Climb the 'Golden Staircase'

"It typically takes 12–18 months for gold to establish a new price high once it retreats from a strong run-up. Eight months have already passed since gold reached $1,900/oz. The 'Golden Staircase' theory tells us that it will take 4–10 months to see new highs." - 05/02/2012

The Acquisition of Gold Mining Stocks Is a Question of Timing

"In an attempt to maximize the profits on our investments, we consider the timing of any purchase of precious metals mining stocks to be of paramount importance." - 05/02/2012

Is Gold the Best Long-Term Investment?

"Apart from the loose monetary policies and heightened macroeconomic uncertainty in many parts of the world, there are three main factors that will support gold prices." - 05/02/2012

Inept Central Bankers Will Keep Long-Term Gold Prices High: Marc Faber

"Investment fund manager and author of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report recommends physical over mining stocks and says that worldwide printing of money assures long-term support." - 05/01/2012

Scientific Rationality Aside, Metals Prices Are About to Turn for the Better: Ecclestone

"It may not be a first-order recovery for mining project financing, but there are more than a few reasons to be cheerful in the mining space, Hallgarten's Christopher Ecclestone suggests." - 05/01/2012

Bernanke Has Broken the Dollar Rally

"So far all of the pieces are starting to fall in place to initiate the very early stages of what I think will eventually become another huge momentum move similar to what happened in silver and gold last year." - 05/01/2012

Dollar's Slide Fuels QE Speculation

"The dollar's slide was compounded on Friday after preliminary gross domestic product data showed the U.S. economy had slowed by more than expected in Q112, leading to speculation that the Fed might embark on a third round of quantitative easing." - 04/30/2012

A Return to Real Money

"There is no doubt that the Fed is, first and foremost, looking out for the special interests of its shareholders, the banks, insurance companies and securities firms." - 04/30/2012

Europe's Gold Miners Getting Their Hands Dirty Again

"With the entire Eurozone feeling the pinch of austerity measures and jobs in scarce supply, put-upon politicians are looking increasingly favorably on industries that can provide employment, including mining." - 04/30/2012

Do Central Banks Still Love Gold?

"Central banks around the world continue to prepare for currency devaluations by purchasing gold." - 04/28/2012

US House Bill Aims to Reduce Permitting Process

"'In a world in which the competition for mineral resources is increasingly fierce, America can no longer afford to benignly neglect a permitting process that stalls investment-threatening raw materials shortages and downstream economic activity,' National Mining Association CEO Hal Quinn told a House subcommittee." - 04/27/2012

Yukon, Nunavut Witness High Growth in 2011

"The Yukon saw 5.6% growth amid record levels for gold and silver exploration. In Nunavut, where output of gold and silver ore mining increased for a second consecutive year, GDP rose 7.7%." - 04/27/2012

Gold's Delicate Balancing Act

"One big factor that has radically altered gold's supply cadence is an actual loss of one of its major sources. Just in the last couple years gold supply from central-bank sales has completely dried up. In fact, the CBs have since become substantial net buyers of the metal." - 04/27/2012

Three Words Sum Up Recent Markets

"Market behavior over the past few months can be summed up in three words: China, Gold and Apathy." - 04/27/2012

Fed Crystal Ball: Clear or Cloudy?

"To many, the Federal Reserve and its monetary policies seem mysterious and ill-defined. How do they decide on a policy that sees the necessity for near-zero interest rates for the next two years?" - 04/27/2012

Gold & Silver: Ben Bernanke Overshadows FOMC Minutes

"Some may attribute the stable inflation outlook as a bearish signal for precious metals, but this could actually provide the Federal Reserve with more room to provide further easing, despite the option being labeled as 'off the table' by some observers." - 04/26/2012

Gold, Recession and Why Britain Is Winning the Currency War

"One way of looking at gold's long-run price behavior is to view it not as a commodity, but as a currency. Gold's bull market over the last decade or so can thus be viewed as one currency (gold) gaining value against its central bank-issued counterparts." - 04/26/2012

Gold Reacts to Fed

"More than likely, gold's next line of defense will be at $1,671/oz and good support will be down at $1,640/oz, as gold works its way higher in spite of the price suppression." - 04/26/2012

Gold Stocks: Where Is the Bottom?

"The share prices of gold and silver mining companies achieving consistent growth can be expected to rebound vigorously when confidence in metals prices firms." - 04/25/2012

Gold's B-Wave Bottom

"I think the next momentum move is about to begin in the sector most overlooked and least expected by investors: the mining stocks." - 04/25/2012

Is This the End of the Consolidation in Gold, Silver and the Miners?

"We are actually near a bottom in precious metals and miners. A turnaround should be coming sooner rather than later." - 04/25/2012

A Return to the Gold Standard or Gold Behind Currencies, Part 5

"A gold swap allows the lender of currency to benefit from greatly reduced credit risk, as the gold can be held in an allocated account, usually at the Bank of England via the B.I.S. The currency deposit is secured with this gold throughout the life of the deposit." - 04/25/2012

Why Rick Rule Is Excited About This Gold Market

"After a reasonably long period of sustained and occasionally dramatic escalations, commodity markets in general and precious metals markets in particular have declined. This is normal and healthy behavior, even if it is uncomfortable for some market participants." - 04/24/2012

Golv Vs. Fiat Currencies

"It was a challenging quarter for gold due to a pullback in March, but gold prices still finished 8.6% higher to reach $1,662.50/oz by the end of the quarter. Furthermore, gold continues to perform well against all fiat currencies." - 04/24/2012

Gold and Silver Enter Period of Low Volatility and Disinterest

"It appears that gold and silver could have a few more months of consolidation before the next big move can develop. Summer is naturally a period of low volatility when these metals make lows, so be patient and keep your eyes out for bargains and a potential final low in the summer." - 04/24/2012

Bullion Refiners Stocking Up for Europe

"Gold bullion refiners have been stocking up on small gold bars popular with European gold buyers in preparation for an escalation in the Eurozone crisis." - 04/23/2012

Weighing the Evidence of Oil and Gold Stocks

"Today's extreme divergence in oil and gold stocks and their underlying commodities presents a rare opportunity: What these stocks need now are investors to take advantage of it." - 04/23/2012

Gold Needs to Reclaim $1,700/oz for Renewed Buying

"We would expect liquidation selling of gold below $1,600/oz. We do not see fresh buying emerge until we can reclaim the $1,700/oz level." - 04/20/2012

China's Commodities Drag

"The bottom line is irrational China fears have indeed been a drag on commodities in recent months." - 04/20/2012

Gold and Silver Miners Put Real Money Where Their Mouths Are

"While it may appear to be all doom and gloom in the mining stocks, the companies themselves are signaling better days ahead." - 04/20/2012

A Return to the Gold Standard or Gold Behind Currencies, Part 4

"Gold is money when nothing else is, particularly at the government level. If a national currency collapses, the gold in the nation's central bank does not." - 04/19/2012

Gold Performance Improves Despite Headwinds

"Gold ended Q112 8.6% higher in London, at $1,662.50/oz; the World Gold Council described the quarter as being 'eventful' and, despite increased volatility in capital markets, the metal achieved rising prices in all major currencies, with yen investors benefiting most." - 04/19/2012

Gold Continues to Look Bearish

"All the problems that will ultimately drive gold higher are there, but timing is important and right now the trend is down. Until the trend turns up, treat the market as short-term bearish." - 04/19/2012

Nixon, Gold and Oil

"For the very first time in our history, all money, all currencies, are now fiat. The U.S. dollar used to be gold backed and it was the rock all the world's currencies were anchored to." - 04/19/2012

Gold:Platinum Ratio Suggests Much Higher Gold Prices Are Coming Soon

"The gold:platinum ratio supports significantly higher gold prices over the coming months." - 04/18/2012

More Central Bankers Find Gold Attractive

"The majority of reserve managers at the world's central banks consider gold a more attractive investment than last year, while they are wary of euro exposure, according to a new survey by Central Banking Publications." - 04/18/2012

Syria Selling Gold Reserves as Sanctions Bite

"Two gold traders in the United Arab Emirates said the Syrian government had been offering gold at a discount, with one saying it was making offers at about 15% below the market price." - 04/18/2012

A Return to the Gold Standard or Gold Behind Currencies, Part 3

"The questions gold investors have to ask themselves is: If the days of the dollar are numbered, how will gold be used in the monetary system that follows? Will there be a global monetary system that all nations subscribe to or will the monetary world fragment?" - 04/17/2012

Gold, Silver and Copper Investing Strategies and M&A Ideas: Vishal Gupta

Precious and base metal companies both have to obey the basic laws of physics and economics to be profitable. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, geologist turned analyst Vishal Gupta of Fraser Mackenzie shares names of small-cap companies that could successfully take advantage of unique mineralogy to produce profitable mines. - 04/16/2012

Grade Is King for Gold Investors

"It seems gold investors have money to spend but are decidedly becoming more picky about what they choose to invest in and are seeking higher quality projects." - 04/16/2012

Euro Crisis Back as Spanish Yields Spark 'Renewed Market Panic'

"Gold bullion prices traded just below $1,650/oz for most of Monday morning's London session, well within the past month's range, as European stock markets edged higher while commodities fell." - 04/16/2012

Italy's Gold Exports to Switzerland Soar

"Italy exported 120 tonnes of gold to Switzerland in 2011, an increase of 65% on 2010." - 04/16/2012

Does Gold Ever Pay?

"Like earning interest on cash, gold bullion has indeed proven itself a decent investment under Warren Buffett's definition." - 04/16/2012

Are Gold Stock Fundamentals Still Bullish?

"We seek to understand if the poor performance of gold stocks is a harbinger of things to come or if it is an example of a major correction in an ongoing bull market." - 04/16/2012

Bearish Channel Escaped as Gold Heads for Weekly Gain

"Yesterday, gold prices jumped 1.6% during U.S. trading, holding onto most of those gains during Friday's Asian session, despite the release of lower-than-expected Chinese growth figures." - 04/13/2012

Gold and Silver Wait Patiently for More Easing

"Surveys continue to debate whether or not the Fed will provide additional easing, but gold and silver, the time-tested safe havens of the world, wait patiently as the inevitable devaluation of fiat currencies take place around the world." - 04/13/2012

Gold Prices Headed for $2,000/oz

"Gold's current dip is a buying opportunity before the precious metal bottoms." - 04/13/2012

Canadian Juniors' Cash Holdings Look Fat as Market Caps Sink

"Cash highs may support an emerging sentiment among analysts that, on the whole, the junior market is oversold. Meaning: it could be time to invest in some juniors." - 04/12/2012

'Useless' Gold Overtakes Platinum

"Gold's relative lack of industrial use makes it a far better defense against the kind of economic turmoil suffered since our financial crisis broke in mid-2007: platinum is up 24%; gold is up 153%." - 04/12/2012

Gold Steadies as Italy, Spain Face Higher Borrowing Costs

"Gold hovered near $1,600/oz as European stock markets recovered some ground following yesterday's losses." - 04/11/2012

For Gold to Rise, Physical Buyers Must Return

"Despite weaker-than-expected U.S. jobs numbers out last week and renewed hopes of QE3, analysts say that the physical market needs to return if gold is to start re-gathering momentum." - 04/10/2012

Managing Expectations: Why Gold Should Thrive

"Investing, like life, is about managing expectations: Even throughout gold's decade-long rise, price action over the short term can go both ways." - 04/10/2012

A Return to the Gold Standard, or Gold Behind Currencies, Part 1

"The concept of quantitative easing is similar to devaluing the dollar against gold, but taking worthless assets that banks depended on for backing their credit and replacing them with freshly printed ones." - 04/10/2012

Gold Stocks: Timing Your Next Purchase

"For now, we will hold fast and continue to look for absolute bargains. Try to be patient enough to wait for the real deal." - 04/09/2012

Failed Bottom in Gold Stocks Initiates Start of Capitulation

"It is more than obvious that the market is likely to make a V bottom. The good news is the market likely will be substantially higher six months and one year after the low." - 04/09/2012

Stocks Have Reached the Euphoria Stage

"My best guess is that we will see a sharp selloff over the next two to three weeks, followed by a sharp rebound (QE3?) that may or may not move stocks to marginal new highs." - 04/09/2012

Gold Prices Are Set for Further Decline

"The real question has become when and where will the dollar top? When the dollar tops and gold finds a major bottom, the potential for a monster move higher will become likely." - 04/09/2012

Where (and When) to Place Your Investment Bets?

"If you arrange to buy gold on the 13th and silver on the 15th of each month, or on Tuesday for either metal if buying weekly, your cumulative gains stand a statistically greater probability of being slightly higher." - 04/05/2012

Call This Financial Repression? Really?

"Our current freedom to buy gold is very new, along with the wealth of alternatives, both domestic and foreign, open to anyone daring to take control of their money instead of lending it to government or paying a pension fund manager to do the same." - 04/05/2012

The Federal Reserve Did It Again to Gold Prices

"Once again, the markets made large moves based on the Fed's word of mouth, this time to the downside." - 04/04/2012

Is It Safe to Start Buying Gold Stocks Yet?

"Should gold hold the $1,620/oz area and rebound past $1,691/oz, you will see gold stocks take off." - 04/04/2012

Game Changer for Gold and Stocks

"Non central banks are buying gold as well as the central banks. This is in preparation for a upcoming total acceptance of gold as a first-tier asset for reserve ratios." - 04/03/2012

Will Gold be Part of the Emerging World's Future Monetary System?

"With the emerging world starting to build an alternative system to that of the Western world, the times ahead are likely to be turbulent, uncertain and volatile. It's in this climate that gold acts as an anchor, a stabilizer and helps to keep the flow of international money going." - 04/03/2012

The Decline and Fall of the US Dollar

"Gold will always remain international money completely free of national markings. It is the one 'currency' that can be exchanged that is trusted between enemies." - 04/02/2012

Did Gold Stocks Bottom Last Week?

"Considering the extreme negative sentiment and our technical work, we believe the market made an important long-term low last week." - 04/01/2012

Mining Stocks Approach Most Oversold Level Since Start of Bull Market

"Mining stocks have been outperforming the S&P 500 over time, with the expected volatility mostly confined within the upward-sloping trend channel." - 03/31/2012

Gold Heads for Gains

"Heading toward the end of the first quarter of the year, gold bullion prices looked set to record their highest ever quarter-end London Fix of in dollars, euros and sterling. However, most of the net gains in gold and silver came in the first week of January." - 03/30/2012

Should Investors Activate Gold and Silver Airbags?

"Investors looking to protect and diversify themselves against the current global financial system should strongly consider deploying gold and silver airbags." - 03/30/2012

Will India Stop Buying Gold?

"Even with the increase in the price of gold, people have not stopped buying. Part of this is cultural: Wearing gold jewelry in a wedding is a longstanding custom in India and will not change regardless of price." - 03/30/2012

Gold Juniors to Explode?

"Gold stocks are overdue for a shift in sentiment, and when the bids start coming in they ought to explode to the upside. When this happens, those brave enough to buy the juniors will need to tighten their seatbelts for an exhilarating ride." - 03/30/2012

Tension Mounts as the Focus Turns to Bernanke and QE3's Possibility

"What are the current prospects for QE3? Gold, stocks, and the euro would surely benefit from any hint that more easing in the U.S. was definitely on the table." - 03/29/2012

Martin Armstrong on the Sovereign Debt Crisis

"It gets to a stage where it doesn't matter if you use conch shells for money or gold. There is no fiscal responsibility in government. We have to eliminate the core problem and eliminate government borrowing except in time of war." - 03/29/2012

Platinum and Palladium: The Other Precious Metals

"Even gold and silver investors need to diversify, and there's a small window of opportunity to get in on platinum and palladium before prices really start to take off." - 03/28/2012

Current Gold and Oil Trading Patterns Unfolding

"The four-hour chart is one timeframe most traders overlook, but I find it to be the best one for spotting day trades, momentum trades and swing trades, which pack a powerful, quick punch." - 03/28/2012

US Interest Rates Support Gold Prices

"Wholesale market gold prices dropped to below $1,680/oz Wednesday morning, 1% down on their high for the week, after failing a day earlier to break the $1,700/oz barrier." - 03/28/2012

Will Monetary Policy and Inflation Continue to Support Gold?

"Although gold and silver prices have fluctuated during the past decade, the general trend has been higher. Using CPM Group's support levels of $1,400/oz and $1,500/oz for gold, it appears that the precious metal has more upside than downside." - 03/28/2012

The [Recovery] Has No Clothes

"'The prevalence of paper trading in the silver market is what makes the drastic price declines possible by allowing non-physical holders to sell massive size into a relatively small market.'" - 03/28/2012

Is the US Dollar Headed for a Major Fall?

"The use of the international monetary system as a war machine (aka the SWIFT system) has surprised and angered BRIC nations, who are meeting next week to work out ways to prevent the U.S. from exercising such power." - 03/27/2012

Gold Gains as Fed Chairman Points to Continued Stimulus

"Ben Bernanke said the U.S. economy still needs 'continued accommodative polices' despite recent signs of improvement." - 03/26/2012

Gold and China: Where the Bulls and Bears Square Off

"Gold and China are two areas that have been caught in the bear trap this week, but we believe the gold and China bulls still have room to run." - 03/26/2012

Stealth Bottom Coming in Gold Stocks

"The miners are not only extremely oversold but recent price action suggests a bottoming process is beginning." - 03/26/2012

Can Bernanke Break the Dollar Rally?

"Bernanke has steered the Titanic straight into the iceberg and there's no turning back." - 03/24/2012

What Does Mali's Coup Mean for Miners?

Investors are holding their breath after a military mutiny and coup March 22 in Mali, one of West Africa's most established democracies. This Gold Report exclusive delves behind the headlines to analyze the coup's impact on miners. - 03/23/2012

The Curse

"Pullbacks in resource stocks seem to follow on the heels of the PDAC convention. So far, this month is looking like this annual scourge is alive and well and making life miserable for resource stock traders yet again. Precious metals have to stabilize after their recent fall but there will be room for gains once that happens." - 03/23/2012

Inter-Citic CEO on Gold, China and Stocks

"A China-centric gold developer says China's consumer price inflation is understated and real estate developers will melt down if the nation's banks step away from largely vacant offices, subdivisions and warehouses. The informed warning is good for gold." - 03/23/2012

Gold Stock Panic Levels

"As long as fat profit streams continue for gold miners, the immutable law of long-term stock pricing guarantees gold stocks will eventually be bid up to reflect their earnings." - 03/23/2012

Gold Swerves to Avoid the Cross of Death

"As investors, maybe we need to consider the possibility of an extended period of consolidation with not much more to look forward to than range-trading and sideways movement." - 03/22/2012

Why Gold Can Go the Distance

"Historically, negative real interest rates (where the inflationary rate is greater than the current interest rate) combined with global stimulative money supply efforts have been an especially powerful combination for gold prices." - 03/22/2012

Have Gold and Silver Entered a Bear Market?

"Traders are trying to translate the short-term strength of the dollar to a weakness in gold. Their influence is short term." - 03/21/2012

How to Trade Gold with ETFs and Options

"For trading purposes, you can find some pretty good proxies for gold futures that require substantially less cash up front and carry significantly lower risk." - 03/21/2012

Iran Says Gold Is Money

"As long as the sanctions remain in force and the Iranian government has limited access to international currency markets, gold will remain an obvious way to settle transactions." - 03/20/2012

Europe's QE3 Will Boost Gold and Silver

"Eventually, investors will realize that the monetary metals can do well in both a deflationary risk-off environment as well as an inflationary risk-on environment and the trend will turn significantly higher as it has for the past decade." - 03/19/2012

Precious Metals Are Decoupling from the Stock Market

"The S&P 500 is nearing resistance and the precious metals sector is testing its December low. A successful retest of the low in many markets (juniors, metals, silver stocks) should be a signal that the market has confirmed its bottom." - 03/19/2012

Good as Gold!

"Everyone is afraid of gold right now and the media is doing its best to stoke that fire, but now is the time to buy." - 03/19/2012

Gold, Silver, Oil and the Fear Index Trends

"Gold will look bullish around $1,600/oz, gold miners (GDX) around $48/share, and silver around $30/oz, but we need to see one more wave of strong distribution selling for that to take place." - 03/18/2012

Another Healthy Correction for Gold and Silver

"I am convinced that gold and silver will eclipse their previous inflation-adjusted highs before this bull market is over." - 03/16/2012

Wanted! Bearish Gold Bulls

"Overall, since gold prices began to move freely in the late 1960s, the metal has moved in the same direction as stocks, on a quarterly basis, for roundabout half of the time. It's gone in the other direction to stocks for pretty much the other half of the time, making gold uncorrelated in total." - 03/16/2012

Barron's Gold Mining Index to Double over the Next Couple of Years?

"It was not until almost the end of the bull market in 1979 that the gold stocks really started to take off. Those who think gold stocks will not rise during this bull market will be disappointed." - 03/15/2012

What's Driving Gold, Silver Prices?

"With all the easily reached and exploited gold deposits having been mined out in the last century, miners are seeing costs jump inordinately; however, with the prospect of higher gold prices, even the far-flung deposits are becoming profitable." - 03/15/2012

Special Report: The Next Golden Age for Cambodia?

Journalist Thom Calandra recently returned from a tour of mining activities in Cambodia and filed this exclusive report with The Gold Report. Calandra came away from nine days in Cambodia thinking that by late 2013, the extent of identified gold reserves in this Southeast Asian country could rival Cambodia's abundance of Buddhist temples, rubber plantations, cashew trees and cassava farms. - 03/14/2012

Figuring Out Gold's Peak

"Just how long might gold owners wait to see gold get back to its peak? To date, the 21st century bull market has enjoyed seven breathers longer than this one so far." - 03/14/2012

Investment in Indian Gold ETFs Soaring

"Investors in India have ratcheted up their purchases in exchange-traded funds that aim to track the price of gold. For the month of February, gold ETF assets under management in India soared to 97.95B rupees (US$1.96B), up 161% from a year ago." - 03/14/2012

What Commodity Bubble? Precious Metals, Rare Earth and Uranium Miners Rebound

"We are in the time interval of the first quarter, which is often a period of favorable seasonality. Hopefully, may this force be with us." - 03/13/2012

Aggressive Monetary Policy Makes Long-Term Gold Trend Broadly Positive

"The value of all commodity assets under management rebounded in January to $366.8B, equivalent to over 2% of U.S GDP, according to a report by French investment bank Societe Generale." - 03/12/2012

Gold Stocks: Tread Carefully

"Junior explorers tend to rise on whether or not they have found gold, not in lock step with the gold price." - 03/09/2012

Do Precious Metal Investors Believe QE Will Be Dialed Back?

"While it is not politically safe for the Fed to announce new quantitative easing programs, it will need to keep interest rates low to fund government debt." - 03/09/2012

Time to Accumulate Gold and Silver

"Don't lose patience with, or confidence in, your gold holdings. What happens to the price over any short period of time is only one chapter in the book of this bull market, and we think you'll be happy by the time that last chapter is written." - 03/09/2012

Gold Remains in Consolidation

"Fear not, gold investor. You should appreciate these consolidations. They will make you a better investor. You will learn how to buy lows and not get excited near highs." - 03/08/2012

Why the US Confiscated Gold in 1933; Can It Happen Again?

"At no time during this century has the U.S. government recognized the right of private gold ownership." - 03/08/2012

Gold Market Update

"Gold just needs a trigger to launch it for the most spectacular rally since the late '70s. I believe that trigger is likely to be the crash (or decline) of the stock markets." - 03/08/2012

The Face of Volatility

"Because current volatility has thus far been lower than what was experienced during the final phase of the 1970s bull market, we are not in a bubble, nor yet in the mania phase, and nowhere near the top." - 03/07/2012

When to Be Greedy

"Gold is perhaps the only market where greed and fear can work together. For years, I have tried to convince readers to buy dips and sit through the declines, but to little avail." - 03/07/2012

PDAC Round-Up: The Low-Down on Gold Corrections, Canadian Regulators, Labor Shortages and Argentine Nationalization Rumors

Worried about the next correction in the gold price? Don't be, said Martin Murenbeeld, chief economist for the Dundee Companies, during a presentation at 80th annual Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) convention in Toronto. - 03/07/2012

Mining Market Funk Looks to Wane as PDAC Engenders Sustained Optimism

"Early 2012 markets have been relatively kind to miners and explorers after a particularly brutal second half in 2011. Will market funk return after this brief gasp of air? Here at the 2012 PDAC convention in Toronto you get the feeling there may be more oxygen in the tank." - 03/06/2012

Has the Correction Finally Begun?

"I really doubt gold will put in a lasting bottom until the dollar's intermediate cycle tops. Barring a public announcement of QE3, that is unlikely to happen until sentiment reaches extremes again." - 03/06/2012

Dollar and Oil Hold Clues About the Future

"While gold has pulled back sharply, the likely move lower in the coming weeks and months will offer a strong buying opportunity for investors that are patient." - 03/05/2012

Gold Below $1,690/oz Could Spark Fresh Selling

"China has lowered its official growth target from 8% annual growth to 7.5%. China was the world's biggest gold buyer in the fourth quarter of last year." - 03/05/2012

Sentiment Hit Hard by Big Gold Selloff

"That the gold market can be manipulated on Comex by big forward paper sales now seems to be obvious from the major dive suffered by gold last week, when the yellow metal initially fell over $60/oz in a matter of minutes and then got pushed down further before making a relatively minor recovery." - 03/05/2012

Special Report from the PDAC: Experts Separate Good from Bad and Worse Juniors

Sunday is the quiet day at the PDAC, only 10,000 delegates or so. The convention doesn't officially open until Monday—but Sunday offered investors access to an impressive slate of newsletter writers and commodities pundits. - 03/05/2012

Volatility Bounces Bottom Awaiting Bad News or Selling to Strike!

"When fear is just starting to ramp up gold tends to be a neutral or a little weak. But not long after investors start selling their shares of securities, we see money flow into the shiny yellow safe haven." - 03/04/2012

Gold Down on Greek Uncertainty

The gold price fell to $1,708/oz Friday in London as stock and commodity markets also fell slightly amid ongoing uncertainty over the Greek bailout deal. - 03/02/2012

Will It Ever Correct?

"Analysts have been trying to pick a top in this market for weeks. All the while I've been begging investors not to sell short." - 03/01/2012

Platinum Closing the Gap on Gold

"Platinum appears to be rapidly overhauling gold as its fundamentals improve as industry picks up coupled with African mine troubles and it looks set to re-establish its price premium in the very near future." - 03/01/2012

Gold Falls 3% Following Bernanke Comments

"Wholesale market gold bullion prices dropped 3.2% to $1,727/oz in less than an hour Wednesday afternoon in London, after U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke appeared before Congress." - 02/29/2012

Precious Metal ETFs Slump on Bernanke Testimony

"In this latest round of comments to the House Financial Services Committee, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke seemed to suggest that recent trends in the unemployment rate were positive for the economy and that more stimulus might not be necessary at this time." - 02/29/2012

Bernanke's Attempt to Stem the Rising Tide of Gold and Silver

"We can be told that stimulus is passe but the reality is it will continue to be done before our very eyes." - 02/29/2012

Iran Embraces Gold as Real Money

"Mahmoud Bahmani, the governor of Iran's central bank, said the country is ready to receive payment for oil supplies in gold without hesitation. Furthermore, Iran recently used to gold in order to import food, since other financial assets were frozen." - 02/29/2012

Is Gold Backwardation Now Permanent?

"Backwardation is typically a signal of a shortage in a commodity. Anyone holding the commodity could make a risk-free profit by delivering it and getting it back later." - 02/29/2012

Small Cap Gold Stocks Successfully Retest 2010 Breakout

"Gold companies are generating record profits and the price of gold is near its all-time high, yet leveraged small caps are trading near a low relative to gold." - 02/28/2012

Indian Gold ETF Investment Doubled Last Year; Set to Surge in 2012

"Indian investors just cannot keep away from gold. If not in the physical form in terms of jewelry, gold biscuits or gold coins, small investors, corporate houses in India and small and medium enterprises have decided to go a stage further and invest in paper gold." - 02/27/2012

Forecasting Final Week of February for Precious Metals, Gold Stocks and the Dollar

"Gold broke through a key resistance level and is slowly drifting back down to test the breakout level to see if it is support. If so, then gold should continue higher in the coming days." - 02/27/2012

Precious Metals Under Pressure as Investors and Traders Take Breather

"Prices for buying gold dropped to $1,764/oz Monday morning London time, a 0.5% fall from Friday's close, while stocks, commodities and the euro all lost ground." - 02/27/2012

Investing In Silver: How to Buy Silver Coins and Bars

"Like gold, investing in silver is a great hedge against inflation and financial turmoil alike. It's why demand for silver is increasing at an astonishing rate." - 02/27/2012

Will Another Round of LTRO Send Gold and Silver Higher?

"If Wednesday's LTRO satisfies the market and sends the euro higher, gold and silver are also likely to climb higher." - 02/27/2012

The Financial System Is Sick: Are Precious Metals the Cure?

"History has show us over and over again that owning gold and silver is the best way of protecting yourself when currencies become devalued or inflated away to nothing." - 02/27/2012

Gold Stocks Nearing End of Wall-of-Worry Stage

"Increased dividends will attract more mainstream investors who can achieve income, inflation protection and exposure to a bull market. However, the real gains will be in juniors who can grow their production or juniors that outline significant discoveries." - 02/24/2012

Silver and Gold Looking at Gains on Week

"Heading into the weekend, gold bullion at lunchtime Friday looked set for a weekly gain of over 3%, with silver looking at a gain of over 6% on last Friday's close." - 02/24/2012

Will Gold be Paulson's Next 'Greatest Trade Ever'?

"As the demand for gold continues to climb, its scarcity will become a major factor. Those who want exposure to gold will look progressively toward gold stocks." - 02/24/2012

Will Gold Miners Finally Get Some Respect?

"Although miners have underperformed bullion, recent earnings may finally cause a shift in sentiment and share prices." - 02/24/2012

If Gold Could Talk

"After what I've witnessed throughout history, and based on the current path your government leaders insist on pursuing, I suggest using me as your savings vehicle instead of putting dollars in a bank." - 02/23/2012

Poll Names New Brunswick Most Attractive Mining Jurisdiction

"Of the 93 jurisdictions the Frasier Institute survey covered, Finland, Alberta, Wyoming, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Sweden, Nevada, Ireland and the Yukon all made it into the top 10." - 02/23/2012

Gold Steady After Yesterday's Big Rise

"Gold prices held steady just off $1,760/oz during Wednesday morning trading in London, after a rally in Tuesday's U.S. session saw gold climb 1.3%." - 02/22/2012

Ben Graham's Curse on Gold

"In order to have sustained, long-term investment success, one must accept that an intelligent portfolio allocation needs to include not two but three broad categories of investment: stocks, bonds and gold, with the amounts allocated to each guided by relative valuation." - 02/22/2012

Do Central Banks Care More About the Dow or Gold?

"As paper assets continue to underperform, wise central banks and investors will protect themselves with precious metals, the time-tested method of preserving wealth." - 02/22/2012

Will the Greek Bailout Make Gold and Silver Rise or Fall?

"Gold will not replace currencies in the current monetary system, but it can and will support them." - 02/21/2012

Buffett Mischaracterizes Gold's Bull Market

"The next breakout in the gold equities and the metals themselves will serve as a recognition move to the masses. It will be a springboard to an eventual bubble. This is a very volatile, cyclical sector so one must do Buffett-like due diligence in picking stocks." - 02/21/2012

Bailouts Benefitting Gold, Silver, Uranium and Rare Earth Miners

"We feel that it is only a matter of time before the precious metal miners themselves participate in reflecting the burgeoning mining bull market." - 02/21/2012

Gold's Consolidation Phase Continues

"Wholesale market gold bullion prices held above $1,730/oz in Monday morning's London trading, while European stocks and commodities edged higher amid hopes that policymakers might finally approve Greece's second bailout." - 02/20/2012

China's 'Mystery' Gold Buyer

"For Asia's ravenous gold buying, state interference is perhaps the present threat, especially in a market averaging 36% compound growth by value each year since China began deregulating gold a decade ago." - 02/20/2012

Quiet Session Sees Gold and Silver Flat

"Spot market prices for buying gold held just above $1,730/oz during flat trading this morning in London, as speculation continued over whether a Greek bailout will be agreed next week." - 02/17/2012

Record High Gold Prices Fail to Curb Global Demand

"Gold prices continue to receive additional support as central banks not only devalue fiat currencies, but also purchase gold themselves." - 02/17/2012

Suppressing Gold

"Someone is capping gold, but this is a bull market with both the primary and secondary trends headed higher. Under such conditions, stay long and buy dips where liquidity allows." - 02/17/2012

Will Gold Cleanse the World from Dirty Fiat Currencies?

"Despite a temporary boost in the dollar this month, gold and silver continue to receive support from extremely loose global monetary policies." - 02/16/2012

Are We at Gold "In Extremis"?

"Gold brings interbank/international liquidity to clogged credit markets, acting as a guarantee of repayment and allowing for the lowering of interest rates on interbank/international loans. This role supports the paper money system." - 02/16/2012

Gold Stocks Basing After Bottom

"We expect 2012 to be a transition year in which precious metals reemerge while the broad market peters out at resistance." - 02/16/2012

The Lesson of Half-Hearted QE

"Keeping banks on life support, as the Japanese experience shows, will mean extending and expanding QE indefinitely." - 02/15/2012

Gold's Demise!

"I view gold not as some smoky fantasy involving riches beyond my wildest dreams, but as a way to protect myself and my family from a future fraught with peril." - 02/14/2012

Why I'm Taking Gold Double Eagles on My Next Trip to Utah

"Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke may think he has everything under control, but the truth is the monetary ground is literally shifting beneath our feet. That's why his loose monetary policy has some U.S. states looking to get into the gold coin business." - 02/14/2012

Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest: Trading Gold for Oil

"Buying oil with gold is not a viable economic, monetary or political strategy for China or India." - 02/13/2012

Sideways Trading for Gold and the HUI Index

"Unlike gold, the HUI index has not broken above the negative trend line just yet, so for the moment mining shares are still underperforming the gold price." - 02/13/2012

Profit in the Investment Ecosystem: Catherine Austin Fitts

When money managers refer to total return funds, they're generally talking about investments that promise to deliver returns that beat the prevailing rate of interest while preserving capital. Investment advisor and Solari Report Publisher Catherine Austin Fitts takes the totality concept to a whole new level by focusing on net positive total returns. As she explains in this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, she hunts for companies that offer value not only to stockholders but for society. - 02/10/2012

How Bull Markets Evolve into Bubbles

"Gold stocks have made little net progress in the last four years while gold has nearly doubled." - 02/10/2012

China's Rebalancing Should Be Good for Gold Demand

"The rapid growth of Chinese gold demand suggests that many of those who can afford it choose to use some of their savings to buy gold; indeed, many have chosen to store some savings as gold." - 02/09/2012

In the Bullring with Gold

"To goldbugs, two more years of near-zero short-term interest rates means negative real interest rates are here to stay, and this has historically been a strong driver for higher gold prices." - 02/08/2012

Where a Nation's Gold—and Your Gold—Should Be Held

"Governments feel free to impose restraints on other people's assets within their jurisdiction." - 02/08/2012

Gold Steady as Dollar Hits Two-Month Low

"Wholesale market prices for gold bullion held steady just below $1,750/oz Wednesday morning in London, a 2.2% gain on yesterday's low, after rallying Tuesday following comments from U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke." - 02/08/2012

Gold Stars in Greek Drama

"Currently, gold is trading off events created by the ongoing Greece financial drama. Behind the scenes, there's the possibility of quantitative easing programs coming back into play, not only here in the U.S., but abroad as well." - 02/08/2012

A New Reason Gold Stocks Will Soar

"An increasingly desperate clamor for exposure to gold could light a short fuse for our market sector. It's not here yet, but when the rush starts, it will be both breathtaking and life-changing." - 02/08/2012

The Fed Resumes Printing

"The gold price is driven by Fed policies and its bias toward printing money rather than defending the dollar's purchasing power." - 02/07/2012

Precious Metals Remain Strong as Greece Nears Deadline

"Although the euro is giving a boost to the dollar, gold and silver continue to maintain key support levels." - 02/07/2012

Gold's Journey Continues

"Gold is the Odysseus of the markets, destined to wander the hinterland of the financial world for years without achieving the deserved safe haven status." - 02/07/2012

Gold Rollercoaster Heads Yet Lower

"Gold prices began their downward move on Friday following the publication of better-than-expected U.S. nonfarm jobs data." - 02/06/2012

Was Friday's Price Action in Gold Signaling a Top in the S&P 500?

"Ultimately, the Federal Reserve's most recent announcements have served to help flatten the short end of the yield curve further while providing a launching pad for equities and precious metals." - 02/06/2012

Dangerous Times Ahead

"Gold is almost certainly going to be locked in a very choppy, extended trading range till at least the fall, and probably into next spring, before the next C-wave can breakout to new highs." - 02/05/2012

How to Find the Best Junior Gold Stocks

"Speculating and investing in the junior gold sector is difficult. It is a far more difficult industry than others and that is why companies continue to struggle and fail even with the luxury of high metal prices." - 02/05/2012

Unemployment Rate Drops: Should You Sell Gold?

"The decrease in the headline unemployment rate is welcomed, but it does not signal a stable economy. With sluggish economic growth and money-printer-happy policymakers, investors will see a continuation of stimulus programs and deficits." - 02/04/2012

Gold Juniors Poised to Rebound: Joe Mazumdar

Economics and politics. Accretion and repletion. Mergers and acquisitions. Joe Mazumdar, senior mining analyst with Haywood Securities, sees all of these as catalysts for a rebound in the junior gold space in 2012. In this exclusive Gold Report interview, he reveals the names of companies he expects to take off. - 02/03/2012

Precious Metals Dip Following Strong US Jobs News

"Spot market gold prices slipped back below $1,750/oz while stock markets rallied strongly following the release of better-than-expected U.S. jobs figures on Friday." - 02/03/2012

How Much Gold Is China Really Importing?

"Who is supplying the additional, yet unrecorded, quantities of gold to the Chinese market? Is it a covert operation with Russia, South America, an African state or indeed any number of the illustrious banks domiciled in the West?" - 02/03/2012

The Shift to Measuring Wealth in Gold Ounces

"The shift from measuring wealth in terms of paper claims (dollars) to gold ounces, and the limited means to increase gold ounces, will change the business and investment world significantly, and will create a massive rush into those opportunities that increase gold ounces." - 02/02/2012

Gold, Stocks and the Euro All Gain

"Based on month-end PM London Fix prices, January saw gold's biggest calendar month gain in dollar terms since September 1999." - 02/01/2012

Where's All the Gold China Is Buying?

"The argument stands that China is increasing its gold reserves surreptitiously because if it were confirmed officially that it was adding, say, 300t or more to its reserves annually this would have a strong upward impact on the gold price and make it more expensive to add further amounts of gold." - 02/01/2012

Are You Ready for Some Super Bowl Inflation?

"In a post flash-crash and MF Global-bankruptcy world, investor confidence is shifting toward preserving wealth with hard assets." - 02/01/2012

Gold Doesn't Care!

"Gold will move to the front of the line and take its rightful place as the one and only real money." - 02/01/2012

Fed Action Will Decide Next Major Move for Gold

"Economic strife in Europe is the biggest deciding factor for gold prices this coming year due to the impact it will have on global monetary policy." - 01/31/2012

Beijing Shoppers Snatching Up Gold

"During last week's Lunar New Year holiday, China saw a 'gold rush,' with consumers spending more on gold than during the 2011 festival." - 01/30/2012

Junior Gold Stocks Rebound from Lows

"Mining companies that grow their business and add value could perform fantastically thanks to a likely increase in the valuation of the sector." - 01/30/2012

Silver: Epic Reversal

"If silver blasts through $40/oz, it's probably on its way to the all-time high. In that case, the next big move would be to the upside, with potential for $70/oz targets and triple-digit silver prices." - 01/30/2012

Junior Gold Stocks Rebound from Lows

"Mining companies that grow their businesses and add value could perform fantastically thanks to a likely increase in the valuation of the sector." - 01/30/2012

Is 2012 the Year of the Golden Dragon?

"More Chinese customers are purchasing gold as a way to give a gift that will also offer protection from inflation and preserve wealth." - 01/30/2012

Why Gold Is Shining Bright and What the Fed Is Doing

"If central banks around the world continue to print money, there are only a few places to hide. Precious metals and other commodities like oil will vastly outperform stocks in the long run if the dollar continues to slide." - 01/30/2012

Gold Stocks To Rally Like During The Great Depression

"It appears that we have conditions that are ideal for gold stocks to finally take the lead in this bull market." - 01/29/2012

Arguing with the Market

"If Bernanke can break the dollar rally and get the dollar moving south again there is no way we are going to experience a deflationary bear market this year." - 01/29/2012

The Long-Term Bull Market E Wave Count

"My instincts still tell me that the S&P 500 lows of 1,074 may have been primary wave 4, and we are in primary wave 5 up now." - 01/29/2012

Gold Has Foundation to Build Next Move Higher

"Wholesale market gold prices were headed for their biggest one-week rise since the start of December in London Friday, climbing back through $1,720/oz, a weekly gain of over 3%." - 01/27/2012

Central Bank Gold: Joining the Dots

"Central banks control a shrinking proportion of what's been mined from the ground. A far greater tonnage of gold again is finding its way into private ownership, and there it's having a greater still impact on how money and finance work." - 01/27/2012

With Friends Like These, Does Gold Need an Official QE3?

"Recent moves by the Fed and Congress are very friendly to precious metals. They reinforce the belief that officials will continue to flood the economy with money in hopes of spurring growth. This reinforcement of friendship has helped gold prices increase more than 12% this month." - 01/27/2012

Gold ETF Mass Exodus

"The ETF GLD acts as an incredibly important conduit for the vast pools of stock-market capital to easily flow into and out of physical gold bullion." - 01/27/2012

Junior Resources Companies Set to Outperform?

"Emerging market countries, including Brazil, India and China, have switched from a tightening mode to an easing cycle, which generally has had a positive effect on the markets." - 01/27/2012

Broken Dollar

"The risk is great that the stock market could enter a runaway type rally if the dollar has begun the move down into an intermediate-degree bottom." - 01/26/2012

The Surprise Rally in Gold and Silver

"Gold appears to be making a reversal at oversold and long-term support levels, breaking a five-month downtrend." - 01/26/2012

Fed Policy Set to Support Gold

"Spot market gold bullion prices dropped to $1,653/oz Wednesday morning, down 1.7% from Monday's high, while stock markets, commodities and the euro all slid and U.S. Treasuries gained after the head of the International Monetary Fund suggested the European Central Bank could take losses on its Greek bond holdings." - 01/25/2012

Should Apple Buy Gold?

"What should Apple do with its massive cash hoard? A relatively small gold position in Apple's portfolio could help the company further offset currency and monetary policy risks to its $97.6B stockpile." - 01/25/2012

The Fed Weighs In!

"Right now no one owns gold outside of institutions and the so-called 'smart money' that filled out their positions years ago. That means the potential for much higher prices is tremendous." - 01/25/2012

Super Mario

"The euro discount is helping German exporters but didn't do the gold price any favors. Gold has seen a nice bounce in the past two weeks, aided by Iranian saber rattling." - 01/24/2012

Gold Traders Welcome Chinese New Year Celebrations

"The week-long celebrations in China to usher in the Year of the Dragon are set to boost demand for gold, and traders say 2012 looks to be another good year for the metal." - 01/24/2012

Another Chance to Sell Common Stocks and Buy Precious Metals

"Recently, we noted a potential major bottom in both the metals and the mining stocks. With common stocks nearing major resistance, it is no surprise that we are nearing a point where the secular bull trend is ripe for reemergence." - 01/24/2012

What Does a Flattening Yield Curve Mean for Gold?

"The yield curve is an immensely useful economic indicator and hence can be used as one of the determinants of the gold price." - 01/23/2012

Gold Touches Six-Week High as Technicals Turning More Bullish

"The U.S. dollar cost to buy gold hit a six-week high of $1,677/oz Monday morning in London, as stock markets, commodities and the euro all pushed higher and U.S. Treasury bond prices dipped." - 01/23/2012

Gold Confiscation: A Reality? (Part III)

"We would go so far as to say that all the world's central banks are very aware of the need to continue to use gold in the monetary system and, more pertinently, that that role is growing, much as they hate that prospect." - 01/21/2012

A Path to Gold and Copper Production: Kwong-Mun Achong Low

Kwong-Mun Achong Low, an analyst with Northern Securities in Canada, thinks that copper and gold juniors are in for a better run this year. He's ferreted out the juniors with the most promising management and assets that are on a path to production—not to mention rising stock prices. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Achong Low discusses why copper may have a slight edge on gold in 2012 and what companies are the crown jewels of his coverage list. - 01/20/2012

Gold for the Week Down in Euros, Up in Dollars

"'With physical demand providing little support, the dollar continues to largely dictate movements in gold.'" - 01/20/2012

Gold-Stock Upleg Cycles

"Traders aren't very enthusiastic about the gold mining sector at the moment. But they sure would be if they understood the gold-stock upleg cycles." - 01/20/2012

Inflation Concerns Remain as Gold and Silver Climb Higher

"A growing consensus of economists predicts that the Federal Reserve is likely to inject another $1T worth of easing to stimulate the economy. Such a move will provide yet another blow to the U.S. dollar and another catalyst for higher gold and silver prices." - 01/20/2012

QE3, $2,200 Gold, and the Trillion-Dollar Bazooka

"According to SocGen, QE3 is headed our way this coming March, focused on mortgage-backed securities purchases on the order of $600B over six to eight months. They see U.S. equities, European equities, oil and especially gold benefiting from this new round of fiat money printing." - 01/20/2012

Safe Havens

"I believe the gold price bottom we saw in late December is of extreme importance as it represents the transition from the second phase of the bull market on into the third phase." - 01/20/2012

Gold Seeing Resistance at $1,667/oz

"The spot market price to buy gold climbed to $1,658/oz during Wednesday morning's London trade, following reports that the International Monetary Fund is seeking to boost its lending capacity by $1T." - 01/18/2012

Silver's 2011 Big Move: Was It The End Or The Beginning?

"I see no evidence to suggest that anything we've seen so far was the end of the silver bull market, so I am expecting a very powerful upleg yet to unfold." - 01/18/2012

Gold ETFs May Continue to Shine in 2012

"Some of the factors that will likely support gold's upward trend in 2012 are rising inflationary expectations and heightened macroeconomic uncertainty in many countries." - 01/18/2012

Resource Stocks Breaking Out of Bases and Forming New Uptrends

"We noticed positive signals on our indicators suggesting that an impressive rally was in the offing, especially in our deeply oversold industrial metal miners." - 01/18/2012

When Will Gold Reach a New High?

"We're confident that a new high in the gold price will come at some point, because many major currencies are unsound and overburdened with debt. Indeed, the ultimate high could be frighteningly higher than current levels." - 01/18/2012

Chinese Dragon to Unshackle Renminbi?

"Chinese consumer spending is likely to have been underreported for some time; we don’t think a housing bust in China will stifle consumer spending as much as some fear." - 01/18/2012

Will China Unleash More Stimulus and Boost Gold Prices?

"Although China may not provide more monetary easing through rate cuts, the nation avoiding a hard landing is bullish for precious metals and commodities." - 01/18/2012

Real Risks to the Gold Price

"It's the real rate of interest that really matters to the ebb and flow of gold demand in the end." - 01/18/2012

Gold and Silver Outlook in 2012

"The bull market is far from over. Gold and silver have incurred technical damage and it would be excessive to expect more than a gradual recovery." - 01/17/2012

China: Hub of the Global Gold Market?

"With demand at its current levels, gold imports unrestrained and its own gold production now the world's largest national production level, China is inexorably moving to the heart of the gold world. It's therefore expected that China will aim to do what it can to exercise administrative dominance over it." - 01/17/2012

Has Gold's D-Wave Bottomed?

"Gold is about to be severely tested. How gold handles that test will be a big clue as to whether or not the correction is over." - 01/17/2012

Gold Gains Alongside Dollar

"U.S. dollar spot gold prices climbed to hit $1,647/oz Monday morning in London, while stock and commodity markets were broadly flat as markets absorbed Friday's news of cuts to nine Eurozone sovereign credit ratings." - 01/16/2012

Gold Trend Forecast for Q112

"Expect a bumpy ride for both stocks and commodities in the first quarter of 2012." - 01/15/2012

Revisiting Our Proposal for an Overnight Gold Fund

"The majority of gold's declines in the recent major correction occurred during the intraday trading session, not the overnight trading session." - 01/15/2012

Gold Bugs, Stop Laughing!

"Even the best stores of wealth, meaning gold and silver since 2002 and especially 2007, in Japan just as much as in the U.S. and Europe, might be vulnerable. Zero growth, and the zero rates through which central banks hope to undo it, are starting to set around investors like concrete." - 01/14/2012

Will Gold Regain Its Safe-Haven Status in 2012?

"Gold and silver haven't yet benefited from the problems in Europe and instead investors have bypassed the precious metals and have flocked to the dollar." - 01/14/2012

Markets Comfortable Again with Gold

"Copper and gold provide 'the best value opportunities' for investment this year, according to a report published by Goldman Sachs on Friday." - 01/13/2012

Economic and Gold Stock 2012 Outlook

"As upheaval increases, the environment for gold improves. Then you have negative real interest rates. Inflation for energy and food combines with deflation to create stagflation. Negative real interest rates are great for gold." - 01/13/2012

People Don't Buy Gold to Make Money; They Buy It Because They Have Money

"Investments that have done well in bad times since 2007 will continue to do well. Leading that pack are gold and silver bullion as well as the derivatives and mining company shares producing them." - 01/13/2012

Wheelchairs in West Africa

"In the case of Mexico, Africa and other corporate efforts, the program coordinates with miners and prospectors to place chairs directly in the hands of the folks who need them." - 01/13/2012

Global Factors Boost Gold and Silver Demand

"Although gold and silver prices pull back at times, the demand continues to remain strong for both precious metals." - 01/13/2012

Dollar to Launch Gold

"As gold gains steam, more and more capital will flock back to it. And the universally hated gold stocks, many hammered to ridiculous levels last year, are likely to stage a massive rally as the dollar once again launches gold." - 01/13/2012

Anticipating the Golden Cross

"The 'golden cross' identifies when the 50-day short-term average crosses above the 200-day long-term average of a stock or index; today, the S&P 500 is only about one and a half percentage points away from the golden cross." - 01/12/2012

Fractal Analysis Suggests Massive Gold Rally Is Coming

"If my comparison of the patterns is accurate, then gold should rise like it did from July 1 to August 23, 2011; however, this time the move would be much bigger and with much more momentum." - 01/12/2012

Bullish Macro Factors to Drive Gold in 2012 Rather than Dollar

"The negative effects of a stronger dollar on gold are likely to be largely diminished in 2012, allowing the bullish macro drivers to dictate price action once again." - 01/11/2012

What Do Euro's Lows Mean For Precious Metals?

"We emphasize the importance of avoiding knee jerk reactions when precious metals experience healthy pullbacks." - 01/11/2012

Why Silver For A Monetary Collapse?

"The debt-based monetary system has created a 'mirror-effect,' whereby, silver (and gold) is pushed down in value and paper assets such as general stocks are pushed up in value." - 01/11/2012

China's 2012 Gold Panic

"In a U.S. election year, Beijing's policy wonks are arguing over cutting the yuan's foreign exchange value, not raising it." - 01/11/2012

Two Long/Short Pair Trades For 2012

"When monetary policy becomes more accommodative, U.S. real interest rates decline and gold prices rise. Over recent weeks gold prices have fallen but U.S. real interest rates have remained low, and this pair trade is speculating that the two will converge again." - 01/10/2012

Gold Confiscation a Reality? (Part 2)

"Despite the 40-year-long campaign to prevent gold from returning to any active role in the developed world's monetary system, gold remains the only universally accepted currency whose supply cannot be increased by policy makers." - 01/10/2012

Look for End of Debt Supercycle: Thoughts from the U.S. Global Investors 2012 Forecast

What do investors need to be watching out for in 2012? More Eurozone drama? Record gold highs? A hard landing in China? The U.S. Global Investors team addressed these questions with Endgame: The End of the Debt Supercycle author John Mauldin in a Jan. 5 Outlook 2012 webinar. The Streetwise Reports editors highlight some of the expert insights. - 01/09/2012

Can Precious Metals Overcome US Dollar Strength?

"Investors continue to find pullbacks in gold and silver as bargains because the world still faces an insolvent issue." - 01/09/2012

Gold Up 5% on Week in Euros as Recession Data Hit Europe

"The dollar cost of buying gold hovered around $1,620/oz Friday morning London time, becoming a bit more volatile following the release of U.S. employment data but failing to establish a definite direction, while stocks and commodities edged higher." - 01/06/2012

Using Options to Hedge Against a GLD Collapse

"The major benefit of using an ETF such as GLD is that one can gain exposure to the gold price as easily as buying a stock and one can effectively trade gold options as easily as trading stock options. However, some are concerned over the stability of GLD in the event of a run on the fund." - 01/06/2012

The Party May Be Over!

"Gold may or may not have put in a final D-Wave bottom last week. But there is a good chance that bottom is going to get tested in the next couple of weeks." - 01/06/2012

Gold Confiscation: A Reality?

"Many of the leading fund managers in the U.S. and elsewhere are expecting that governments will confiscate their citizens' gold. It will be to facilitate loans, swaps, lower interest rates and shore up international confidence in the turbulent, stressed, paper-currency world in which we live." - 01/06/2012

Gold Begins 12th Bull Year

"You need to understand that gold is beginning the twelfth year of major bull market; perhaps the most unprecedented bull market in our lifetime." - 01/06/2012

US Dollar and Currencies: Review and Outlook

"Central bankers may ramp up their printing presses in an effort to limit 'contagion' concerns. As such, the currency markets may be the purest way to take a view on the mania of policy makers." - 01/05/2012

Queenston Rejuvenating Gold-Rich Kirkland Lake Mining Camp

"Located in Ontario along the border with Quebec, the Kirkland Lake Gold Camp is believed to host nine greater than one-million-ounce gold deposits." - 01/05/2012

Gold Stocks Complete First Major Bottom Since 2008

"In 2011 the gold equities did not crash. They merely digested and consolidated the massive recovery gains from 2009 and 2010. This persistent consolidation has left many scared, frustrated and distrustful of the sector at precisely the wrong time." - 01/05/2012

Why Has Gold Been Down?

"Stay the course with your precious metals investments, no matter how the short-term picture looks. Gold stocks remain undervalued, and these are turbulent times. They appear to be far from over. Gold remains the #1 asset protector." - 01/05/2012

Why Rising Debt Will Lead to $10,000 Gold

"We may not be able to heal the global economic problems of government debt, but individuals can protect and even increase their wealth through gold ownership." - 01/05/2012

Weak Dollar and Physical Demand Could Support Gold

"'Gold may not be a safe haven in financial turmoil,but it does seem to function as a safe haven against real-world geopolitical risks.'" - 01/04/2012

Gold and Silver Surge in First Trading Session of 2012

"In addition to uncertainty in Iran, gold continued to edge higher after the most recent Federal Reserve announcement. The central bank announced it will begin to publish policymakers' projections for its benchmark interest rate on overnight loans, and when officials expect the first rise to occur." - 01/03/2012

Gold Price Forecast 2012: The Impetus for the Mania Phase in Gold

"A falling dow, with weak economic conditions, will be the impetus for the next massive rally in gold, just like it was in previous bull markets. A falling and/or weak Dow will in some way represent the diverting of value from stocks to gold." - 01/03/2012

China's Future Deconstructed: Holmes vs. Chang

China has become the $5.88 trillion question in the world financial equation for 2012. In an attempt to gauge the direction of this economic elephant, Cambridge House International is asking two China experts to debate the health of the second-largest economy at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference January 22. We called the two speakers for a preview of the tactics they will take in this epic debate. - 12/30/2011

Gold Records 11th Annual Gain, Ends 2011 Up 11%

"The price of physical gold crept higher early Friday, recovering half of this week's 5% loss to near six-month lows as the euro rallied from 12-month lows and world stock markets held flat." - 12/30/2011

Gold's D-Wave Confirmed

"The combination of the dollar rally out of its three-year cycle low, gold's yearly cycle low and a D-Wave decline are going to produce a very sharp correction in the gold bull market." - 12/29/2011

Indian Jewelers Reduce Gold Content to Lift Sales

"Jewelers have resorted to reducing the gold content in jewelry pieces and replacing it with diamonds or other precious stones." - 12/29/2011

Market Looks Poised to Reverse Hard to Downside Within Days

"The patterns that I am seeing are based on crowd behavioral 'Elliott Wave' analysis that now favors a 70% probability of a bearish decline beginning very shortly to the 1150s area on the S&P 500 index." - 12/29/2011

Sell Gold Now or Will It Outperform Again in 2012?

"Investors have been used to prices falling for fundamental or technical analysis reasons, but the phenomenon that we first saw in 2007/2008 reared its ugly head again: Investor Meltdown." - 12/29/2011

Precious Metals Catch Up with Indian Slump

"London dealers returning to work caught up with a 1.4% drop for the week so far, plus news of falling industrial output in Japan, seasonally low jewelry demand in India and a new edict from China banning all non-official gold trading exchanges." - 12/28/2011

Platinum: Fire Sale on the Rich Man's Gold

"Historically, the price of platinum runs in tandem with the precious metals group (gold, silver, platinum and palladium). However, as platinum is less liquid and has a smaller investor set, it is much more volatile both on the upside and downside compared to gold." - 12/28/2011

U.S. Dollar Replaced by China, Japan: Positive for Gold

"As time passes, the process of the internationalization of the yuan will primarily be at the expense of the dollar." - 12/28/2011

Top 10 Commentaries of 2011

"This week I thought we'd take a moment to reflect on the eventful year it's been for natural resources." - 12/28/2011

Christmas Week Rally Spied in Gold as ECB Member Sees No Reason Not to Use QE

"'We still stress the vulnerability of precious metals to a tightening of Eurozone money market liquidity,' says Standard Bank's London team, 'which might result from the region's sovereign debt problems.'" - 12/23/2011

Riders on the Gold and Silver Storm

"Those of us who are buyers and believers in the long-term continuing secular rise in resource equities are going through a time of testing." - 12/23/2011

Canadian Juniors Are Playing For Results

"Juniors, not majors, own the world's future mines and juniors are the ones most adept at finding these future mines. They already own what the world's larger mining companies need to replace reserves and grow their asset bases." - 12/23/2011

2012: The Dow's Annus Horribilis and Gold

"The Dow's inflated value, relative to the value of gold, was brought about by this debt-based monetary system." - 12/23/2011

Why Gold, Why Now!

"In spite of the momentary flashes of economic growth, the world economy continues to decline as deflationary pressures gradually increase. This is one of the reasons gold has floundered of late; that combined with the fact that it had rallied close to 50% by the time it reached the September high." - 12/23/2011

Why We Remain Bullish on Small Mining Shares

"'The little guys' have had little to be joyous about in 2011. That, of course, is definitely a reason for vulture speculators like me to be filled with jollity." - 12/22/2011

The Currency of the Elite in the Great Financial Crisis

"'Elements of inflation, reduced living standards and totalitarianism are already present to a greater or lesser extent,' says Paul Mylchreest in his Thunder Road December report." - 12/22/2011

Silver Investors Prefer to Wait It Out

"After hitting record highs in May this year, silver prices have since fallen significantly and a number of analysts remain fairly bearish." - 12/22/2011

Gold Does Not Offer Comfort in Liquidity Crunch

"Despite rallying for most of this week (until the ECB announcement), the dollar price of gold bullion remains 5.6% down on the start of last week. Gold gives you comfort against currency risks, inflation, sovereign debt problems, but not against a liquidity crunch." - 12/21/2011

Investing vs. Speculating in Gold and Silver Stocks

"You cannot just sit in your juniors and think that they will be up 50-fold by the end of this bull market. After all, you should know by now that most juniors will fall and even fail in this historic bull market." - 12/21/2011

What Are ECB Actions and Utility Stocks Saying About Gold?

"As the financial markets around the globe continue to deteriorate and send investors running toward defensive stocks, central banks around the world will face increasing pressure to offer even more quantitative easing. Such a move will add more fuel to gold's 11-year bull market." - 12/21/2011

Gold and Silver on the Verge of a Big Move

"The question everyone keeps asking is: When can I buy gold and silver? With what is unfolding across the pond and the bullish outlook for the U.S. dollar index, the next move is a coin toss. I do feel a large move brewing in the marketplace, so I am preparing for fireworks in the first quarter of 2012." - 12/21/2011

Striking Portfolio Balance with Gold Stocks

"Gold stocks have historically ranked among some of the most volatile asset classes. Despite this volatility, investors can use gold stocks to enhance returns without adding risk to the portfolio." - 12/20/2011

Permanent Crisis: The First Five Years

"So 2012 will mark the fifth anniversary of the global financial crisis. There's little reason to think it's reached its end yet." - 12/20/2011

Are You Tempted to Sell or Eager to Buy?

"My advice is to spend a little more time watching the drivers for gold and a little less time worrying about the price. Until those things change, look for an entrance, not an exit." - 12/20/2011

Where Have All the Gold Bulls Gone?

"While tax-loss selling amidst thin trading could create additional downward pressure to close out the year, I look for a sharp rebound in precious metals to start the new year and think we will most likely see $2,000 gold during the first quarter." - 12/20/2011

Physical Demand Will Determine Support for Gold

"Wholesale market gold bullion prices rose to $1,607/oz Monday lunchtime in London, 0.5% up from last Friday's close, while European stocks and commodities were broadly flat and government bond prices eased." - 12/19/2011

Are Investors Taking Advantage of Lower Gold Prices?

"Many investors viewed the pullback in precious metals last week as a another buying opportunity in the gold bull market." - 12/19/2011

Physical Demand Huge as Gold Touches $1,600/oz, but Bears in Driver's Seat

"'The problems in Europe have not been solved; buying will come back and we will see higher prices because of a lack of confidence in the financial system.'" - 12/16/2011

Stock Market Report: For What It's Worth!

"You have significant problems in Europe, the U.S., Japan and China. All the excesses of the past are coming due. It's due in Europe today, due in Japan tomorrow and due in the U.S. the next day." - 12/16/2011

Bargain Time in Gold and Silver

"Precious metals and the miners are underperforming the U.S. dollar and long term treasuries and have made a bearish technical turn momentarily. However, our gold and silver selections are pulling back in a volatile correction and may soon be reaching support levels as silver and the miners test their 2011 low and gold pulls back to its July 2011 breakout after making record gains in both 2009 and 2010." - 12/15/2011

200-Day Average Highly Significant for Gold as Liquidation & Caution Drive New 7-Week Low

"Dollar investors saw the price to buy gold dip below $1,624/oz, down over 5% from last weekend, as copper prices sank to a 2-week low and silver prices fell to their lowest point in 10 weeks, dropping through the $30/oz-level first seen in November 2010." - 12/14/2011

Gold Also Glitters During Deflations

"AIER analysis: Gold's purchasing power increased by an average of 31% across 15 deflationary periods." - 12/14/2011

The ABCs of Re-hypothecation in Gold and Securities Markets

"Re-hypothecation is when a broker reuses customer-pledged collateral to back the broker's own trades and borrowings. Using the same collateral to support two separate borrowing transactions is obviously a risky tactic." - 12/14/2011

Gold Could Correct Under $1,600/oz

"The time has come to re-reevaluate the fundamentals, reality and risks for gold and silver." - 12/13/2011

Gold Stocks: Still a Bargain

"Gold has doubled in price over the past three years while costs have not kept up, dramatically increasing the intrinsic value of a reasonably well-run gold producer." - 12/13/2011

Are Central or Commercial Banks Lending or Selling Gold?

"The big feature of last week’s decline in the gold price has been the lending of gold into the market. Commercial banks could have been doing it, but there is evidence in the past that central banks have leased gold to cap the gold price and bring it down." - 12/13/2011

US Real Interest Rates Indicate Gold Slightly Undervalued

"We see little downside in gold looking forward. More than likely we will see a rally in the coming months as a result of U.S. real rates dropping." - 12/13/2011

You Can't Print More Gold

Latest estimates predict global central banks will purchase between 475–500 tons of gold in 2011. This amount of capital flowing into gold has the potential to push prices up a level in 2012. - 12/12/2011

First US Gold Coin Sold for Record $7.4M

"'Not only is this the highest-valued gold coin in the world, but it is also one of the most iconic pieces in all of numismatics. It is not a stretch to call this the holy grail of all collectible gold coins.'" - 12/12/2011

Gold Price Outlook 2012: Miners Will Shine as Prices Soar

"Besides the fact that gold stocks are set to charge upward, just based on their need to catch up to gold, we are entering the strongest time of the year for gold stock advances." - 12/09/2011

Gold, Silver Pullbacks in Perspective

"The current 15.6% gold decline, while considered a 'major' correction, is not out of the ordinary, particularly following the late summer spike. And after each big selloff, there was a price consolidation phase that in every instance led to higher prices." - 12/09/2011

Three Criteria for EU QE and Why It Would Be Explosive for Gold

"Gold prices jumped on the European Central Bank's announcement of policy easing, but fell back after Mario Draghi, the president of the ECB, said it would not act as a lender of last resort." - 12/09/2011

Peru Reports Gold, Iron, Tin, Moly Production up in October

"Peru's Ministry of Energy and Mining reported the production of iron ore, gold, tin, and molybdenum all increased in October 2011. However, Peruvian copper, lead and zinc output all declined during the same period." - 12/08/2011

Gold Rallies, ECB Borrowing Positive for European Liquidity

"Spot-market gold prices jumped to $1,737/oz Wednesday afternoon in London, as rumors of more aggressive monetary stimulus ahead of tomorrow's European Central Bank meeting continued to build." - 12/07/2011

Gold FIX Driving the Price

"In the last week, open market prices have tried to take the gold price down only to be pulled up by the price established at the London gold fixing. There is a structural change happening, bringing the relevance of the physical market to a far more important pricing role that it has had before." - 12/07/2011

The Catfish, Your Savings and Japan's Gold Coin Giveaway

"Greed is central to our depression's mythology. From there, the attack on capital accumulation can't be far off." - 12/07/2011

Will Gold Help Japan Sell Debt?

"Individual investors will be eligible for a gold commemorative coin valued at 10,000 yen. At 15.6 grams, (0.55 oz), it would be worth about $948 based on prices for the precious metal." - 12/07/2011

Start Thinking in Terms of Gold Price

"The only reliable way to measure the value of investments is in terms of a financial intermediary that cannot be inflated: gold." - 12/07/2011

Gold's Fourth-Wave Consolidation Nears Completion and Breakout

"As long as gold holds above $1,681/oz levels, I expect we will see a breakout north of $1,775/oz to confirm that wave 5 in gold has begun." - 12/06/2011

New Report Confirms Gold as an Excellent Portfolio Diversifier

"The relevance of gold as a strategic asset is likely to continue to grow in a world characterized by sluggish economic performance, poor investment returns, currency wars and high individual and systemic risk." - 12/06/2011

Indian Gold Dealers See 'Virtually No Demand' Despite Wedding Season

"Meanwhile, political volatility looms as Merkel heads to Paris to discuss how the 17-member Eurozone might create a fiscal union." - 12/05/2011

Silver Ready For Take-Off?

"Commercials are generally seen as the "smart money," so if they reduce their net short position, they expect prices to rise." - 12/05/2011

The US' Education Bubble

"In the twenty-first century, intellectual capital is what truly differentiates in the job market, and what helps a country grow its economy. Investments in biosciences, computers and electronics, engineering and other growing high-tech industries have been the major differentiator in recent decades." - 12/05/2011

Return of the Comandante's Gold

"Venezuela's gold repatriation could serve as a de facto run on the bank—driving up gold prices in the process." - 12/02/2011

Apocalypse (Not) Now

"Gold continued to exhibit the same patterns of risk asset behavior that copper, oil and equities have been displaying while the European saga has been unfolding." - 12/02/2011

Peter Schiff's Urgent Update To Gold and Silver Investors

"'There's an old expression that nobody rings a bell when it's time to buy or sell. . .well, the world's central banks just rang a pretty loud bell to buy precious metals.'" - 12/02/2011

Putting a Gleam in Your IRA

"In today's abnormal environment, the first assets to put into your IRA are the speculative investments that you expect to hold for less than one year. Next come precious metals. Then high-yield stocks. Only if there is still room would you move in stocks being held for long-term appreciation." - 12/01/2011

Putting a Gleam in Your IRA

 - 12/01/2011

Is a Parabolic Gold Blow-Off Long Overdue?

"When this expansion of credit is exhausted, confidence fails in the stocks that it once inflated, causing a massive rush to gold." - 12/01/2011

Gift-Wrapped Liquidity

"Central banks are preparing to step up their provision of currencies other than the dollar. This could be a sign that the ECB is about to take a more active role in the Eurozone crisis." - 12/01/2011

Why the Feds' Latest Rescue Effort Is Doomed

"World markets got a nice tailwind on news that the U.S. Federal Reserve is stepping into the fray, along with other central banks, to boost liquidity and support the global economy." - 12/01/2011

Brian Ostroff: Junior Gold Equities Worthy of Praise

As the market sloshes around, gold is searching for its identity. It has played currency hedge and equity adeptly at different times this year. While other investors wade through the confusion, Brian Ostroff, managing director of Montreal-based Windermere Capital, is taking the opportunity to snatch up gold mining equities that have been quietly performing under the radar. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, he contemplates why the market isn't rewarding junior gold equities worthy of praise. - 11/30/2011

Why Politicians Are Good for Gold

"After a long and lengthening political debacle on both sides of the Atlantic, the developed world remains embedded in a crisis that the political systems are unable, or unwilling, to resolve." - 11/30/2011

Gold Jumps after Central Banks Launch 'Prudent' Liquidity Measures

"As well as strengthening dollar liquidity provision, the central banks 'judge it prudent' to make arrangements to offer enhanced liquidity provision in other currencies." - 11/30/2011

$200 Gold Equity Prices Predicted

"The odds are high that we'll see a mania of epic proportions in our industry. Truly life-changing gains will be reaped by those with the foresight, courage and cash to act before it arrives." - 11/30/2011

Where Would We Be Without Rules?

"Principles apply. . .Rules are there to give direction, especially in times of crisis." - 11/29/2011

Where is Support for Gold and Silver Stocks?

"Mining stocks are sitting pretty for savvy investors. . .we could be looking at a massive springboard into the next phase of the precious metals bull market." - 11/29/2011

Europe's Red Tape Blues

"The high level of danger in the eurobond markets doesn't allow for democratic niceties right now, but the underlying issue is not going to go away. Austerity required to fix the problem will be long-lasting and in many cases severe." - 11/28/2011

Will the Use of Gold as Collateral Push the Gold Price Down?

"The arguments against any Eurozone constituent using gold as collateral currently are powerful. The move would smack of desperation and might even harm a country's ability to borrow, rather than help it." - 11/28/2011

Gold Back Above $1,700

"The spot market gold price climbed to $1,718 an ounce Monday, a 2.1% gain on Friday's close, following news that leaders may be close to an agreement on the Eurozone rescue fund." - 11/28/2011

Is This December Similar to 2007 & 2008 for Gold and Stocks?

"Last year we saw three major rallies that made it easy for anyone who bought into the trend to make money, if managed properly." - 11/28/2011

Poor Communication, Fed Style

"One gets the sense that the Fed now hopes to raise inflationary expectations and thus stimulate economic activity by merely hinting that QE3 will happen, in the hope of never having to actually do it." - 11/25/2011

Gold Falls on Black Friday

U.S. dollar gold prices looked set for a second weekly drop in a row Friday while stocks, commodities and government bond prices also lost ground as Belgium became the latest country to be sucked into the European sovereign bond crisis. - 11/25/2011

Is Gold Going to Fall to $1,500?

"The investment climate is very wintery from the bottom of the financial structures right up to the markets themselves." - 11/25/2011

Stock Market Report: It's a Turkey

"The markets haven't changed all that much this past month, but the potential for a significant decline is increasing with each passing day." - 11/24/2011

Is Gold Still the Answer for Investors?

"There is no reason to fear gold pullbacks and every reason to expect even more positive returns in the gold mining stocks that are still catching up to the rapid gold rise." - 11/23/2011

China Changing the Global Gold Market

"There's another effect of this push for gold ownership: it's dislodging the dollar as the world's main reserve currency." - 11/23/2011

Headline Risk Surrounds Gold & S&P 500

"Uncertainty surrounds the commodities market as the collapse of MF Global has interrupted traditional capital flows and broad based volume around the world." - 11/23/2011

Time for U.S. to Focus on Mining

"Never have so many road blocks been thrown into the paths of uranium and rare earths. Sooner or later the realization must dawn on our leaders that these sectors represent true wealth and the most profitable places to invest stimulus funds." - 11/23/2011

Gold Slides in Choppy Conditions

"Negative sentiment surrounding the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis and concerns that some economies are heading for a 'double-dip' recession continues to lift market uncertainty and consequent choppy conditions." - 11/23/2011

New Greek Drachma Would Be Doomed

"Introducing a new currency in a debt-laden country that has been unable to eliminate its primary deficit may be doomed for failure, but since when has bad policy stopped politicians from trying to implement it?" - 11/22/2011

Three Doomsday Scenarios: What Happens if the Eurozone Breaks Up?

"At the end of the day there are no easy answers on this one. The best you can do is to find markets with little economic connection to Europe—and even that's not easy." - 11/22/2011

In Nervous Market, Gold Gains Respectability

"The metal has become the insurance policy of choice for many sophisticated investors." - 11/22/2011

Gold Down Along with Stocks

"The U.S. dollar rallied, despite the congressional super committee's failure to agree on how to tackle the U.S. deficit." - 11/21/2011

Rethinking Silver in Light of Deflationary Forces

"If we do not see dramatic large scale intervention by the European Central Bank (ECB) involving a massive blast of QE, Europe will be finished shortly as a united economic entity, and after a possible temporary party to celebrate the demise of Europe, the U.S. Treasury market will collapse." - 11/21/2011

The Contrarian's Quandary

"The really contentious view might see gold causing a real shock and going still higher again in just the way it didn't three decades ago" - 11/21/2011

Has the Bear Returned?

"The dollar index is currently on only the third week of this new intermediate cycle. Those cycles tend to run about 20 weeks, so there is potentially many more weeks of upside left before the dollar moves down into another significant correction, which presumably would drive the next bear market rally in stocks." - 11/21/2011

Will Dividends Make Mining Shares Glitter More than Gold?

"A trend is growing among precious metal miners—there is a solid commitment to pay a defined percentage of their cash flow by way of dividends." - 11/21/2011

Gold Likely Entering Reactive Phase

"For gold's strong uptrend to continue we need to see continued currency debasement and inflation and the maintenance of sufficient liquidity to head of any incipient credit crises that could quickly cause interest rates, which have been artificially suppressed for years now, to skyrocket." - 11/21/2011

Precious Metals Charts Point to Higher Prices Part II

"Financial markets around the world are at a tipping point, meaning something really big is about to take place." - 11/21/2011

Headline Risk Surrounds Gold and the S&P 500

"The long-term time frame continues to remain technically positive for the yellow metal. As long as gold prices hold in their multiyear rising channel, higher prices remain likely." - 11/21/2011

Two Risky and Two Safe Investments for Your Portfolio

"After a big run-up, however, U.S. treasuries and precious metals may be the riskiest rather than the safest investments." - 11/20/2011

Technocrats Now, Strong Man Next?

"Now 'more Europe' is being pushed directly to voters as the only fix for Europe's mess." - 11/18/2011

Don't Sweat the Correction in Gold

"When the gold price falls, come back in three months and see if you're still worried. The price will recover and, in time, fetch new highs." - 11/18/2011

Gold Rallies after 'Hard Hit'

"Gold rallies after hard hit; ECB now only significant bond buyer; UK has lots more scope for QE" - 11/18/2011

Not Your Father's Gold Market

"Where gold amid the Great Depression was all about three T's—teeth, trinkets and terror—it had morphed into a combination of Krugerrands, futures, and 'certificates of confiscation,' government bonds paying way less than inflation." - 11/18/2011

Gold Demand Hits New Record with Central Bank Buying Up Sixfold

" Q311 gold demand reached 1,053.9 tons, an increase of 6% compared to the same period last year." - 11/18/2011

Too Much Money, Not Enough Gold

"Gold prices are on the verge of a significant breakout." - 11/18/2011

Here's Why Goldman Sachs Is Staying Long Gold

"'We expect U.S. real interest rates to remain lower for longer, supporting higher gold prices through 2012.'" - 11/16/2011

Euro Crisis "Gets Worse Every Day", Britain May Get "A Lot More QE", Gold Jewelry Preferred to Platinum in China

"'Gold jewelry has been in great demand due to the rising price of gold and the perception of gold as a store of value.'" - 11/16/2011

Gold Producers Lead While Developers and Explorers Lag

"Though we are likely at least two to three years from the birth of a bubble, does it mean the non-producers will continue to underperform in the meantime?" - 11/16/2011

Is Germany Eyeing the Exit?

"Germany has come to realize that it faces a choice: fiscal integration or debt monetization. It has chosen the former." - 11/16/2011

Pocket Full of Euro Gold: How Gold and Oil Will Fare Against the Dollar and Euro

"Someone's gonna print a boatload of money—and soon. And when that happens, assets like gold and oil will rise in price." - 11/16/2011

Pocket Full of Euro Gold: How Gold and Oil Will Fare against the Dollar and Euro

"Someone's gonna print a boatload of money—and soon. And when that happens, assets like gold and oil will rise in price." - 11/16/2011

Dollar Teetering on the Abyss

"Sometime in the next two weeks the dollar is going to drop down into its next daily cycle bottom." - 11/15/2011

Will Gold Offer Protection from a Thanksgiving Feast?

"Although central banks may be in denial about inflation, investors should strongly consider protecting themselves from rising inflation and lax monetary policies by allocating a portion of their portfolio in gold." - 11/14/2011

Gold and Silver Miners Lead Market Rebound

"Investors are beginning to look at the gold miners as leaders in a market, which is desperately looking for strength." - 11/14/2011

The Final Market Rally Up Before the Big Leg Down Is Near an End

"The current S&P 500 rally is part of a normal retracement of the 1370 highs to 1074 lows that similarly occurred in the 2008 rally off the first major market drop. - 11/14/2011

Platinum: The 'Cheapest' Precious Metal. . .

"Gold is trading near all-time highs, while platinum is trading about $700 below its all-time high reached in 2008." - 11/14/2011

Gold and Silver Market Morning

"Gold and other markets have gone into fear mode, dropping like stones. But gold and silver should be the exceptions shortly, as they do not have the features of currencies." - 11/11/2011

Bullishness Rises in Gold Derivatives

"People are seeing the value of their money eroding. There is still enough juice in gold to continue to attract investment." - 11/11/2011

What Germany and China Really Think About Gold

"The loyalty of the Germans and Chinese to maintain and add gold holdings is a perfect example of a safe haven asset." - 11/11/2011

Copper Prices Update: Prosper As Copper Becomes the "New Gold"

"If copper is to replace gold as the world's most-valuable metal, China will play a huge role. With all its uses, from hybrid cars to an electricity grid, copper may become both an inflation hedge and a strategic asset." - 11/11/2011

European Shareholders a Boon for Resource Explorers

"Fresh shareholders from Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland are showing up in the rosters of Canada metals and potash explorers." - 11/10/2011

The Euro Mess Brings Out the Best in Gold

"Over the past 20 years, central banks were net sellers of gold holdings, but recently turned into net buyers as concerns about paper money and massive global debt plague the market." - 11/09/2011

When Will Gold Stocks Reach Bubble Phase?

"The gold stocks are slowly moving closer and closer to a major breakout, which would likely produce a multi-year acceleration that would set the stage for the birth of a bubble." - 11/09/2011

Should I Buy Physical Gold or Gold Shares? Part V

"Precious metal shares can only be exchanged in a few developed world markets, with a far more limited liquidity. It is this difference that will always make gold and silver behave far better than the shares themselves." - 11/09/2011

The Gold Investor's Biggest Risk

"Your biggest risk is political. As bankrupt governments get increasingly desperate for revenue, any monetary asset held domestically could be a target. It is absolutely essential that every investor diversify themselves politically." - 11/09/2011

3 Drivers, 2 Months, 1 Gold Rally?

"With three drivers happening over the next two months: 1) negative real interest rates propelling investors to seek gold for its perceived "safe haven" qualities, 2) the Love Trade in full bloom, and 3) central banks increasing their holdings in the yellow metal, gold is one commodity that could benefit." - 11/09/2011

Gold Seeing Benefit from Safe-Haven Demand

"The world's largest gold ETF has seen a net inflow over the past week." - 11/09/2011

What Uncle Sam Doesn't Want You To Know

"Is it really so preposterous to believe the United States and Europe would conspire to keep pole position in the global financial system?" - 11/07/2011

Gold Gains amid Berlusconi Confusion

"'Gold is responding to the general market mood that the European crisis will develop much worse before it gets better.'" - 11/07/2011

How to Trade This Headline Driven Stock Market

"Until we see a breakout in either direction, we could see price action inhabit the 1,220-1,290 price range for several weeks before we get any more clarity of future direction." - 11/07/2011

Gold Market Update; Greek Economy in Ruins

"World leaders are cornered and only have one card left to play in the intractable global debt crisis fiasco, which is to continue to procrastinate with full-on Quantitative Easing." - 11/06/2011

How Long Will Gold Miners Lag Bullion Prices?

"Gold miners believe that gold prices will rise, and it shows by the dividend policies taking place in the industry." - 11/04/2011

Economic Insights from a Lord of Finance

"The only way to resolve the sort of problems we're facing is through growth, and if you don't get growth, then the policy makers will continue to debase the currency." - 11/04/2011

One Man's Mission: Building the World's Safest Bank

"Eric Sprott, the billionaire resource investment guru, is buying 51% of Ontario currency trader Continental Currency Exchange Corp., with the aim of making it into a financial institution that, refreshingly, will not make loans." - 11/04/2011

Confusion on Rare Earths: Setting It Straight

"While some of the hype may be over, some of the air may have been let out of the stock bubble in rare earths, we note that the industry itself is just beginning to grow." - 11/04/2011

Gold Hovers as Dollar's Dominance Wavers

"A chaotic session on Thursday brought gains for all four precious metals; gold was range-bound around $1,758/oz." - 11/04/2011

The EU Flunks The Test

"The question now becomes is the real market the one that rallied for more than two weeks or the one that turned down yesterday?" - 11/02/2011

Costless, Limitless, Meaningless Money, Part I

"No credit event, no CDS payments and no scramble to find out who's carrying the can." - 10/31/2011

How Will Precious Metals React to the EU Bailout Plan?

"Gold and silver are hedges against the debt-ridden world that we live in. As investors lose confidence in governments and countries, precious metal prices will continue to rise." - 10/31/2011

The New Steel Silk Road

"Given the fact that Eurasia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa comprise most of the world's population will The New Steel Silk Road be the building block for a truly developed global economy?" - 10/31/2011

Argentina Rule Change Casts a Dark Shadow over the Mining Industry

"The environment now has an air of uncertainty about it, the lack of a level playing field will deter many investors and encourage them to look and invest in what are perceived to be mining friendly jurisdictions." - 10/31/2011

Gold Plunges after Yen Move

"'Given that this week's improvement merely erases the deterioration of the previous week, the speculative market still appears to be cautious about gold's short-term prospects'" - 10/31/2011

Are Gold and Silver Investing Safe Havens Again?

"Although the U.S. dollar continues to receive spurts of strength, mostly due to euro weakness, investors around the world are focusing on gold and silver as real safe havens." - 10/28/2011

Restructuring Portfolios: Gold Shares or Gold Funds?

"Should one invest in a gold fund, or in gold shares directly? Are you a passenger or a driver?" - 10/28/2011

Why a Mega Gold Stocks Rally Is Imminent

"Like all goods, gold stocks will thrive under the ideal conditions." - 10/28/2011

Gold Returns to Form

"Gold's return to form, after a period of indifferent performance, will have won it back some supporters, especially since this week's initial rally ran contrary to equities." - 10/28/2011

Euro Bailouts: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

"The most effective tool to bolster confidence in the Eurozone is to ensure banks are able to stomach losses on their sovereign debt holdings." - 10/28/2011

Relative Strength Analysis Is Important for Gold Stocks

"There are hundreds of gold and silver stocks and they won't always trend in the same direction—you need to be a stock picker in this sector if you want to earn the best returns." - 10/26/2011

A Guide to Econ Reports This Week

"Despite earlier fears that we were falling back into a double dip, it now looks like growth will come in much better than the very anemic 1.3% rate of the second quarter." - 10/26/2011

Gold Moving Opposite to Stocks Again

"The rally marks the first time in several weeks that gold has traded inversely to equities." - 10/26/2011

Eurozone Wags the Gold and Silver Dog

"Both metals would be under pressure if the U.S. dollar started to surge." - 10/24/2011

How to Trade Gold and Oil Prices This Coming Week

"The recent light volume rallies that have taken place in gold, oil and equities have been generating mixed signals for technical analysts." - 10/24/2011

Gold Climbs as Europe Says "We're Not There Yet"

"Gold gained as markets digested the news from the first of this week's two European Union summits." - 10/24/2011

Did the BOE Just Confirm the Long-Term Picture for Precious Metals?

"Although precious metals look poised for more long-term gains, the short-term picture is cloudy." - 10/21/2011

Gold Stocks to Retest Lows

"The emotional investor is worried about the current environment and a pending retest of the lows—will they hold? Is this 2008 all over again?" - 10/21/2011

S&P 500 Poised for a Sharp Pullback Near Term Says Dr. Copper

"Caution is warranted near term." - 10/21/2011

If Europe Should Fail

"There are various ways to handle it, and opportunistic, risk-tolerant investors can make a fortune in options if the markets crater." - 10/21/2011

The Most Important Decision Bernanke Will Ever Make

"Gold should still experience one more move down in the next couple of weeks as the dollar rallies out of its impending daily cycle low." - 10/19/2011

Gold Declines, But Support Remains

"Gold continues to remain volatile, but has rewarded investors that stayed with the safe-haven metal over the past decade." - 10/19/2011

Physical Gold Demand Strong

"We remain confident that a sustained fall below $1,650 is unlikely, although a temporary dip towards $1,600 could be on the cards." - 10/19/2011

Who's Right About Commodities: Bears or Bulls?

"If metals are following oil's footsteps, things should remain relatively stable from here—but that would require an orderly Greek default." - 10/19/2011

Three Reasons Why Some Analysts Are Predicting Lower Prices Ahead for Gold and Silver

"Every minute of the day the central banks of the world put out $2 million (M) in new currency. At the same time the world's mines produce 90 ounces of gold. As long as this process continues, gold will rise." - 10/19/2011

Should I Restructure My Portfolio? Part II

"What's happening today, globally—that is deciding tomorrow's investment picture." - 10/19/2011

Buyouts Crystallize Value in the Market

"There's value in the energy and mining spaces. That's the message the market is sending through recent strategic acquisitions." - 10/18/2011

The Discipline of Government

"What does the United States' lack of discipline mean to investors?" - 10/17/2011

Is It Time to Load Up on Gold Stocks?

"When the broader investing community begins to take notice, investors will snap up these highly profitable stocks and push prices higher—the 'catch up' in gold stocks could be tremendous." - 10/17/2011

Gold Vs. Miners: The Wrong Question, Part 2

"You don't need to be a mining-stockholder today to hope that maybe, just maybe, gold bullion might start slowing its outperformance of the gold miners soon." - 10/17/2011

Gold and Stock Rallies Fade

"'Too much uncertainty remains in the market.'" - 10/17/2011

Which Gold Miners Have Largest Upside?

"What's behind the record disparity between mining stocks and gold prices?" - 10/17/2011

Gold Market Update

"Gold looks set to break down short term and drop as the dollar stages a recovery rally, but the expected drop should be nowhere near as severe as the September plunge." - 10/17/2011

Gold and Stocks to Repeat 2010 Bottom

"This strong wave of panic selling triggers gold and stock prices to form intermediate bottoms." - 10/16/2011

Gold Is Not in a Bubble: It's on Its Way to $10,000/oz.

"These irreversible trends virtually ensure gold will continue rising in value for years to come." - 10/14/2011

Gold Signals the End. . .

"Gold is telling us that people are now earning less money than they did in 1964, whereas the dollar is telling us the opposite. Which measure is telling the truth?" - 10/14/2011

Gold "Building a Base above $1,650"

"Gold remains underpinned by strong seasonal physical demand and retail investment interest." - 10/14/2011

Gold Vs. Miners: The Wrong Question

"The question isn't why the miners and funds are lagging gold—it's why does gold keep beating the equity? - 10/14/2011

China: Continued Boom or Bursting Bubble?

"China's progress has no doubt been remarkable. But is it sustainable?" - 10/14/2011

Gold, Silver and Stock Prices at Their Tipping Points

"Which direction will these investments move?" - 10/14/2011

New Gold, Silver Floor: Time to Restructure Portfolio?

"Each answer will be unique for every investor. Understanding your own behavior in extremely volatile times is crucial." - 10/14/2011

Interim Peak in Bonds Coincides with Rebound in Mining Stocks

"At present bonds have reached an overbought extreme and the risk reward is quite negative and in turn, positive for other markets." - 10/12/2011

How to Buy Gold Coins At a Bargain Price

"Adding to your coin holdings is a great way to profit from gold's rise. Still, given recent sharp volatility in the metals markets, it only makes sense to do a little 'bargain shopping'." - 10/12/2011

Days Of Reckoning Are Here: Accumulate Precious Metals and Hard Assets

"Do not get caught up in the current panic and use this pullback as an opportunity to add or initiate positions in precious metals and natural resources mining equities." - 10/12/2011

Considerations for Gold Mining in Africa: Workers' Health

"Mining depends heavily on human labor. Successful miners in Africa will insure smooth operations by addressing health issues." - 10/12/2011

Gold Gains, ECB "Could Print Euros" to Fund Own Bailout

"Gold bullion 'has stepped into new territory—acting like a hybrid of a risk asset and a safe haven.'" - 10/12/2011

United States Versus China Round Two

"This is an extremely interesting drama being played out on the world stage between two of the world's most powerful nations and economies, it should be on everyone's radar screen." - 10/10/2011

What Does the Unemployment Picture Mean for Precious Metals?

"Another QE program to stimulate the economy in an attempt to improve the unemployment picture could easily send gold and silver prices back to former highs." - 10/10/2011

Determining the Correct Position Size with Options

"If you can manage your downside, the profits will take care of themselves." - 10/10/2011

Gold Starts Week Strongly, Eurozone Bank Plan "Positive but Ambitious"

"Gold is up on last week's close following a pledge by France and Germany to recapitalize Europe's banks." - 10/10/2011

Inflation, Money Circulation Problems = Gangrenous Liquidity, Rising Gold Price

"Deflation destroys businesses and wounds the economy, long term. Inflation just drops the value of money." - 10/10/2011

Is the S&P 500 About to Stage a Multi-Month Rally?

"Be nimble and define your risk, as volatility is not likely to subside anytime soon." - 10/10/2011

Gold at a Major Crossroads

"Next week will mark a major turning point in the gold market, the dollar's upward or downward movement being the primary driver." - 10/10/2011

Gold Market Update

"An imminent sharp drop is likely to take gold below its recent panic lows before the dust settles." - 10/09/2011

The Way Out of Our Economic Mess

"'A rock and a hard place' is the dilemma the U.S. government has wandered into with its continued policy of rescue inflation." - 10/07/2011

China: Under-Exploited Gold Potential

"Mining companies stand to benefit from the projected rise in prices, including businesses positioned among China's rich resources." - 10/07/2011

Gold's New Volatility in Pictures

"The huge volatility in Shanghai premiums over London gold is a function of gold's underlying volatility." - 10/07/2011

Are Gold and Silver at Bargain Prices Again?

"We have another possible great buying opportunity in gold and silver." - 10/07/2011

Not Worth a Continental

Sun Tzu said to keep your wars short and have the money in hand before assembling an army. Perhaps the U.S. Congress should consider Sun Tzu's advice? - 10/07/2011

Load Up on Gold and Silver as Bernanke Dives off the Deep End

"The first $2 trillion of 'stimulus' did little or nothing for the overall economy." - 10/07/2011

Why Isn't the Gold Price Going Through $2,000 Now?

"In 2008 confidence in the financial system as well as in the monetary system appeared unassailable, not this time." - 10/07/2011

Bank of England Increases QE by £75 billion

"This is the third time in as many weeks that the ECB has made use of the swap line facility to ease the need for dollars in the Eurozone." - 10/07/2011

Gold Gains on Week, Central Banks Should "Create and Inject More Money" to Fight "Worst Ever Crisis"

"Gold prices are up more than 1.5% and heading for their first weekly gain in five weeks." - 10/07/2011

Is Europe Warming Up Gold for Its Final Act?

"Although it may seem unlikely in the near future, gold investors still need to consider a worst-case scenario for gold." - 10/07/2011

Gold, DAX and Dollar Still Pointing to Sharply Lower Prices

"When fear, uncertainty and volatility are running high, some of the best opportunities become available to those who know what to look for." - 10/06/2011

Resource Nationalism on the Rise

"As miners and governments search for ways to resolve disputes over royalty and taxation, some have suggested more robust responsible and sustainable mining programs can go a long way to reduce [historical] injustices over profit sharing." - 10/03/2011

Precious Metals Charts Point to Lower Prices—Get Ready

"The U.S. dollar is going to continue higher and that will put the most pressure on stocks, oil and silver." - 09/30/2011

Explaining Gold to Your Advisor

"Having trouble explaining why you want to make a gold investment at these prices? Try noting that gold looks increasingly attractive as debt instruments fail to pay." - 09/30/2011

Greek Default, Eurozone/Bank Crisis and the Effect on Gold and Silver Prices

"Falls are seen as an opportunity to buy cheaply into the precious metals." - 09/30/2011

Gold Market Report

"'The gold and silver market suddenly seems quiet in this timezone,' said a Hong Kong dealer, noting 'much lower' trading volume." - 09/30/2011

Tough Love

"The markets are sending a pretty clear message that a decision on Greece and other peripheral EU nations is required." - 09/30/2011

Platinum and Palladium Q411 Outlook

"If platinum and palladium prices move, investors should look for them to go down." - 09/30/2011

Deflationary Collapse Crushing Gold and Silver

"The monetary metals are likely to bounce back quickly and the downside risk at this point seems rather limited." - 09/28/2011

Hedge Funds Sticking with Gold

"The yellow metal is still up 14% this year, leaving long-term holders comfortably in the black for now." - 09/27/2011

Higher Taxes on the Wealthy May Boost Gold

"Historical high-income tax rates in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development show a relationship to gold prices." - 09/27/2011

Will S. African Miners Gain from Weak Rand?

"South Africa's miners often benefit from a softer rand, and the currency has lost 16% in September alone." - 09/27/2011

From Rogues to Riches: How ETFs are Lining Wall Street's Pockets—While Picking Yours

"Behind this vast array of exchange-traded funds that retail investors rely on for diversification are thousands of traders—most of them institutional players." - 09/26/2011

Bear Market Investing Strategies

"Sometimes market contraction affords traders the opportunity to unload losing bets and prepare for the next wave of expansion." - 09/26/2011

Global Uncertainty Weighing on Markets

"Do we bounce back from here, as we have done a few times in recent weeks, or establish a new bottom?" - 09/26/2011

Now Is the Season for Investing in Gold Mining Stocks

"If you're not investing in gold mining stocks now, you should be." - 09/26/2011

Why Are Markets So Hectic?

"The real story features two lead characters: debt and growth. The world economy has too much of the former, and not enough of the latter to pay it off with." - 09/26/2011

Gold Market Report

"Ongoing high volatility saw the gold price hit an eleven-week low." - 09/26/2011

Gold and Silver Pullback as Forecasted—Now for the Big Opportunity

"The price action we have seen this year for both gold and silver indicate we are just warming up for something really big to happen." - 09/26/2011

The D-Wave Begins

"A D-Wave decline is a a normal regression to the profit-taking event that occurs when gold gets too stretched above the mean." - 09/26/2011

Mining and Exploration Stocks Have Upside

"Quality gold mining and exploration companies offer investors a new breed of management." - 09/26/2011

Understanding the Key Support Levels for Gold

"Gold prices could bounce as price is sitting right at the key 50 period moving average." - 09/26/2011

Gold to the Rescue to Fix Denver Capitol

"Colorado's Capitol dome needs $17M in urgent repairs. The owners of the same mine that supplied the first gold leaf in 1908 said they would donate 72 oz. of the metal." - 09/26/2011

Hoping for Mining Boom, Canada Opens Last Frontier

"The Quebec government promises up to 11 new mining projects will be launched in the next few years in the far north." - 09/26/2011

From Roads to Riches: London's Streets Paved with Platinum

"A waste management company is planning to sweep up tens of thousands of tons of palladium dust from the city's pavements to turn into cash." - 09/26/2011

Gold Continues Fourth-Wave Correction

"During fourth-wave consolidation periods, sentiment's influence calms and lets the economics catch up with price action." - 09/23/2011

Why We Know Gold Prices Are Headed Higher

"Powerful trends are in place to steady gold prices in the near term—and to send prices higher in the longer term." - 09/23/2011

Is This How Gold's Bull Market Ends?

"The dollar and the yen are at the heart of this current slump." - 09/23/2011

How Long Might It Take to Get Rich from Gold Stocks?

"Make sure you invest in gold and not just gold stocks." - 09/23/2011

Gold Market Report

"Gold prices fell to a seven-week low below $1,700 as world stock markets slumped and currencies continued to rally." - 09/23/2011

Gold and Silver Stocks Maintain Long-Term Support

"Mining stocks' positive divergence from the general market remains intact after the Fed circus, and continues to strengthen." - 09/23/2011

What a Major Banking Crisis Would Do to the Gold Price

"More reform and fearful political shifts are needed. The worst still lies ahead." - 09/23/2011

Record Prices Spur Hunt for "Dumped" Gold

"Most of South Africa's gold lies deep underground, but atop the mine dumps scattered around Johannesburg, you can actually walk on the stuff." - 09/23/2011

Gold Premium over Platinum Seen Rising to Record

"Gold's premium to platinum, already the biggest in almost two decades, may surge to the highest on record in the next year." - 09/23/2011

Market Trends Remain in Place: Get Positioned!

"Why did almost every asset class sell off after the Fed's statement—and how do we position ourselves to profit?" - 09/23/2011

Banks' Gold Coin Sales Lose Sheen

"A significant part of banks' coin sales is driven by buyers who are now uneasy about the steep hike in the price." - 09/22/2011

Mining Stocks Hit Hard by Recession Fears

"Mining stocks are bearing the brunt of the market mauling." - 09/22/2011

Online Gold Buying Gets a Boost in India

"In a bid to woo customers, store operators hope online gold buying will have customers flood the Internet drawn by huge discounts." - 09/22/2011

Private Sector Slowdown Heightens Recession Fears

"Private sector business activity in Europe and China declined sharply this month." - 09/22/2011

Commodity Fundamentals Are Still Positive, But Macro Worries Overshadowing

"The macroeconomic worries about debt and slowing global growth are overshadowing the current tight supply and demand fundamentals of commodities." - 09/22/2011

Australia to Launch Gold Exchange

"Australia's first physical bullion exchange, an over-the-counter spot market for gold, silver and platinum will begin operations next month." - 09/21/2011

Venezuela Publishes Law Nationalizing Gold

"Chavez' new policies require foreign mining firms to enter into partnerships with the state." - 09/21/2011

Central Vietnam Bank Licenses New Gold Imports

"The State Bank of Vietnam licensed 10 banks and gold trading companies to import a total of four tons of gold." - 09/21/2011

Mainland Ranks 6th in Gold Holdings

"The Chinese mainland had 1,054.1 Mt. of gold holdings in September." - 09/21/2011

Gold ETFs Shine, Silver ETFs Shine Brighter

"Gold and silver continue to trend back and forth as equities ping pong around a number of issues." - 09/21/2011

Another Way to Buy Gold

"Funds tracking gold miners stocks could offer a profitable way to participate in gold's rally." - 09/21/2011

LBMA Delegates See Gold Above $2,000/oz. by November 2012

"The LBMA polled the audience using an electronic system both at the end and start of the two-day event." - 09/21/2011

Escape Velocity

"It's not too late to get set at base levels in an ongoing bull market." - 09/21/2011

What Future U.S. Monetary Policy Means for Gold Prices

"This week will most likely be a game changer for the gold market, an inflection point which will be paramount to determining price direction over the coming months." - 09/21/2011

How Far Can Gold and Silver Climb?

"The masses will look for a store of value against a plunging loss of purchasing power: enter gold and silver." - 09/21/2011

Liquidity Crisis? A Currency Perspective

"While complaining about policy makers and bankers may generate animated water cooler discussions, let's take their human (and fallible) nature as a given and discuss implications for investors." - 09/21/2011

Perfect Storm Creates Tidal Wave of Gold Demand

"India may be the world's largest gold market, but in China, gold buying has become so significant that the country has become the fastest-growing market for gold jewelry in the world." - 09/21/2011

Gold Market Report

"In recent weeks, every time the gold price has approached $1,760 'physical demand was large enough to take gold higher.'" - 09/21/2011

The Next Selling Wave Is About to Begin

"The bottom line is operation twist will be a miserable failure just like QE1 and QE2." - 09/21/2011

What Is the Mining Industry Forecasting for Gold?

"Conditions for gold 'have never been better,' thanks to its safe haven status and strong supply and demand fundamentals." - 09/21/2011

Fed's "Operation Twist" Could Be Neutral to Negative for Gold Prices

"'Operation Twist' could be bearish for gold." - 09/21/2011

Gold and Silver Miners Beginning to Outperform Bullion

"When gold pulls back periodically, the miners should outperform and shrink a very wide divergence." - 09/20/2011

Gold Mulligan

"The case for the sustainability of high gold prices rests on whether the present international system of money and banking has passed a point of no return." - 09/19/2011

Are Gold Shares Getting Ready to Run?

If this breakout in the gold stocks holds and builds strength over the next several days and weeks, we very well may have a major breakout on our hands. - 09/19/2011

Gold Forming Bullish Consolidation

"The market is holding well above gold's previous resistance, which indicates that acceleration remains in effect." - 09/19/2011

Gold Market Report

"As gold fluctuates, analysts suggest a 'domino effect' from Greece could send shockwaves throughout Europe's Banking System." - 09/19/2011

Hot Trends from Denver Gold Forum

"When policymakers react quickly, then the downturn in gold prices is short, says DundeeWealth's Martin Murenbeeld." - 09/19/2011

Gold Battles Back, Bugs Cheer

"Bugs blame central banks, but say they'll fail." - 09/19/2011

Central Banks Net Buyers of Gold for 1st Time in 20 Years

"This is the latest sign highlighting how turbulence in the currency and debt markets has revolutionized the bullion market." - 09/19/2011

The Lifecycle of a Gold Mine: Mine Construction

"Construction generally takes a few years, depending on the location, size and the complexity of the regulations." - 09/19/2011

Is Gold Cheap? Who Knows? But Gold-Mining Stocks Are

"Figuring out if gold is cheap or dear is like trying to solve a Rubik's cube blindfolded. But it's possible to make rational estimates of value with gold-mining stocks." - 09/19/2011

Gold Price Could Restart India's Kolar Mine

"Gold's meteoric rise has intensified the allure of reopening one of the world's oldest and deepest mines." - 09/19/2011

James West: Unrestrained Bullishness for Gold and Silver

James West has gone from writing the audacious and controversial newsletter Midas Letter to raising over $1 billion for a series of funds called Midas Letter Funds based in Luxembourg. The Gold Report caught up with James in Colorado Springs at the Denver Gold Forum, where he was searching for quality companies to include in his next newsletter. He agreed to sit down with us to find out how this juggernaut of rapid financial evolution came about, and where it is heading next. - 09/19/2011

Gold Equities Should Be Doing Better

"Three top precious metals analysts said gold shares are overdue an upward correction." - 09/19/2011

Are You Ready for the Annual Christmas Rally in Gold and Silver?

"Based on the observations presented in this report the expectation is that the annual Christmas rally in gold and silver is 'right on course.'" - 09/19/2011

Manganese Prices Reflect Economic Conditions

"Manganese' use in steel, a prime component of infrastructure and consumer products, make the resource a good economic barometer." - 09/19/2011

The Insidious Truth About Federal Reserve Policy

"If you want to play the markets, use the Fed as a backstop and leverage yourself against its misguided policy decisions." - 09/18/2011

Silver Market Update

"Silver has managed to hold at a key support level, which may generate a bounce early next week." - 09/18/2011

The Coming Currency Crisis

"When? Soon. The government has more debt to pay and a smaller economy for its tax collectors to feed on." - 09/16/2011

Gold Market Report

"Gold continues a slight fall that began after key central banks announced they will begin USD liquidity operations." - 09/16/2011

Copper Rises as ECB Promises to Aid Banks

"Copper has underperformed compared to the plethora of ambitious price expectations for the red metal, but Goldman Sachs is still optimistic." - 09/16/2011

Sprott Shifts from Gold Bullion to Gold Stocks

"Production growth rates will be significantly higher in the junior stocks. They offer the best opportunity to build exposure." - 09/16/2011

Lower Prices Seen For Gold Market Next Week

"Those who see lower prices for next week cite both the resurgence in the U.S. dollar and technical chart patterns." - 09/16/2011

Caution is Warranted

"I am definitely bullish long term, but warning signs are starting to build." - 09/15/2011

Donald Trump Takes Gold over Cash

"The prominent real estate investor's Trump Organization announced that it will accept three 32-ounce gold bars as a security deposit." - 09/15/2011

Investment Demand Underpins Gold’s Push Toward $2,000/oz.

"There had been a 'sea change' in investor behavior." - 09/15/2011

Quebec's 2010-11 Mining Royalties More than Past 10 Years Combined

"Aside from changes in the royalties, boosted revenue is attributable to an increase in the volumes and higher prices for resources mined." - 09/15/2011

Gold Market Report

"Gold made a slight, sharp drop; Europe's banks are 'dead men walking.'" - 09/14/2011

Gold Is Confidence in Money Systems

"Gold stands six times higher than its turn-of-the-century level, despite all attempts to keep it contained. Why?" - 09/14/2011

How to Hedge Gold

"We don't advise jumping off the gold bull's back, but consider taking out a little short-term 'insurance' on your precious metals profits." - 09/14/2011

Why Smart People are Taking Gold Seriously

"Gold is being taken more seriously as a legitimate form of money as currencies flail." - 09/14/2011

$260M in Zimbabwe Mine Projects Approved

"Zimbabwe's investment climate is riddled with uncertainty as the government tries to force foreign miners to give majority stakes." - 09/14/2011

Updates: Swiss Franc and Silver

"Central banks have typically enjoyed only temporary success in restraining market forces." - 09/14/2011

Gold Heading to $2,350/oz. After 4th Wave Consolidation

"Right now we're in a C-wave. Will a D- or E-wave follow?" - 09/14/2011

Gold Stocks Find Heavy Accumulation in Market Turmoil

"While 'collapse' is the most overused word in financial markets, gold stocks' 2008 drop still looms in our minds. However, there is absolutely no need to worry over gold stocks in the current climate." - 09/13/2011

Could a Rise in the Dollar Be Bullish for Commodities?

"The market roller coaster takes us down, but we also see a sudden rise directly ahead in our chosen sectors. " - 09/13/2011

Three Moves to Make Before the Next FOMC Meeting

"Your best choices right now remain those investments the government cannot abrogate or duplicate." - 09/13/2011

California Gold Rush Set for Revival

"An operating underground gold mine is set to open in California's Mother Lode." - 09/13/2011

Miners Continue to Underperform in Gold Market

"Gold miners Gold miners from across the globe have been feverishly boosting production to match high demand." - 09/13/2011

Australian Gold Stocks Poised to Shine

"'If we were to hold cash or gold, we'd favor gold at the moment.'" - 09/13/2011

Why Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion?

"The only asset class that is better than gold as an inflation hedge is a basket that includes silver and platinum." - 09/12/2011

Gold Stocks Prognosis: Catalyst, Please

"Why are gold stocks underperforming gold?" - 09/12/2011

Obama's Infrastructure and Jobs Plan

"Is infrastructure, and how to profit from this soon to be dominant, global investment theme on your radar screen?" - 09/12/2011

Gold Falls with Stocks, Dollar Gains, Greece Default "Could Lead to 2008-style Banking Collapse"

"The U.S. dollar's gains are probably more to do with renewed concerns over the possibility that Greece may default on its debt than with increased confidence in the U.S. economy." - 09/12/2011

Gold Reaches New Record High in Euros on Greek Default and Eurozone Contagion Risk

"Gold reached new record nominal highs in Australian dollars, Swiss francs and euros." - 09/12/2011

Can Gold Continue To Rise?

"Will the money supply plateau or decrease and give gold any reason to stop rising?" - 09/12/2011

Precious Metals in for a Rough Ride Before the Parabolic Move

"The precious metals are currently trading lower and expected to challenge some long term support lines." - 09/12/2011

The Life Cycle of a Gold Mine: Assessment and Approval

"The goal of the assessment phase is to thoroughly investigate how mining will impact the environment and communities, and how the miner will mitigate the risks associated with resource extraction." - 09/09/2011

Silver: The Perfect Alternative to Gold?

"Silver offers exposure to the rising demand for safe haven assets at a cheaper price." - 09/09/2011

A Raging Case of Bailout Fatigue

"Did the banks really need this cash to stay afloat?" - 09/09/2011

China Confirms Gold Price Suppression

"With so many international banks licensed to import gold to China, Chinese citizens are buying directly from these banks and therefore the international market." - 09/09/2011

Gold Consolidates Gains While Gold Equities Outperform

"Commodity equities and emerging market equities, while in structural bull markets, figure to underperform for months until the next round of artificial stimulus hits the economy." - 09/09/2011

Gold Continues "White-Knuckle Ride" as "Uninspiring" Policymakers "Limit Upside" for Stock Markets

"There are very good reasons why people long on gold may be taking profits." - 09/09/2011

The Case for Gold and Silver Investment Gets Stronger

"Gold and silver may lose the odd battle but they are certainly winning the war." - 09/09/2011

Bernanke: Fed Will Weigh Stimulus at Next Meeting

"Bernanke said that fiscal tightening by Congress may hobble the fragile economic recovery." - 09/08/2011

California Gold Fever Sweeps the Criminal Underworld

"Gold fever is also fueling a crime spree in the precious metal." - 09/08/2011

Zimbabwe’s New Mine Laws May Prevent Platinum Surplus

"A 'real risk' of excess supply if economies go into a recession." - 09/08/2011

Meteorites Delivered Gold to Earth

"Gold was delivered by meteorites." - 09/08/2011

Gold Falls on Bailout Green Light

"Stocks rose after Germany's highest court ruled the country's bailout policies are not in breach of its constitution." - 09/07/2011

Bull Market In Gold Over With Double Top?

"Gold markets move very, very fast these days and can whipsaw even the best of traders." - 09/07/2011

Can Washington Deliver?

"The market is keenly waiting for the two speeches this Thursday—the first by Ben Bernanke and the second by President Obama." - 09/07/2011

Brazil to Hike Mining Royalties

"Brazil's overhaul of its mining code will likely double average royalty rates for minerals." - 09/06/2011

Diamonds Lose Shine

"Analysts say the pullback was due." - 09/06/2011

Silver and Silver Stocks Forming Bullish Cup and Handle Pattern

"A cup and handle pattern is a bullish continuation pattern that represents a period of consolidation followed by an eventual breakout." - 09/06/2011

Mugabe Expects Foreign Firms to Abide by Stakes Plan

"President says foreign investment is safe, after investors stepped back due to the plan to force foreign companies to turn over shares." - 09/06/2011

Swiss Pledge Unlimited Currency Purchases

"The Swiss central bank imposed a ceiling on the franc for the first time in more than three decades." - 09/06/2011

Closure Notice Leaves Dubai Gold Retailers Puzzled

"Retailers in Dubai Mall's gold souk have been given just over three weeks to close up their shops." - 09/06/2011

Romania to Bolster National Gold Reserves

"While the central bank gold reserve is adequate for now, nobody knows what could happen in upcoming years, Governor Mugur Isarescu says." - 09/06/2011

Melting Down Grandma's Ring

"The key to getting the highest price for scrap gold is finding out how much it is actually worth." - 09/06/2011

The Black Monday the Public Doesn't Know About

"We will need to see some resolutions in Euro-land before gold will trade lower or sideways." - 09/05/2011

Governments Buying Gold

"Opportunism may have guided his decision, but Chavez' reclamation of Venezuela's gold was an excellent investment move. Others will follow." - 09/05/2011

Tracking Gold

"Why don't ETFs track gold more closely? For those unfamiliar with the workings of this innovative way to 'own gold,' it's worth going over a few of the details." - 09/02/2011

Rick Rule: Play Metals Stock Volatility to Win

In March of 2011, Global Resource Investments Founder and Chairman Rick Rule predicted a time of unprecedented volatility. As investors struggle to recover from what, indeed, turned out to be one of the most up-and-down months in history, this special Gold Report from his latest web broadcast outlines his secrets for using volatility as a tool to take advantage of new opportunities. - 09/02/2011

Gold Leaps as Recession Looms

"Gold rose on U.S. jobs data that showed no added jobs in August—the worst result since September 2010. Silver prices meanwhile smashed through $43/oz." - 09/02/2011

Miners Just Beginning Breakout

"Everything has its season. It appears to be the miners' time under the sun." - 09/02/2011

Why Juniors?

"Juniors, not majors, own the world's future mines and are the most adept at finding them." - 09/02/2011

The Credibility Crash

"Brinkmanship on one side, bumbling on the other, and markets caught in the middle: It's been a terrible month for markets." - 09/02/2011

Pink Sheets Basics: How to Profit Without Getting Fleeced

"Small-cap pink sheets stocks can be extremely lucrative, but you have to make the right moves to rake in the big profits." - 09/02/2011

Silver and Gold, Different Steps But Same Dance

"If we use gold's performance to establish a target for silver, it would appear that $80 would be a minimum." - 09/02/2011

USD on the Verge of Rally: Watch Out!

"Although I see potential for another drop, I'm not willing to bet on lower prices. We could wake up any day to poor news that instantly sends gold higher." - 09/01/2011

Ganesh Idol insured at Rs 1835 Crore ($401M)

"The 17-foot Ganpati idol at the Gaud Saraswat Brahmin Mandal at King's Circle has a jaw-dropping 68 kilos of gold and 435 kilos of silver." - 09/01/2011

Buy Gold Before Fed Announces Further Easing: Expert

"Over the short term gold stocks might be a better investment opportunity than owning gold itself." - 09/01/2011

U.S. Mint Gold, Silver Coin Sales In August Are Most Since January

"Total sales of American Eagle gold coins rose to 112,000 oz. in August, up 73.6% from July." - 09/01/2011

Gold Wedding Bands Get Dumped for Tungsten

"Skyrocketing gold prices have jewelers and cash-strapped couples clamoring for wedding bands made of less expensive metals." - 09/01/2011

Colombia Miners Happy over Reform, Fret About Future

"The government of President Juan Manuel Santos plans to reform the mining sector—creating a new mining agency, consolidating oversight and strengthening institutions." - 09/01/2011

The Future of the European Union May Be Decided in Less than a Week

"Are we coming to a point where integrated global economies, capital markets and cross-border debt obligations will necessitate sovereign nations losing control of their sovereign assets?" - 09/01/2011

Gold Stocks Coiled Again

"Gold has roared an assertive 'here I am' as a wider group of investors realized the problems in the financial system were worse than they previously thought." - 08/31/2011

Gold "Dominated by Uncertainty" as "Reality Dawns" for Investors in Stocks

"We expect QE3 to become an increasingly dominant issue for the markets as we enter September." - 08/31/2011

Le Deluge

"Every time the GPD has fallen over 2% year-over-year, it has led to a recession. We are currently down 1.5%." - 08/31/2011

Gold Surge Draws Prospectors, Thieves Worldwide

"It has been called the saint-seducing metal, with good reason." - 08/31/2011

Fed Prepared Ground for Possible Easing

"Minutes of their closed-door meeting yesterday showed that members of the Federal Open Market Committee favored a 'more substantial move.'" - 08/31/2011

Gold Mine Backers Hail Romania President

"Chronic waffling is turning into qualified support for the $1B Transylvania-based project." - 08/31/2011

Investors Return to Undervalued Mining Stocks

"These are some of the fastest growing stocks in the market with increasing profits and margins." - 08/31/2011

Galluping Gold!

"One in three Americans think gold is the best long-term investment, according to the Gallup survey." - 08/30/2011

Why Gold Will Replace U.S. Treasuries as the World's Last Risk-Free Investment

"You can't downgrade gold; and that makes it the world's only risk-free investment." - 08/30/2011

Gold, Silver Should Help You Sleep Not Keep You Up

"The only sure bet for the foreseeable future is volatility." - 08/30/2011

Nov. Deadline Set for S. Africa's Minerals Beneficiation Framework

"The aim was to help diversify the South African economy away from traditional commodities and nontradable services." - 08/30/2011

Has the Fed Started QE3?

"The Fed policy is to let the dollar fall and to support the bankers and politicians who want to stimulate the economy." - 08/29/2011

For Signs of Stability, Look to the Price of Gold

"The key indicator that markets are stabilizing will be when gold prices come down in regular increments." - 08/29/2011

What Could Lie Ahead for the S&P 500 & Gold

"Is this just a correction that pushes stocks higher by the end of the year, or is this the beginning of something far worse?" - 08/29/2011

Valuation Gap Makes Gold Miners Attractive

". . .but not all miners are created equal. The Five M's of mining investment are: Market cap, Management, Money, Minerals and Mine life cycle." - 08/29/2011

Gold Base-Building Could Take Time

"Comex December gold futures are weaker Monday as the market continues volatile action following last week's sharp downside correction." - 08/29/2011

Gold Stocks Inch Closer to Major Breakout

"The table is set. The fundamentals for this sector are outstanding." - 08/29/2011

Indonesia Could Face More Strikes

"Gold mine workers push for a greater share of profits in a booming economy that has drawn foreign investors partly for its low labor costs." - 08/29/2011

S.Africa to Block Streets for Malema Hearing

"Malema's call to nationalize mines has unnerved investors, but South Africa's Youth League sees him as a future leader of the continent's biggest economy." - 08/29/2011

Gold Coins: The Mystery of the Double Eagle

"How did a Philadelphia family get hold of $40M in gold coins, and why has the Secret Service been chasing them for 70 years?" - 08/29/2011

The Bear Market Rally Has Begun

"The further you stretch the stock market the more violent and persistent the snap back tends to be once the turn occurs." - 08/29/2011

Deep Correction Due? Part II

"The rise of gold and silver prices is about the fall of paper money." - 08/28/2011

The Silver Tide Is About to Rise

"Silver has now been through a correction and consolidation phase and is all set for the next leg up." - 08/26/2011

Roman-Age Gold Mines Revived with Crisis-Era Prices

"As gold futures more than doubled in the past three years, Spain's Asturias region has drawn projects for fields first developed for the Roman Empire 2,000 years ago." - 08/26/2011

QE3 or Not, Gold Supported by Dire Outlook

"Bernanke used the Jackson Hole speech last year to signal the start of QE2, buying $600B of U.S. treasuries in a bid to reflate risk assets." - 08/26/2011

Buy the Miners: It's Like Getting Gold for $1,100/oz.

"The value discrepancy between physical gold and mining stocks is not a new problem, but one that fund managers expect will soon change." - 08/26/2011

Risk-On Trades Are Back

"The overall market seems to be entering a pivot point. It's likely that another big move is brewing." - 08/25/2011

Fear Mania Hits Gold

"It isn't greed driving our runaway gold price, it's fear. Just pick your headline. . ." - 08/25/2011

Gold and Silver Aren't the Only Precious Metals Making a Killing

"Even while gold and silver steal most of the headlines, there are stealth bull markets advancing in other precious metals." - 08/25/2011

Will Gold Become Collateral for an EU Bailout?

"Although Ben Bernanke says gold is not money, countries around the world sure are treating it as such." - 08/25/2011

Canada's Mines to Get $130B in Investments

"Companies will invest some $130B in Canadian mines over the next five years, as burgeoning commodity demand creates opportunities 'not seen since the post-war boom of the 1950s.'" - 08/25/2011

Will Silver Benefit from Rising Gold Margin Requirements?

"We expect silver to hit new highs along with the miners in 2011." - 08/25/2011

Asian Buyers Rush in on Gold Price Dip

"Dealers saw a flood of orders for physical gold after Asia opened business yesterday." - 08/25/2011

Peru Gov't, Miners Reach Deal to Increase Royalties

"Humala had vowed to tax mining companies' windfall profits to bolster social programs in a country where one of every three people is poor." - 08/25/2011

Brazil Metal Rush: Boom in Gold, Copper, Iron Ore Mining

"The soaring price of metals in commodity markets has Brazilian firms and foreign players investing heavily." - 08/25/2011

Gold Scams Rise with Prices

"The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority warns of private investment schemes that directly steal investors' money." - 08/25/2011

Japan Boosting Physical, ETF Platinum Buying

"Japanese investors have been bucking the global trend for buying gold." - 08/25/2011

Exiting the Eye of the Storm

"Smells like blood in the streets. What does a street fighting man like Doug Casey make of all this?" - 08/24/2011

Much Ado About Debt: Dollar vs. Euro

"Because the U.S. must finance its deficit, the U.S. dollar may be far more at risk than the euro. In the Eurozone, the current account is roughly in balance." - 08/24/2011

Gold, the Dollar and the Failure of Currencies

"The U.S. Fed and Congress want to see a far weaker dollar against all other currencies. The only thing stopping them is the structure of the currency system." - 08/24/2011

Gold Charts Send a Warning

"The drop in prices has attracted an element of bargain hunting, which should provide support across the precious metals complex." - 08/24/2011

Junior Mining Deal Puts West Africa in Focus

"Because West Africa has a relatively short mining history, 'it just hasn't been trampled the way other places have.'" - 08/24/2011

Call for Gold Reserves as Collateral in EU

"A leading member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's government called for EU members to use gold reserves as collateral for future bailouts." - 08/24/2011

Chavez Formalizes Nationalization of Gold Industry

"President Hugo Chavez' formal decree aims to give the government total control over gold produced in the South American country." - 08/24/2011

As Gold Soars, What's Your Jewelry Worth?

"A Star reporter visited cash-for-gold shops with gold worth about $1,500 altogether, and received offers as low as $500 and as high as $1,600." - 08/24/2011

High Bullion Price Spurs New Yukon Gold Rush

"Exploration companies have staked more than 85,000 claims in the territory since January, compared with 83,000 for the whole of 2010." - 08/24/2011

Gold Update: Buy This Dip with Both Hands

"Growing demand has been creating dips that are both shorter and less severe." - 08/24/2011

Gold Prices Hit Another Record But Silver Is the Play to Make

"Gold prices are headed higher, but silver, since it took a spill earlier this year, actually has more upside at the moment." - 08/23/2011

Dow:Gold Ratio and the Secular Bear Market

"It's entirely possible that we could see a Dow gold ratio of 1:5 before the trends reverse." - 08/23/2011

Five Steps to Take Before Economic Collapse

"You cannot create wealth from a printing press." - 08/23/2011

Beijing Crackdown Hits Rare Earths Mining

"In recent weeks some of the mines gouged out of hillsides in Jiangxi province have been broken up, others mothballed." - 08/23/2011

Gold Hitting Record Highs: Time to Buy Undervalued Gold Miners

"This move may encounter ebbs and flows on its way to new heights. Constant vigilance for possible entry points on the way up is advised." - 08/22/2011

Gold Mine Divides Transylvania Town

"Supporters of this rural paradise are battling to preserve an ancient way of life, even as Romania's economy lingers in the doldrums." - 08/22/2011

Catalyst for Gold Sector Consolidation

"High mid-cap company performance has made acquisitions relatively expensive for the past few years. As major companies draw closer to a breakout, industry consolidation seems likely." - 08/22/2011

What's Next for Oil

"Oil drifted higher into resistance with declining volume before a sharp pullback on heavy volume. It may be forming a base that would act as a launch pad for higher prices in coming weeks." - 08/22/2011

The Neverending Story of a "Gold Bubble"

"Long-term gold bulls have been forced to listen to naysayers since gold reached $500/oz. If you would have joined them then, you would've missed gold's roughly 270% rise since." - 08/22/2011

Gold Makes Another Clean Sweep

"It is hard to imagine a much more bullish environment for gold." - 08/22/2011

India Commodity Trading Volumes Surge 57.5% in July: FMC

"Bullion turnover has more than doubled." - 08/22/2011

Gold on the Verge of Major Correction?

"Gold is in a 13-year upwards cycle, and we are in about year 10. A pause in the uptrend will kick latecomers off the back of the charging bull." - 08/22/2011

Lovesick Miners Swell Majors' Costs

"Heartache is a headache for mining companies trying to attract workers in locations like Kalgoorlie and the Queensland coal town of Glenden, where there are 23 unmarried men in their 40s for each single woman." - 08/22/2011

A Big Moment for ETFs: SPDR Gold Becomes World's Biggest

"SPDR has been taken over in size by the SPDR Gold Trust." - 08/22/2011

Gold Circles $1,900/oz., Touches Record

"Gold surged to a fresh record Monday ahead of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's discussion of his economic outlook this at the annual gathering of central bankers this Friday." - 08/22/2011

Economically Sleepwalking

"The rebound from the recent recession is the slowest economic comeback in living memory—so slow that some doubt whether it is happening at all." - 08/19/2011

Market Analysis: How to Prepare for "Economic Depression"

The week of August 15 was one of the most volatile stock market performances in years. Negative news about the global economy, gloomy forecasts and mixed signals on the jobs front battered stocks and sent gold repeatedly above $1,800/ounce. The Gold Report asked an analyst, two newsletter writers and an economist the following: What should be a precious metals investor's next move? - 08/19/2011

Global Stock Market "Bloodbath" sees Gold Soar

"Bucking the trend for equities were gold mining stocks. The Amex Gold Bugs index closed up 4.5% for the month, while the Philadelphia Gold and Silver Index is showing a 0.3% gain." - 08/19/2011

The Zen of Resource Speculation

"We're speculators, not gamblers. We seek to balance risk and reward. The primary tool we have is our strategy of buying quality mining stocks in tranches." - 08/19/2011

Gold Stocks Break to New Highs Against Equities

"This is exactly the environment we need for gold and silver stocks to flourish. Their relative strength amid the equity carnage is a positive omen." - 08/19/2011

Mining Shares Surge

"Shares of North American gold miners were among the biggest gainers on Friday morning." - 08/19/2011

Gold Landscape Is Changing for Southeast Asia

"Recent developments indicate a changing landscape for gold in Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea and Thailand as investment demand outpaces jewelry demand." - 08/19/2011

Traders Prepare for Chávez' Gold Transfer

"The move is part of a broader strategy to decrease dependence on countries that Venezuela considers hostile." - 08/19/2011

Gold Season Starting Soon!

"The gold market has seen major structural shifts in the past few years. How will this impact gold's peak season?" - 08/19/2011

Gold Fever Gripping the Australian Outback

"More and more people are giving up lucrative jobs in cities in Australia for a chance at the quick riches and adventure offered by old-fashioned prospecting." - 08/17/2011

Important Technical Signals in Gold and Silver Mining Stocks

"Mining stocks are rising above their 200-day moving average, the critical long-term trend indicator. This reversal is among the most bullish of buy signals." - 08/17/2011

Gold Holds, Silver Gains Momentum

"Gold is still the most appealing asset in the short run, while uncertainty over the Eurozone's future will not evaporate overnight." - 08/17/2011

Bears Yell "Fire" in an Empty Theater

"This is options expiration week, trading this week is notoriously difficult. I'm leaning bullish as long as I keep seeing confirming price action." - 08/17/2011

Gold Market Update

"Gold appears to have its sights set on the outer trend channel boundary now in the $1900 area before this strong upleg is done." - 08/17/2011

Peru, Miners in Pact to Change Royalties

"Under the new system, companies would pay royalties based on operating profits instead of sales, similar to Chile's mining tax structure." - 08/17/2011

TSX "Stars Align" as Resources Rise

"Thanks to its heavy weighting in resources, the TSX was outperforming its U.S. counterparts." - 08/17/2011

Venezuela May Move Cash, Gold from U.S.

"Venezuela may transfer billions of dollars in cash and gold reserves held in U.S. and European banks to financial institutions in 'allied' countries." - 08/16/2011

Gold Miners Worth a Look

"With the selloff in the equity markets and rise in gold, the gap between the gold price and mining stocks has been especially evident." - 08/16/2011

Swiss Ponder Unthinkable as World Chaos Turns Franc Economy Upside Down

"Switzerland, the nation that hasn't gone to war since Napoleon, is reluctantly debating a generational taboo: ceding monetary independence to win a battle over its runaway currency." - 08/16/2011

Tanzania Invites Gold Processors

"Tanzania is calling for international and local firms to venture into modernization of artisan mining and establishment of a gold processing plant." - 08/16/2011

Recent Gold Hedging Activity—a Warning Sign?

"As gold hits one nominal high after another, is such behavior a sign that the bull market in gold is over?" - 08/16/2011

Is It Time for a Gold Standard Revival?

"'If people lose faith in a nation's paper currency, the money will no longer hold value.'" - 08/15/2011

Gold Demand "Strong on Dips"

"Confidence in currencies 'goes down the drain' 40 years after the gold standard's end." - 08/15/2011

QE2.5 and Gold Stocks

"This is incredibly accommodating monetary policy by the Fed; it guarantees the world will maintain current trends for some time, and fits with my investment model." - 08/15/2011

Gold Stocks' Relative Strength Signals Bullish Future

"Savvy and experienced market technicians and traders will laud the concept and importance of relative strength, an analysis method that can be used in any time frame." - 08/15/2011

The Market Dynamics That Sent Gold Past $1800

"Whilst we think that gold prices are vulnerable to a correction in the short term, the U.S. interest rate environment still points to much higher long-term gold prices." - 08/15/2011

Gold Climbs, Poised to Break Losing Streak

"Gold's current strength indicates long-term economic concern, globally and domestically." - 08/15/2011

S. Africa's Municipal Workers Strike

"More than 200,000 South African municipal workers walked off the job on Monday, fueling the ongoing labor strife that has rocked the mining industry and Africa's biggest economy." - 08/15/2011

The Week Ahead: Gold Sees Corrective Influence

"The longer-term secular bull trend remains firmly intact, but the market remains in the midst of a minor corrective pullback." - 08/15/2011

Tanzania in Talks with Miners to Raise Gold Royalties

"Tanzania plans to conclude negotiations with mining companies early next month to allow the government to raise royalty payments on gold exports to 4% from 3%." - 08/15/2011

What Does Gold's Jump Mean?

"This rise in the gold price has said so much more than simply, 'trading peak.'" - 08/12/2011

Gold Market Report

"Stocks and commodities rallied after yesterday's decision by four European regulators to ban short selling." - 08/12/2011

Gold Rush Is a Boon for the Refinery Biz

"Refiners, who buy scrap gold from dealers and private owners, are also seeing an upsurge in activity." - 08/12/2011

Too Much of a Good Thing Is Not a Good Thing

"While the blowup in China will wreak havoc in world markets, a bright side for gold investors is that the country's rising inflation should help keep the wind in the sails of monetary metal." - 08/12/2011

Investors to Chase Gold, Abandon Stocks in Next Few Years: Wang Tao

"Investors will abandon stocks and continue to chase gold over the next few years." - 08/11/2011

Gold to Rally Through 2012, S&P Says

"Standard & Poor's is recommending gold and gold miners as top investment picks." - 08/11/2011

Gold Rush in India Despite Record High Prices

"Record high gold prices have not dented India's demand for the precious metal." - 08/11/2011

40 Years After Gold Standard, Bugs Crow

"Gold is back, for good." - 08/11/2011

Gold Shares Responding (Finally)?

"Gold makes new highs, but will gold stocks follow?" - 08/11/2011

The Gold Rush Is On

"Fear is high and investors are fleeing to gold." - 08/11/2011

Gold Prices Poke Above Platinum

"Some analysts say this phenomenon could show up for a number of months, although gold had pared its earlier gain and platinum regained its normal upper hand, just barely." - 08/11/2011

Gold's Acceleration Has Begun

"The bullish trend accelerates, but so too does volatility. Gold and silver stocks are set up for a great year." - 08/10/2011

The 'Bear' Market in Currencies

"You will hear that gold is rising to record highs. You will hear talk of it entering a 'bubble' again. This is entirely the wrong perspective!" - 08/10/2011

What Is Next for the S&P 500

"When the masses are fearful and the S&P 500 is this oversold, I want to be looking for opportunities to get long-risk assets." - 08/10/2011

Fed Under Pressure to Act as World Markets Swoon

"The Fed took the unprecedented step of promising to keep interest rates near zero for two years, while considering further action." - 08/10/2011

Why The S&P 500 Could Bottom at 1096–1100

"Though the patterns suggest we're in a bear cycle, there will be tons of trading opportunities with violent rallies along the way as well: Trying to time those will be the hard part." - 08/10/2011

When Buying Gold Becomes a Life-or-Death Question

"It's probable at some point we'll all feel forced to buy gold, almost irrespective of price, due to the depreciation of the U.S.$." - 08/10/2011

Michael Ballanger: Market Conditions Extremely Gold-and-Silver Friendly

"Buy the TSXV" was the advice Michael Ballanger, investment advisor for Union Securities Ltd., sent to his clients the morning after the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 698 points, the worst loss since 2008. In this exclusive Market Conditions Update for The Gold Report, he explains why he sees the current climate as "extremely gold-and-silver friendly." - 08/10/2011

Run, Ride or Buy? What Should Investors Do? Don't Sell on Mondays!

"While many investors are running for the exits, others have chosen to ride the wave of volatility or buy while there is 'blood in the streets.'" - 08/10/2011

Where Oh Where Are the Safe Havens from Yesteryear?

"Any retreats are regarded as a healthy event in the long-range upward trend." - 08/10/2011

Gold Market Report

"Gold and stock markets are up; Fed 'will push QE3 if necessary;' BOE predicts 'sluggish' growth." - 08/10/2011

Don't Shoot the Messenger

"Policy makers have forgotten that the USD's reserve-currency status must be earned; it's not a birthright. - 08/10/2011

Budget Battles Ahead

"Although the debt ceiling issue is out of the way, the country is only temporarily saved from bitter budget controversies." - 08/09/2011

The Elusive Abyss

"All agencies are warning us that they are on 'negative' in their forward view of their respective U.S. ratings." - 08/09/2011

U.S. Mint Halts Sales of Gold Collector Coins

"A spike in gold prices prompted the U.S. Mint to suspend the online coin sales for the first time in recent memory." - 08/09/2011

Retail Reels Under Gold Price Hikes

"For brides-to-be in India, waiting for the price to dip is not an option, as further price increases are expected." - 08/09/2011

Gold Rush for Dealers, Investors

"Record prices for the precious metal are sending prospectors on the prowl for gold wristwatches, pens and even teeth." - 08/09/2011

Ill-Advised Downgrade Ushers in Buying Opportunities

"Stay the course and move as soon as trading stabilizes. This is a seriously oversold market." - 08/09/2011

JPM Sees Gold at $2,500 by Year-End

"Get your head out of your day job, draw up your very own acquisition plan and implement it as quickly as you possibly can." - 08/09/2011

Gold and Market Volatility

"Stock market volatility, including for the mining stocks, has waxed and waned throughout 2011 but has been recurrent more this year than in the previous two years." - 08/08/2011

Gold Climbs; ECB Is "Last Line" of Eurozone Defense

"The gold prices soared past a record $1,700/oz. in Monday's trade following Sunday's announcement by the European Central Bank suggesting a new phase in the Eurozone crisis." - 08/08/2011

As Gold Prices Zoom, Indian Buyers Hold Back

"Global price disruptions will keep Indians away from jewelry stores for at least the next few weeks." - 08/08/2011

World's Top Miners Worry Most About Greater Government Control

"Resource nationalism is the top business risk for global miners." - 08/07/2011

U.S. Debt: Has Its Past Become Its Future?

"I tend to go straight to the numbers: A trip over to the Congressional Budget Office reveals the pearl within the plan." - 08/07/2011

Resource Nationalism Is Biggest Risk to Miners: Report

"Governments seek to benefit from higher commodity prices to try to restore fragile finances, Ernst & Young said on Sunday." - 08/07/2011

G-7 Vows to Take "All Necessary Measures" to Stabilize Economies

"Officials will inject liquidity and act against disorderly currency moves as needed, G-7 finance ministers and central bank governors said." - 08/07/2011

U.S. Yield Curve Flattening to Prompt Fed Easing

"The flattening of this curve is a symptom of economic weakness and will be the catalyst for another round of monetary easing, which will send gold prices past $1800." - 08/05/2011

Is the FED about to Make the Mistake of the Decade?

"The market has been in trouble since May, when it started to price in the next recession." - 08/05/2011

Gold Market Report

"Stock markets bounced after non-farm payrolls data showed the U.S. economy added 117,000 jobs last month." - 08/05/2011

Gold Prices Spike as Equities See an Exodus

"Gold prices were rising Friday as stocks continue their dramatic selloff despite a better-than-expected read on the labor market." - 08/05/2011

ANC Approach to Nationalization Is "Open Ended"

"'It is not a foregone conclusion that there will be nationalization, but we are not opposed,' says ANC Spokesman Keith Khoza." - 08/05/2011

Currency Intervention Revived as Fed May Ease

"Japanese and Swiss moves to weaken the yen and the franc show reviving tension in foreign-exchange markets as the deteriorating U.S. economy weighs on the dollar." - 08/05/2011

China's Robotics May Boost Rare Earths, Precious Metals

"As miners re-opening closed rare earth facilities around the world, technological developments point to a revolution in the sector." - 08/05/2011

Emerging World Buys Billions in Gold as West Wobbles

"Emerging market central banks have bought 180 tons of gold in 2011, more than double the 73 tons purchased by central banks globally in the whole of 2010." - 08/05/2011

Morgan Stanley Raises Gold and Silver Forecasts

"Morgan Stanley has revised up its 2011 forecast for gold and silver prices by 8% and 15%, respectively." - 08/05/2011

Compromise, D.C.-Style

"Washington compromises have been and will continue to be the death knell of the U.S. economy, and particularly the free market." - 08/05/2011

Gold, Medicare and Foreigners' Money

"Forty years ago this month the dollar lost its link to gold. The result was a growth in entitlement spending." - 08/04/2011

XGD Update: Very Promising

"When long consolidations finally break to the upside, the move is usually explosive." - 08/03/2011

Gold and the QE3 Ship: Are Both About to Sail?

"With the ISM manufacturing index turning down and the GDP report rolling over, a QE3 ship horn is likely to sound soon." - 08/03/2011

Five Things You Need to Know About the Economy

"Anything tangible will help offset the coming inflation—gold and silver will likely do better than most." - 08/03/2011

Gold Accelerates; Equities Enter Cyclical Bear Market

"We've said all along that before gold begins a bubble, equities must peak and begin a mild bear market. That is now happening." - 08/03/2011

Gold Prices Spike as Recession Worries Spread

"Gold prices were soaring as worries that governments won't be able to grow their way out of debt caused a rush into the safe-haven asset." - 08/03/2011

Gold ETFs Haul in $3.5B

"Investors who were nervous about the looming debt ceiling showdown poured $3.5B into ETFs that own gold last month." - 08/03/2011

Structural Change in Gold, Silver and Currency Markets

"We have to face the stark reality that the currency system we now live under globally cannot provide a true measure of value." - 08/03/2011

SA Mining Unions End Strike but Reject Platinum Miner's Offer

"The wage increases are below union demand but higher than mining companies' original offer." - 08/02/2011

South Korea Buys Gold for First Time in 13 Years

"South Korea moved away from the dollar and toward an investment class widely considered a safer bet during crises." - 08/02/2011

Senate Approves Debt Ceiling Increase Bill

"The Senate approved legislation that would increase the $14.3 trillion debt limit by up to $2.4 trillion." - 08/02/2011

Is the Debt Ceiling Raise Bullish for Gold?

"Even though critics of gold will quickly call an end to gold's run on a decline, investors should keep the big picture in mind." - 08/02/2011

Metals and Miners Show Impressive Strength in Weak Market

"Our indicators set us firmly on the highway marked gold, silver and rare earths." - 08/02/2011

Bayonets and Gold

"Juniors, not majors, own the world's future mines, and they are the most adept at finding them." - 08/01/2011

Uncertainty and Panic Selling Provide Major Opportunity!

"If things play out as the charts indicate, we should have a nice bounce just around the corner." - 08/01/2011

Gold Market Report

"Only a move back below $1,577 would shake this bullish outlook." - 08/01/2011

President Obama's Debt Deal More Fizz Than Bang

"Coming hard on the heels of this announcement, stock futures rose and U.S. Treasuries futures slipped lower as both gold and silver lost ground." - 08/01/2011

Gold Prices Take Debt Deal in Stride

"Gold prices dropped slightly as a bipartisan deal to raise the debt ceiling heads to Congress." - 08/01/2011

How the Debt-Ceiling Debacle Will Spark a Short-Term Drop in Gold Prices

"Don't be surprised to see investors sell gold and use the proceeds to pile into U.S. Treasuries." - 08/01/2011

Libya Holding Huge Gold Reserves

"IMF data shows Libyan gold reserves worth more than $6B at current prices." - 08/01/2011

Banner Year for Silver

"Silver prices are reflecting the reactions of investors who are concerned about U.S. and EU debt and QE3." - 08/01/2011

Loan-Against-Gold Market Booming in India

"The availability of gold in Indian households and low odds of consumers defaulting on loans has the country's loan-against-gold market growing." - 08/01/2011

A Thousand Pictures Is Worth One Word

"The temptations allowed under a fiat monetary system caught up with these governments, and their currencies went poof! So what's the one word for the 'thousand pictures' below? Worthless." - 07/29/2011

Indian Temple Trove a Testament to Gold's Long-Term Value

"There is a vast difference between billions of dollars worth of gold from centuries gone by and hundreds of billions of dollars today's hedge fund managers oversee." - 07/29/2011

Are Support and Resistance Levels in Precious Metals Holding?

"Although precious metals have pulled back recently, they still remain near key price targets." - 07/29/2011

Gold, Silver Unaffected by Debt Crisis

" In this fog of spin, smoke, and mirrors, it is important for subscribers to know what really is driving the gold and silver prices." - 07/29/2011

Countdown to Default

"Dollars continued to pour out of Washington into foreign-reserve accounts overseas." - 07/29/2011

Humboldt Gold: A Trend Waiting to Happen?

"There is little reason for most people to know or care about Pershing. That is unless they are or want to be gold investors." - 07/29/2011

Gold Market Report

"Stocks and commodities fell following the decision to cancel a vote on proposals to cut the U.S. deficit." - 07/29/2011

Equities Are Hit with Panic Selling, What Does It Mean?

"We are in for some choppy price action, but the odds are pointing to higher prices for both stocks and commodities." - 07/28/2011

Gold's New High: Still Time to Buy?

"Nobody wants to be the sucker who buys gold at the top, only to watch it crater back to $1,200/oz. But here's some food for thought. . ." - 07/28/2011

Canadian Miners See Higher Prices

"Bullish miners predict $1,700/oz. gold by year-end." - 07/28/2011

Peru's President's Prudence

"Investors quailed when economic nationalist Ollanta Humala was elected President of Peru, which ranks first in the world for production of silver, second for copper and zinc and sixth for gold." - 07/28/2011

Historic Move in the Gold Stocks Directly Ahead

"We've been saying this for a while, but the reality is we are moving closer and closer to that moment." - 07/27/2011

Debt Ceiling: What Now?

"In the past, when there have been fundamental conflicts, our leaders have found a way to compromise some way or other. Not this time." - 07/27/2011

The World According to Gold

"Gold had been in exile from its rightful role as The Money. Now it's shouting obscenities as us. Rude yellow metal." - 07/27/2011

U.S. Housing in Gold: One Comex Bar Only

"Inflationary or deflationary depression, it's like the long boom of affordable mortgages never happened. . ." - 07/27/2011

Federal Reserve Can't Rescue Debt Debacle

"Could the Federal Reserve bail Congress and the Obama administration out of their standoff? No way, no how, says Bernanke." - 07/27/2011

S. African Wage Talks in Mining Sector

"South Africa's powerful National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) is set to strike on Thursday." - 07/27/2011

Gold Sidelining Platinum and Palladium

"With gold and PGMs in parallel movement, the yellow metal may climb to $1,800/oz. by Christmas." - 07/27/2011

Gold Futures Rise to Record on Debt Impasse

"The cost of insuring U.S. debt rose to a 17-month high, and the dollar fell to a record against the Swiss franc." - 07/27/2011

Vietnam Gold Trader Association Objects to New Proposal

"The SBV's proposal will force local firms to cut gold purity further, while possibly raising production costs." - 07/27/2011

Gold Strong, Silver Surging

"All factors considered, the fundamentals and the technicals are, and will continue to be, super bullish." - 07/27/2011

Dollar Default to Change Gold/Silver Markets

"Bear in mind that precious metals markets are driven primarily by the developing world, where there has never much trust in paper money systems." - 07/26/2011

Gold Market Report

"Precious metals look set for a busy, volatile few weeks with sovereign debt issues at the front of trading sentiment." - 07/26/2011

Gold Surges to Record on Haven Demand

"Gold futures rose as U.S. lawmakers failed to reach an agreement on raising the federal debt limit." - 07/25/2011

Criticality Is in the Eye of the Beholder

"REEs are going to continually come under greater supply pressure as climate change-related demand increases." - 07/25/2011

The Greek Canary Sings: Are Gold, Silver and Natural Resource Investors Listening?

"As we ponder the economic chessboard, we sense that the basic aim is economic stimuli in whatever guises are necessary." - 07/25/2011

S&P500 and Gold: A Crazy Little Game of Poker

"If a trading plan is built on multiple unknowns it can lead to a disastrous outcome." - 07/25/2011

Gold Market Report

"Gold breaks through $1620 with eight days left until U.S. debt ceiling 'suicide.'" - 07/25/2011

Palladium Prices Set to Rise in 2011, Platinum Surplus to Increase

"Platinum is expected to witness another sizeable gross surplus in 2011." - 07/25/2011

Debt Ceiling Brinkmanship Rattles Investors

"This whole game of chicken is fraught with risk." - 07/25/2011

After 20 Years, California's Mother Lode to Finally Get New Gold Mine

"Could the old mines of the 49ers give rise to a modern-day California gold rush?" - 07/25/2011

SA Gold Sector Wage Talks Underway

"Unions and mining companies are talking to avert the national strike in the SA gold sector." - 07/25/2011

Gold: Twitching Tiger, Cooling Dragon

"While the underlying market sense is one of gradual acceptance of rising prices, the recent price gain has slowed demand for the time being." - 07/25/2011

Rising Gold Shows Wavering Faith in Debt Resolution

"Gold prices have been in flux after surpassing $1,600 an ounce at the beginning of the week." - 07/22/2011

Bull Market "Topped?"

"All markets go through bull and bear phases, but what goes up must come down." - 07/22/2011

Debt vs. Gold: The Hidden Link Explained

"How the U.S. and Euro debt crises are making the gold price rise. . ." - 07/22/2011

New Gold Buying in July

"Increase in futures open interest shows enthusiasm for the market by new participants, as well as confidence in still-higher prices." - 07/21/2011

Gov't Wins Court Battle over FDR-Era Coins

"Ten prized gold coins from the Franklin Roosevelt Administration in the 1930s are now worth an estimated $75M." - 07/21/2011

Committee to Break Seal on Underground Indian Trove

"Special committee appointed to open the last of the Sree Padmanabha Swami temple's underground treasure troves." - 07/21/2011

Asian Investors Stricken by Gold Fever

"Record high prices 'won't scare away investors. . .'" - 07/21/2011

Canadian Prospector Leads a New Klondike Gold Rush

"A 47-year-old Canadian backwoodsman with a high school education, may very well be the Skookum Jim of our time." - 07/21/2011

Copper ETF Rebound Bodes Well

"Copper's recent bounce is an encouraging sign as the red metal is seen as a leading indicator for the global economy." - 07/21/2011

Platinum: Good as Gold

"Gold prices just can't quit, but don't overlook other surging hard assets." - 07/21/2011

Crowd Behavior Moves Gold and Silver. . .Not the News!

"Learn to ignore economic indicators, headlines and talking heads." - 07/21/2011

Is Gold Taking a Stairway to Heavenly Prices?

"It's easy to see how gold reached a new all-time high, but let's look at its flight on a technical level." - 07/20/2011

You're Next

"The bond vigilantes are making the rounds again." - 07/20/2011

Selling Gold? Go Ahead.

"Don't mistake selling gold for taking a profit; our money is shedding purchasing power month by month." - 07/20/2011

The Coming Correction in Gold and Silver

"Headline and market risk are exceedingly high; proceed with caution!" - 07/20/2011

Making the U.S. Dollar Safer: Return on Your Money

"In order to withhold a downgrade to the U.S. credit rating, the U.S. must show that it is not 'maxed out.'" - 07/20/2011

Gold Retreats as Focus Returns to Equities

"Gold prices pulled back as investors shifted their focus from global debt concerns to potential upside in equities." - 07/20/2011

Strong Correlation Between AUD and Gold

"When the price of gold bullion has risen, so too has the Australian dollar." - 07/19/2011

Gold Bulls and Bears Clash as Price Hits New Peak

"Are record peak prices part of a sustainable revaluation or a bubble about to burst? - 07/19/2011

Can Copper and Gold Rally in Tandem?

"Buying gold is a bet the economy is stuffed; buying copper is a bet for China's soft landing. Can both views be right?" - 07/19/2011

Gold Sector Wage Talks Stall

"Chamber of Mines is 'not budging' from last week's offer." - 07/19/2011

Goldman Stumbles, Takes On More Commodity Risk

"The reverse led fixed-income, currency and commodity revenues to slump 53% to the lowest level since 2008." - 07/19/2011

China's Gold-Rich Region Grows

"Gold output in China's northwest Xinjiang Uygur region increased steadily the past seven years." - 07/19/2011

India's Smaller Towns to Drive Jewelry Demand

"Around two-thirds of the new retail outlets over the medium term will be in Tier-II and Tier-III towns." - 07/19/2011

Precious Metals Ready for Big-Time Run

"Global stock markets are in the early stage of a technical breakdown." - 07/19/2011

Commodities 2011 Halftime Report

"Commodities don't all perform in the same way: Active management is important for rotating from winners to laggards." - 07/19/2011

Gold's Jump Boosts Bullish Commodity Bets

"Gold holdings surged the most since September 2009 as prices climbed to a record." - 07/18/2011

How Gold Performs in Deflation

"If deflation is the main problem facing the economy, why should I own gold?" - 07/18/2011

Gold Funds Dominate Top Q2 Performers

"Those seeking returns uncorrelated with commodity price direction did best after heavy May selling." - 07/18/2011

USD, Gold and SP500 Trend Analysis

"Gold's forming a 6- to 12-month topping pattern; price may get choppy." - 07/18/2011

Gold Trading Booming in Dubai

"Dubai has emerged as the world's biggest trading center for the yellow metal." - 07/18/2011

Large Upward Price Movement in Platinum Ahead

"Short sellers would like to hide platinum's shortage from the rest of the market." - 07/18/2011

The Week Ahead: Gold Bulls Reawaken

"No technical points overhead as the market soars into uncharted territory." - 07/18/2011

India to Form New Mining Regulator

"Independent regulator will aim to track down increased illegal mining in the country. - 07/18/2011

Global Debt Concerns, Dollar Pressure Copper

"Copper, a bellwether for economic growth, inched lower as debt problems in Europe and the U.S. continue to cloud the economic outlook." - 07/18/2011

The Greater Depression Is Upon Us

"Gold and silver are still the best protection for any portfolio." - 07/15/2011

PMs and Oil Show Signs of Strength

"Next few sessions will provide a better feel for gold's breakout rally." - 07/15/2011

Gold Market Update

"The world's middle and lower classes are being targeted to pay down global debt." - 07/15/2011

Gold, Silver Poised to Surge on Ticking Debt Bombs

"We're witnessing the birth of the first global hyperinflation in history." - 07/15/2011

The Road to Perdition

"David Galland interviews Terry Coxon of The Casey Report." - 07/15/2011

Long Wave Expert Shares 'Big Picture' View

"We don't have a liquidity problem—we have a solvency problem." - 07/15/2011

Mining Stocks, Gold and Silver

"Short-term bounce or more meaningful move?" - 07/15/2011

Russia Targets Atlantic Minerals

"Russia explores manganese, cobalt, copper, gold and silver on ocean floor." - 07/15/2011

Gold and Italy's Financial Worries

"Italy holds 2,451.8 tons, or 71.9% of its total reserves in the gold." - 07/15/2011

"Strike Season" Comes to S. Africa

"Many South Africans compare strikes in the same way New Yorkers compare years of heavy snowfall." - 07/15/2011

Gold Prices Pull Back

"Investors took some profits following debt-buoyed highs." - 07/14/2011

Precious Metals Still Shine Brtightest

"PMs offered significantly higher returns for investors; cash sits at bank-rate lows." - 07/14/2011

There's a Reason They Call It Gold Fever

"Gold may not be money, as en Bernanke said, but it continues to be a decent bet." - 07/14/2011

B.I.S. Gold/Currency Swaps and a Greek Drachma?

"Central banks pulled the largest gold withdrawal in over a decade last year from the Bank for International Settlements." - 07/13/2011

Making the U.S. Dollar Safer

"Investors appeare less concerned about the return on their money, focusing on the return of their money." - 07/13/2011

Gold and Silver Update

"During a pullback, the perfect way to play a bull market is. . ." - 07/13/2011

Summer Sale 2011

"Where, oh where, did my summer sale go?" - 07/13/2011

Gold Stocks

"Are they the real barbarous relic?" - 07/13/2011

How to Trade the GDX Fibonacci Butterfly

"Recognition of this little-known pattern can lead to solid risk/reward trades." - 07/13/2011

Bernanke Just Lit the Fuse on Gold and Silver

"The U.S. economy is at a crossroads, and the central bank is prepared to provide further stimulus." - 07/13/2011

Gold Prices Hit High as Fed Hints at QE3

"Gold prices were catapulting to record highs on technical trading, safe haven buying and inflation worries." - 07/13/2011

Gold in Excellent Position

"We have to anticipate another seasonal breakout in gold." - 07/12/2011

Gold:Silver Ratio to Shift with Europe Crisis

"More pressure on gold in coming weeks as debt concerns, lack of industrial demand continues." - 07/12/2011

Fed Divided on Further Stimulus

"Even if economic growth remains weak, unemployment and interest rates vie for policy makers' attention." - 07/12/2011

Indian Investors Jump into Gold ETFs

"Gold ETFs are witnessing a sharp spurt in volumes in India." - 07/12/2011

Commodities Vulnerable to China's Efforts to Cool Economy

"The strong association between Chinese demand and commodity sentiment has increased the risk in some commodities." - 07/12/2011

Bionic Eye Blends Lasers and Gold

"Gold nanoparticles to restore vision to people degenerative eye disease?" - 07/12/2011

Jewelers See Increase in Fake Gold Circulation

"Authorities are seeing a surge in sophisticated counterfeit gold products." - 07/12/2011

More Important than the Debt Limit

"Americans who produce wealth are getting squeezed." - 07/12/2011

18,000 New Nails in the Coffin

"Bernanke will fight the bear tooth and nail. . ." - 07/11/2011

The Case for Future Prices in the SPX

"Is this a small correction before new highs, or a return of the bear?" - 07/11/2011

The Life Cycle of Money

"As more and more citizens flock to gold and silver to protect their wealth, prices will soar." - 07/11/2011

Unemployment and Gold

"Mining stock selloff offers best opportunity for long-term investors." - 07/11/2011

Gold Pops on Laundry List of Bad News

"Gold prices continued their 4% gain as a rush to safety hit markets." - 07/11/2011

Is Russia Selling Its Gold?

". . .if so, it is flying in the face of its central bank." - 07/11/2011

Boomtown Mongolia

"With over $1,000B in probable mineral deposits, Mongolia's just starting to boom." - 07/11/2011

Swiss Parliament to Discuss Gold Franc

"The fringe initiative will likely trigger debate on gold's role." - 07/11/2011

China's Copper Demand Comeback

"China's copper imports snapped two months of decline in June." - 07/11/2011

Why Mining Investors Must Follow Peru

"What we are witnessing is no less than the ongoing sophistication of the developing world." - 07/08/2011

Kryptonite to the Gold Price

"When real headwinds blow for the gold price, they'll blow from the East, not from falling gold ETF sales." - 07/08/2011

The Greek/B.I.S. Currency Gold Swap

"The Bank of International Settlement holds 500.7 tons of gold as of the end of 2010. Why?" - 07/08/2011

Politics of Default: Road Map to Debunk the Dollar

"Old Europe's currency may debunk the dollar. Not convinced? Let's look at what is and what isn't working on both sides of the Atlantic." - 07/08/2011

Gold, Silver Prices Ease Lower

"Gold and silver prices are slightly lower as the U.S. awaits the release of the employment report. - 07/08/2011

Coin Dealer's Heirs Await Ruling on Rare Gold Pieces

"At stake is the ownership of ten Double Eagle coins likely worth at least $7.59M each." - 07/08/2011

As More Investors Seek Shelter in Gold, Russia Is Only Too Happy to Sell

"After advocating for a gold-backed currency, Russia surprises markets by not hoarding, but selling its gold in the face of a national deficit. - 07/08/2011

Gold Showing Signs of Strength and Higher Prices

"The charts indicate we could be at the beginning of another major rally." - 07/07/2011

Mining Stocks to Out-Sparkle Gold

"Gold miners' margins are growing significantly, while premiums remain low for the time-being." - 07/07/2011

Iran's Gold Rush Fails to Ease Economic Fears

"In the case of gold, it seems that higher prices are creating more demand." - 07/07/2011

Three Senators Bet Economic Recovery on Gold

"Three Tea Party-backed senators aim to follow Utah's lead with the Sound Money Promotion Act." - 07/07/2011

CFTC Expands Power to Pursue Fraud, Manipulation

"Previous manipulation standards were nearly impossible to prove, which is why the commission has only won one case in 35 years." - 07/07/2011

Demand for Precious Metals Storage Soars

"A serious shortage of storage facilities worldwide is growing as investors continue to pile into gold, silver, platinum and palladium." - 07/07/2011

In Rush to Find Gold, Indonesians Defy Dangers

"After gold prices rose sharply in late 2007 and early 2008, the illegal gold rush began." - 07/07/2011

Possible Bottom as Key Sectors Breaking Out

"We just may be headed higher sooner than later." - 07/06/2011

Long-Range Arc of Gold and Silver Points Upward

"The 'summer goldrums' are creating a base for precious metals." - 07/06/2011

Global Gold Supply 2

"Mine production will be key to gold's economic balance going forward." - 07/06/2011

Gold Prices Climb on Portugal Downgrade

"A raise in interest rates by China's central bank did little to drag down gold futures." - 07/06/2011

Silver Bullion Eagle Coins Reach Highest Demand in History

"Silver bullion is becoming more popular as gold prices make it difficult to invest in gold bullion bars or coins." - 07/06/2011

Gold Jewelers of Santorini Suffer in the Sun

"It's hard to feel too sorry for anyone living on the beautiful Greek isle, but its gold jewelers are getting hammered from all sides." - 07/06/2011

SA Miners to Strike After Rejecting Pay Offer

"Gold companies offered a 5% pay raise against union demands for a 14% increase." - 07/05/2011

DRC to Open First Industrial Gold Mine in 50 Years

"Gold mine opening marks the end of a long hiatus in the DRC." - 07/05/2011

Hoard of Treasure Uncovered in Indian Temple

"'Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark'-worthy, India's gold find is worth $22B." - 07/05/2011

Don't Underestimate China

"China now produces 340 tpy and that may rise to 700 in the next few years." - 07/05/2011

QE2's End Portends Rocky Ride for Gold Rally

"Gold is likely to rally if the central bank reintroduces QE3, called for by President Obama." - 07/05/2011

Gold Nanoparticles Improve Cancer Treatment

"'Smart' gold nanomaterials can disrupt the blood supply to cancerous tumors." - 07/05/2011

Precious Platinum Poised to Shine

"Right now, platinum is not getting the respect it deserves. Expect that to change." - 07/05/2011

The Downside in Gold Is Limited

"Investments made during summer doldrums can bring fantastic returns. . ." - 07/05/2011

Gold, Silver Stocks Form Positive Divergence

"Significant bottom likely in and gold-share risk is much smaller than months ago." - 07/05/2011

Bill Murphy on Gold Suppression, Part I

"U.S. government suppression of gold is why it hasn't kept up with inflation and why interest rates have remained low." - 06/30/2011

Gold Price Outlook

"The Eurozone debt crisis could be the key to ignite further investment demand." - 06/30/2011

Deflation by Dictatorship

"Will the end of QE2 produce a deflationary global shock?" - 06/29/2011

United States of Denial

"Let's tally up the state of financial affairs in the United States of Delusion." - 06/29/2011

Discussing Gold Equities with Squawk Box

"Dividend-paying gold companies will drive gold equity prices higher." - 06/29/2011

Platinum Supply Threatened by S.A. Policies

"The proposed indigenization policy requires 51% of all investments to be in the hands of locals." - 06/29/2011

Congo Police Foil Mining Depot Raid

"Ten armed thieves tried to break into Lubumbashi's Volcano Mining depot." - 06/29/2011

China Opens First Rare and PM Metals Exchange

"The exchange may solve long-term problems in China's PM industry, such as high logistics costs and lack of capital." - 06/29/2011

No $2,000 Gold Without QE3

"According to Merrill Lynch, the gold bugs may be in for some disappointment." - 06/29/2011

Investors Around the World Eye QE2 Expiration

"There's a whole flotilla of Black Swans straight ahead." - 06/29/2011

Sign of the Bear

"Let's all hope Bernanke has at least some modicum of common sense left." - 06/28/2011

Debunking Some Gold Bug Predictions

"Further consolidation in gold likely to fuel a stronger breakout in August." - 06/28/2011

Gold Market Update

"Any idiot can create growth of this magnitude by exploding the money supply." - 06/28/2011

How the Eurozone Crisis Boosts Gold & Silver

"Debt obligations aren't being honored as contracted in Europe and U.S." - 06/28/2011

Death by a Thousand Cuts

"To stick with paper currency is akin to a death by a thousand cuts." - 06/27/2011

New Stock Bear?

"Was the SPX's latest interim high greedy enough to kill this latest bull?" - 06/27/2011

Greek Citizens Turn to Gold

"Coin sales overtake bullion as savings accounts dwindle." - 06/27/2011

Speculators Build Gold, Silver Positions

"Traders built up their gold and silver net-long positions." - 06/27/2011

Cambodia's Gold Lures Foreign Investment

"Big mining likely to move in to the nation's 'Gold Forest,' displacing illegal prospectors." - 06/27/2011

Gold Miners ETF Set to Rebound

"Short-term traders may play for some degree of mean revision." - 06/27/2011

New Gold Rush for BC Prospectors

"A new round of enthusiasm for the yellow metal is breathing life into old gold mines." - 06/27/2011

Gold Association Calls for Loosening Policy

"Vietnam Gold Traders Association has urged the central bank to ease proposed regulations." - 06/27/2011

Vietnam's Rules Mean Less Gold for Switzerland

"Shipments to Switzerland are a tiny fraction of what they were last year." - 06/27/2011

Gold Holds Steady—Eyes Euro/Dollar, Greece

"Gold stayed nearly unchanged." - 06/27/2011

Deflation in Our Future

"This is not over yet, folks." - 06/24/2011

The Descent of the U.S. Monetary System

"It may not be long before the U.S. sees its own Arab Spring." - 06/24/2011

Ron Paul Worries Fort Knox Gold Is Gone

"Paul suggests the Fed could secretly sell gold to other countries." - 06/24/2011

How Transparent Are the Mint's Audits?

"Hearing on the Gold Reserve Transparency Act of 2011 has House debating whether or not sufficient information is already available." - 06/24/2011

Gold, Silver Waver on Greek Bailout

- 06/24/2011

$500K Ring Found in Shipwreck

"The emerald, gold ring is believed to be from 17th century ship." - 06/24/2011

Vietnam's Draft Decree on Bullion Has Buyers Relieved

"Individuals will still have the right to buy and sell bullion gold at the businesses with state-issued trade licenses." - 06/24/2011

Silver Surge Makes Headwind for Solar Industry

"Soaring silver prices are hampering the solar industry's ability to compete with fossil fuels." - 06/23/2011

China Palladium Imports Expected to Increase

"Demand is supported by China's growing preference toward larger, gasoline-powered vehicles." - 06/23/2011

U.S. Mint Slashes American Platinum Eagle Price

"The 2011 coin's debut price was the highest in its history." - 06/23/2011

Gold Nanoparticles Help in Earlier Diagnosis of Liver Cancer

"It's the first time metal nanoparticles have been used to enhance X-ray scattering signals." - 06/23/2011

Diamonds to Be Mainstay of Botswana Mining

"Diamonds, copper and nickel earn over three-quarters of the country's export revenues." - 06/23/2011

SEC Tightens Reins on Hedge Funds

"Funds won't have to bare their innermost secrets, but they will have to disclose their size and ownership." - 06/23/2011

Golden Pavement Cracks

"Streets of New York paved with gold? One man finds $500 worth a week." - 06/22/2011

Dog Days of Summer: Cooling Off for Gold Unlikely

"Gold could easily reach the vicinity of $1,700/oz. by late this year." - 06/22/2011

Dizzying New Heights of Global Criminal Enterprise

"Why invest in a business when you can invest in your own fabricated market?" - 06/22/2011

If the USD Goes. . .

"What happens to your portfolio?" - 06/22/2011

Dodd-Frank Claims Niche Gold Trading Form

"Dodd-Frank act restricts all trading to exchanges, eliminating over-the-counter retail currency investing." - 06/22/2011

Gold Prices Rally Ahead of Fed Announcement

"Gold could have 'a big move coming up.'" - 06/22/2011

Mexico Mining to Boom

"Mexican copper production is expected to increase by an annual average rate of 25.1%" - 06/21/2011

Brazil Eyes New Tax on Big Mining

"Finance ministries are considering a 'special participation' tax on large mining projects." - 06/21/2011

China's Mining Boom Attracts New Investors

"China's real estate sector shifts its gaze from the housing market to mining." - 06/21/2011

Fake Gold Firm Pockets 1B Yuan

"The suspected company is registered in Hong Kong under the symbol 'BRRICK,' very similar to Barrick Gold." - 06/21/2011

High Gold Prices Strain a Korean Tradition

"Gifting gold rings for a child's first birthday has become too expensive for many Koreans." - 06/21/2011

Venezuela Seizes U.S. Gold Mine

"NYSE plans to delist Canadian gold miner after Venezuela seizes mine." - 06/21/2011

China Makes Huge Increases in Minting

"China is also doubling the maximum amount of issuance." - 06/21/2011

Strong Gold Price Triggers Crime Fears

"Gold's appeal may attract organized crime within the sector." - 06/21/2011

Gold and Silver Prices Claw Higher

"Gold and silver's safe haven status isn't a sure thing as uncertainty in Greece pushes the dollar higher." - 06/20/2011

SA Union Rejects Gold Miners Pay-Rise Offer

"SA's National Union of Mineworkers has rejected a 4% pay rise offer." - 06/20/2011

Will Gold Equity Investors Strike Gold?

"Substantial gold stock-buying opportunity after this year's carnage." - 06/20/2011

PM Imports Soar in India

"India's gold and silver imports rose a whopping 222% between April and May." - 06/20/2011

Fiscal Manipulation

To Gold Stock Trades Editor Jeb Handwerger, there is an intriguing purpose in the relationship between the national mindset and the intended purposes of economic establishment. "Are we being programmed for QE3?," he ponders in this Gold Report exclusive, ultimately proclaiming, "It's sowing time—not selling time." - 06/20/2011

It's Weight in Gold: The Real Prices of Things

"Don't be fooled by bogus government currency shenanigans!" - 06/20/2011

Six Myths of the "Gold Bubble"

"Those calling gold a 'bubble' are talking through their. . ." - 06/20/2011

Will Central Banks, IMF Sell Gold Again?

"Central banks in Russia, China and Mexico are buying gold for their reserves." - 06/20/2011

Resource Firms Bet on China Boom, not Roubini Gloom

"Famed market bear Nouriel Roubini may be talking down China, but resource firms are betting billions. . ." - 06/20/2011

The New Case for Gold

"Is gold expensive, and should we head for the exits? Not necessarily." - 06/20/2011

Mongolian Mining Gets a Boost

"Mongolia has great potential for growth in mining output across all metals." - 06/20/2011

Clif Droke: Gold, the Investor Safe Haven du Jour

Throughout the duration of the 2008–2009 credit storm and the recovery that followed in 2010–2011, gold's performance relative to other asset classes has been superior. In this Gold Report exclusive, Gold & Silver Stock Report Editor Clif Droke charts gold's past and possible future. - 06/17/2011

Is the ECB Solvent?

"Central banks, not gold, are a barbarous relic." - 06/17/2011

The Bear Is Back

". . .and this time it'll be much worse; this is not a normal correction." - 06/17/2011

European Contagion

". . .the domestic banks and the S&P 500." - 06/17/2011

World Gold Council Combats "Conflict Gold"

"The framework aims to ensure conflict-free gold from the mine to the end of refining process." - 06/17/2011

Gold Prices Rise on Greece Debt Woes

"Despite Greece's appointment of a new finance minister, the gold hardly felt relief." - 06/17/2011

Zimbabwean Gold Output to Rise 35%

". . .but funding, power shortages and high costs will remain challenges." - 06/17/2011

Metal in Design: Fashion First

"Designers are ditching the jewelry for statement. . .shoes!" - 06/17/2011

Mongolia's Mining Two-Step with U.S., China

"The country that once ruled an enormous empire is determined to be no one's patsy." - 06/17/2011

Bottom in Gold and Silver Stocks

"The bottom in gold and silver stocks is likely only days away." - 06/17/2011

Is There Gold in Fort Knox?

"Government fans the flames, refusing to allow the media to film the gold." - 06/16/2011

Vietnam: World’s 2nd Largest Gold Hoarder

"The government recognizes citizens' right to store gold, but not to use it as payment." - 06/16/2011

Indian PM Jewelry Exports Zoom

"India's gold and silver jewelry exports jumped by over 50% last month." - 06/16/2011

Aussie Miners Blast Queensland Farming Plan

"Queensland Resources Council-commissioned study finds strategic cropping land policy unreliable." - 06/16/2011

Gold & Silver: Waiting for August

"Junior miners will play an explosive game of catch-up at year-end." - 06/15/2011

Gold Flash: Eurozone Now Buying

"European central banks are not selling gold—they're buying it." - 06/15/2011

Investing in Gold and Silver

". . .during inflation, stagflation and deflation?" - 06/15/2011

Gold, Silver Prices Rebound

"As Greece erupts in debt-related protest, nervous investors seek safe havens." - 06/15/2011

Is It Time to Dig for Gold with Miners?

"The GDX will go higher, but don't expect a smooth ride." - 06/15/2011

WGC Sees Strong Q211 Gold Demand

"Asian demand for bars and coins and jewellery underpins the market." - 06/14/2011

Sarkozy Demands Commodities Crackdown

"U.S. CFTC says the French president 'got it exactly right.'" - 06/14/2011

Midas Fund Touches on Lagging Mining Shares

"Is this a new normal, or is the market discounting the future price of gold? - 06/14/2011

Libya's Gaddafi: Heavy with Gold, Light on Cash and Time

"Regime is likely to crumble within weeks; 155 tons of gold bars can't easily buy supplies." - 06/14/2011

Tanzanian Lawmakers Approve Super-Profit Tax

"IMF backs an additional levy on mining projects with 'particularly high' returns." - 06/14/2011

Why There's No Bubble in Gold and Silver

"Miners are languishing, but this anomaly may not last much longer." - 06/13/2011

PM Summer Doldrums 3

"I actually look forward to the PM summer doldrums each year. . ." - 06/13/2011

S. African Union in Wage Talks with Miners

"Union demands a 14% salary increase for gold and coal miners." - 06/13/2011

Bernanke's Credible Irresponsibility

"Does Ben Bernanke want us to trust him?" - 06/13/2011

Gold Could Top Sooner Than Later

". . .and fool some bulls." - 06/13/2011

U.S.: Monetary Police State?

"Monetary expert Dr. Edwin Vieira explains how far off the constitutional rails the U.S. has traveled." - 06/13/2011

Gold Falls to One-Week Low

"Gold dropped on sales as investors sought to cover losses in equity markets." - 06/13/2011

Gold Rush Spells Calamity for Peruvian Rain Forest

"Government controls against rampant illegal mining are mostly futile." - 06/13/2011

Chinese Gold Transactions Hit New Highs

"New record makes China the world's largest gold-producing country for four consecutive years." - 06/13/2011

Summer Doldrums Queue Autumn Bulls

"June pullbacks bring September bounce backs." - 06/13/2011

Bullions and Base Metals Outlook

"While gold looks steady, copper comes under pressure this week." - 06/13/2011

The Real Gold Price

"What you see may not be what you get." - 06/13/2011

Miners Snap Up Graduates as Industry Booms

"After one year of experience, graduates 'come back six feet taller.'" - 06/13/2011

Gold Bugs Grit Teeth

"Gold is like 'a planet that is pulled by various moons.'" - 06/10/2011

Gold, Stocks and Options

"Chop-chop, it's due diligence time for you—and time is of the essence." - 06/10/2011

Silver and Gold at Key Support, Resistance Levels

"I can't help but think a bounce is very likely to form soon." - 06/10/2011

Three Ways to Shelter Your Cash from Inflation

"The year 2008 was just a preview of the downdrafts you'll need to survive." - 06/10/2011

Gold Stocks: Underowned and Oversold

"Gold is quietly strengthening against oil, industrial metals and the S&P500." - 06/10/2011

Utah Measure Eliminates Tax

". . .it's not a 'gold standard.'" - 06/09/2011

Hold PMs into a Market Selloff

"A buy-and-hold strategy makes more investment fortunes than manic trading." - 06/09/2011

Gold Targets Popular with Aussie Cofunded Drill Program

"Australia's drill program provides up to 50% of drilling costs." - 06/09/2011

Gold Buying in India Dries Up with Monsoons

"Farmers, the traditional buyers, rushed in to buy equipment on early summer monsoon rains." - 06/09/2011

Global Mining Growth Drains SA's Pool of Engineers

"Mining giants are swiping up South Africa's well-trained engineers." - 06/09/2011

$460K Gold Nugget's Authenticity Questioned

"Auctioneer confirms he now believes the nugget was not found locally." - 06/08/2011

Gold and the Collapsing Dollar

"Is the UN Economic Division incompetent?" - 06/08/2011

Our Economic Future: From Best to Worst Case

"The essential advice remains the same: Own gold and silver." - 06/08/2011

NA Miners Seek Dialogue with Peru's Humala

"Juniors in Peru urge President-Elect Humala to engage with mining industry." - 06/08/2011

John Embry: Big Summer for Gold

"Gold tends to take a breather during the summer, but this year should be different." - 06/08/2011

U.S. Dodd-Frank Law 'Stigmatizing' Africa's Gold?

"DRC's tragedies of war can't be ignored, but law not intended to hurt miners." - 06/08/2011

Gold, Silver Prices Bust on Bernanke

"Bernanke's speech was a mixed bag for gold prices." - 06/08/2011

Tanzania Considers "Super Tax"

"Tanzania mulls super-profit minerals tax to fund its development plan." - 06/08/2011

Chile Mine Strike Threatens Copper Supply

"The wage conflict in the copper-producing nation has no end in sight." - 06/07/2011

UK's Anti-Bribery Law Could Be a Global Game-Changer

"UKBA has even sharper teeth than the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act." - 06/07/2011

Platinum Set to Shine

"Platinum's underperformance trend is likely to change." - 06/07/2011

Gold and Palladium Clean Up Chemical-Making Process

"Versatile compound, benzylbenzoate, kills disease-causing mites." - 06/07/2011

Gold as Collateral Major Step for Gold Market

"This may well prove to be a battle of 'bankers' against democracy!" - 06/06/2011

Diamonds and Gold Top UAE's trade

"Diamonds were the UAE's top import by value in the month. . ." - 06/06/2011

Commodity Bubbles Caused by Speculators Need Intervention

"Increased investment in commodity markets creates bubbles. . ." - 06/06/2011

Funds Boost Bullish Commodity Bets Amid Improving Global Growth Prospects

"The global recovery is 'gaining strength'. . ." - 06/06/2011

NV Mining Tax Unresolved as Legislature Adjourns

"Lawmakers backpedaled on a mining tax-deduction deal." - 06/06/2011

Depth and Death for South Africa's Gold Mines

"The bottom has not yet been hit. . ." - 06/06/2011

Peruvian Election Long-Term Supportive Factor for Metals

"Peru is an important producer of gold, silver and copper." - 06/06/2011

Gold and Silver Prices Move Higher

"The rally in gold reflects the metal's appeal as a safe-haven. . ." - 06/06/2011

Higher Prices Are Around the Corner

"When investors are selling their shares, you must prepare for a low-risk trading opportunity." - 06/06/2011

Higher Prices Are Around the Corner

"When investors are selling their shares, you must prepare for a low-risk trading opportunity." - 06/06/2011

California Poised to Outlaw Prospecting

"There's gold in them thar hills, but soon you won't be allowed to touch it." - 06/05/2011

The Search for Safe Havens

"Currency volatility should support gold and silver." - 06/03/2011

Gold Rush: From Everywhere to Everyware

"In the digital realm, it's just faster, simpler, cheaper." - 06/03/2011

Insider Trading

"You can't regulate uncertainty." - 06/03/2011

Currency #1

"Does Washington want to kill the USD's #1 status?" - 06/03/2011

Market Sentiment and Volume Reach Extreme Panic Levels

"Buying into fear and selling into greed is my focus." - 06/03/2011

Latest Dominique Strauss-Kahn Theory: It's All About Gold

"DSK discovered that there's no gold in Fort Knox?" - 06/03/2011

Legislative Push to End California Gold Rush

". . .has miners panning environmental rules." - 06/02/2011

Durable Gold's Hold for Long-Term Investors

"And investors haven't missed the boat. . ." - 06/02/2011

India Financing Heats Up On Gold Fund Collaterals

"In the past few months, India's banks have started giving loans against gold funds, popularly known as paper gold." - 06/02/2011

Platinum Regains Poise for a Rally

"Commodity investors took a bath last mont, but a recovery is underway already." - 06/02/2011

Downturn in China Would Slam Commodity Prices

"While a severe downturn is unlikely, China's growth could slow more markedly at some point." - 06/02/2011

Gold Prices Rally as Data Disappoints

"Trading quickly quickly reversed course after a slew of disappointing data." - 06/01/2011

The Economist's Perfectly Useless Gold

"Will savers who own money-dated debt instruments in bonds panic at continued money-printing policies?" - 06/01/2011

The Opulent BBQ

"Plated with 24-carat gold, the BBQ is worth £100K and stressful to clean." - 06/01/2011

Richard Russell: Get Back into the Silver Pool

"Everyone back in the silver pool for more profit fun in the sun." - 06/01/2011

Gold Holds Steady

". . .while platinum and palladium eye U.S. car sales data." - 06/01/2011

Goldman Sachs and Its Rare Earth Rigmarole

"As Al Jolson said, 'Folks you ain't seen nothing yet.'" - 05/31/2011

Saskatchewan Eyes $43B Expansion

"The region's robust potash, uranium and precious metals sectors are poised to benefit." - 05/31/2011

Utah Makes Coins Worth Their Weight in Gold (or Silver)

"Law ascribes cash value to coins based on the weight of the precious metals in them." - 05/31/2011

Normal Rains Could Drive Indian Gold Demand

"Gold demand in India could rise to as much as 1,000 metric tons if the monsoon keeps its course." - 05/31/2011

SA Sits on 31,000 Tons of Explored Gold

". . .Russia has 7,000 tons and China owns 6,328 tons." - 05/31/2011

Vertical Credit Spreads

". . .and clues about S&P500 left behind by the Russell." - 05/31/2011

Nasty Weather

"Gold's small pullback reflects its status as a quasi-currency and its insurance value." - 05/31/2011

Warring Tribes Unite to Allow Large-Scale Mining

"Tribe leaders negotiated rights over the Diwalwal Mineral Reservation in the Philippines." - 05/27/2011

Gold Rises on Greece Debt Fears, Silver Gains

"Gold may revisit a recent three-week top before profit taking kicks in." - 05/27/2011

Gold Strengthens in Real Terms

"When the economy rebounds, commodities will outperform gold." - 05/27/2011

A Tool to Find Gold, Oil and Terrorists

"Hyperspectral imaging is well developed for mineral exploration." - 05/26/2011

Bid to Use Gold as Collateral Advances

"Investors are one step closer to being able to use gold as a trading security." - 05/26/2011

Small-Time Investors Flock to Commodities in India

"Persistently high commodity prices have increased investors interest." - 05/26/2011

SA Gold Miners May Face $100B Liability

"Prevalence of the disease in mineworkers is between 17% and 32%." - 05/26/2011

China Gold Demand Seen Rising over 22%

"Within three years, demand may sharply outpace domestic production." - 05/26/2011

Commodities Still Going Strong Despite Barclays Selloff

"The volatility in the commodity market has not deterred investors." - 05/26/2011

Why Gold Is Going Higher

"So many black swans are flying overhead, anything can happen." - 05/26/2011

The USD's Impact on the S&P 500, Gold, Silver and Oil

"We're sitting at a key inflection point. . ." - 05/25/2011

Silver and Silver Stocks Spring into Life

"Silver will continue to consolidate with erratic moves in both directions." - 05/25/2011

Mining Firms Look to IT in 2011

"Expanding companies are likely to invest in technologies that get them up-and-running more easily in remote locations." - 05/25/2011

Gold Rallies for Fourth Day

"The yellow metal is heading for the longest rally in three weeks as European debt stokes demand." - 05/25/2011

Miner's EIA May Prompt Ban Reversal

"The Philippine province of South Cotabato banned open-pit mining 12 months ago. . ." - 05/25/2011

Seven Factors Driving Chinese Gold Consumption

"Global economic conditions, cultural roots alike boost demand for the yellow metal." - 05/24/2011

Indian Buyers Help Lift Gold Sales in the Middle East

"Indian expats don't just gawk at the glittering gold souks in Dubai. . ." - 05/24/2011

Parliamentary Committee Advises Govt to Probe Metals Speculation

"A number of 'strategically important' metals have shot up to record price levels." - 05/24/2011

Euro-Dollar Dance Doesn't Fool Gold and Silver Bulls

"Both the USD and euro are in secular long-term downtrends." - 05/24/2011

Is Gold a Bad Investment?

"We need to adopt a new mindset, a gold mindset." - 05/24/2011

Gold Advances to One-Week High on Euro Debt

"Monetary policy will 'remain accommodative' in coming months." - 05/23/2011

Commodities Risk Trade

"Risk on, or risk off?" - 05/23/2011

Cyclone Season Hits Australia's March Output

"Wet weather had producers ceasing operations or processing lower-grade ore." - 05/23/2011

Utah Legalizes Gold, Silver Coins as Currency

"Coin sales also will be exempt from any state capital gains taxes." - 05/23/2011

Indonesia to Audit Mining Permits After New Laws

"The rules were softer than expected by environmentalists. . ." - 05/23/2011

S.A. Mine Wage Negotiations Begin

"S. Africa's National Union of Mineworkers demands a 14% basic wage increase." - 05/23/2011

Vietnam Gold Trading Plummets amid High Dong Rates

"An influx of high-quality fake gold also spooked some would-be traders." - 05/23/2011

Residents Oppose Mining Project in Historic Comstock Lode

"A landmark of gold profits becomes the source of debate." - 05/23/2011

Swings and Roundabouts

"This is a black swan event." - 05/23/2011

VM Revises Platinum, Palladium Estimates

"Strong demand expected from the jewelry and industrial sectors." - 05/23/2011

Where Now for Gold and Silver?

"Not many investors will be on board as this final thrust up completes." - 05/23/2011

Silver More Explosive than Gold

"Should silver be considered as financial security, like gold?" - 05/23/2011

Turkmen Leader Opens Gold Palace

"The $250M palace replaces the more squat golden-domed one blocks away." - 05/20/2011

Rick Rule: Capitalize on Gold Stock Volatility

Junior mining is a people game. In this Gold Report exclusive, an excerpt from his speech at the Casey Research Conference, Global Resource Investments Founder Rick Rule advises going for the big wins by betting on the best teams with the best chances of discovery using a global counterintuitive approach. - 05/20/2011

Replacing Strauss-Kahn: Who's Next at IMF?

"The race to find a successor is underway, just a day after he resigned." - 05/20/2011

FTC Sues Precious Metal Scammers

"Con-artist couple swindled seniors out of tens of millions of dollars." - 05/20/2011

George Soros Sells His Gold

"Not everyone shares his view; Paulson left his SPDR holding unchanged." - 05/19/2011

Eat Gold (Before It Melts)

"Tequila goldsicles pack a wallop and a $1,000 price tag." - 05/19/2011

Sex, Lies and Ticker Tape

"Market bets now focus on if Fed action on rates comes in 2011 or 2012." - 05/19/2011

China Is Now Top Gold Bug

"China's growing middle-class has a voracious appetite for gold." - 05/19/2011

Copper's Talking Infrastructure

"There's still time for investors to capitalize on the coming infrastructure boom." - 05/19/2011

Indian Investors Turn to Gold ETFs

"Gold ETFs are the flavor of the season in India." - 05/18/2011

Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange Launches Gold Futures

"The HKMEx is hoping to cash in on explosive investment demand for gold from mainland China." - 05/18/2011

Commodities Advance

"The outlook for increased demand from emerging markets prompted speculation that this month's decline was excessive." - 05/18/2011

Paulson, Soros at Odds Over Gold's Direction

"Hedge fund managers go head-to-head on gold's future." - 05/18/2011

World's Biggest Gold Ring Now Worth $3M

"While it cost $547,000 to make the ring in the year 2000, the current value is worth over USD3M." - 05/18/2011

Will Gold and Silver Fall with Higher Interest Rates?

"It remains the U.S. consumer who will decide the road forward for the U.S. economy." - 05/17/2011

Turning Point

"Silver may have peaked in pure commodity terms, but as a currency it will peak when gold does." - 05/17/2011

Will the Dollar Bull Monkey Dance End Badly, with a QE3 Party?

"It's rare to get a crash on top of a crash." - 05/17/2011

Lies, Damned Lies and the Z-Score

"Things that just shouldn't be just keep happening. . ." - 05/16/2011

Gold Seesaws on Currency Worries

"Twin forces of deepening concern about eurozone debt and the growing strength of the dollar offset each other." - 05/16/2011

Another Look at the Gold:Silver Ratio

"The gold:silver ratio is not a reliable tool in an investor's toolbox." - 05/16/2011

Gold Coins Remain Strong

"Sales of gold coins are on track for the best month in a year." - 05/16/2011

Massive Gold Coin Auctioned in Beijing

"The largest ever minted in China has been auctioned for 7.7million yuan after 22 rounds of bidding." - 05/16/2011

Wary SA Miners Eye Record Rand Gold Price

"If gold sustains its run in local currency, South African gold miners could show an 8% or better gain." - 05/16/2011

Melek: PGMs Will Outshine Precious, Base Metals

"Analysts expect PGMs to be star performers into 2013." - 05/16/2011

Sell Fort Knox's Gold, Some Say

"Selling that gold is just one level of 'crazy' away from selling Mount Rushmore." - 05/16/2011

The Changing Perception of Gold

"Gold has become 'the great barometer of uncertainty.'" - 05/15/2011

Easy Money and Hard Lessons

"Although the mining equities don't always participate in the 'up' move in metal prices they seem to always 'enjoy' the down moves." - 05/13/2011

Hong Kong Weighs Launch of Yuan Gold Futures

"The move comes as the HKMEx is set to debut gold-futures trading next Wednesday." - 05/13/2011

Gold, Silver Flirt with Gains

"The U.S. dollar index was losing 0.12% to $75.10 as the euro recovered." - 05/13/2011

Transition Complete

"The single-best buying opportunity for the rest of this bull market in July." - 05/12/2011

Bin Laden Death Causing Countertrend Moves

". . . in gold, silver and the U.S. dollar." - 05/12/2011

Central Bank Demand to Constrain Gold Supply

"Within China's mining sector lies a development that will change global gold market dynamics." - 05/12/2011

Gold and Silver Bullion Trade Signals

"Support is in place, gold and silver buying looks set to resume." - 05/11/2011

Gold Market Update

"Gold unlikely to fall as much as other commodities, as we're deeper into the fiat endgame now." - 05/10/2011

Precious Metals Outlook 2011

"Three dominant factors will impact precious metals in 2011. . ." - 05/10/2011

A Word on Corrections

"Buy in tranches; you might not hit the exact bottom, but trying to hit the bottom is a fool's game." - 05/10/2011

Big Jump Planned for Saudi Arabian Gold Production

"Lack of water resources is one of the main challenges crippling gold exploration projects." - 05/10/2011

Jobs Left Out of Mining Industry's Pot of Gold

"Australia's headed for more mining income than ever before." - 05/10/2011

SA Gold, Exchange Reserves Rise

"Net gold and foreign exchange reserves rose to US$46.04B in April." - 05/10/2011

Deutsche Bank Bullish on Gold as Soros Pares Bet

"Gold could reach $2,000 an ounce in the next eight months." - 05/10/2011

Canada's Fiscal Strength Means Commodities Won't Sink

"Canada has the best fiscal outlook of any G7 country." - 05/10/2011

Transition to the D-Wave

"Gold likely has one more move to new highs before the D-wave begins." - 05/09/2011

Health Claims May 'Wipe Out' Miners

"Attorney Richard Spoor is putting together a class-action case." - 05/09/2011

Coin Fraud on the Rise in Minnesota

"Fraudulent coin investment firms are persuading the elderly to take out reverse-mortgages to pay for coins at excessive prices." - 05/09/2011

Lonmin's Farmer Sees Global Platinum Deficit from 2012

"Expert sees positive price movements and supply changes." - 05/09/2011

Vietnam's Banks to Convert 30 Tons of Gold to Cash

"Vietnam's banks suffer from soaring prices as they face state-mandated deadlines to liquefy gold reserves." - 05/09/2011

Recycling Profits on Gold and Silver

"Despite razor-thin profit margins, PM recycling businesses flourish." - 05/09/2011

Urgent Infrastructure Action Needed to Spur Small-Miner Growth

"S. African miners face major backlogs in transport and power infrastructure. - 05/09/2011

Gold May Drop as Investors Sell on Rise to Record

"This market has risen too far, too fast." - 05/06/2011

Adrian Day: Gold Prices Due for a Correction

As Adrian Day, of Adrian Day Asset Management, plays the current gold market "for all it's worth," he isn't happy about the political decisions fueling it. Read in this exclusive Gold Report interview how he would fix the federal deficit, what he looks for in gold stocks and why his gut tells him the gold price is headed for a fall. - 05/06/2011

Central Bank Buying and Gold's Sudden Price Fall

"The cautious hunger for gold remains persistent and arrives on the dips." - 05/06/2011

Libya Invasion Was About Gaddafi's Golden Plan

"Gaddafi planned to introduce the gold dinar, one African currency, as an alternative to the USD and allow African nations to share the wealth." - 05/06/2011

Gold Timers in Denial

"Contrarians have bad news for the gold bulls." - 05/05/2011

Chavez Aims to Take on 'Mafia' with Venezuelan Gold Investment

"Venezuela annually produces 11 tons gold, while alleged illegal miners extract another 10–11 tons." - 05/05/2011

Mexican Central Bank Buys $4.5 Billion Gold

"Mexico's gold buying should embolden investors in gold." - 05/05/2011

Gold and Silver Selloffs Are Buying Opportunities

"As gold and silver sell off, don't forget the long-term uptrend will stay intact." - 05/05/2011

When a Gold Necklace Isn't Jewelry

"When it comes to supply and demand, what you've been told about gold jewelry is wrong." - 05/05/2011

Parabolic Moves Only Temporary for Silver and Gold

"Parabolic moves can provide big gains, but most traders end up giving it all back and then some." - 05/05/2011

Healthy Correction Overdue in Gold and Silver?

"Long-term trend could push gold to $3,000 and silver to $100 by 2013." - 05/04/2011

Placer Gold Deposits

"Alluvial, eluvial, fluvial, marine-sediment and residual deposits, oh my!" - 05/03/2011

Gold Market Update

"We could see some real fireworks shortly. . ." - 05/03/2011

World Gold Council Spotlights Gold's Q111 Shine

"Positive investor sentiment and greater confidence in the timing of jewelry purchases contributed to all-time highs." - 05/03/2011

Recognizing the Euro-Gold Correlation

"Moves in gold bullion trade are dominating Eur/Usd valuations." - 05/03/2011

Pre-Festival Gold Price Dip a Boon for India's Jewelers

"The small respite in prices was reason enough for Indian consumers to lap up the yellow metal." - 05/03/2011

Greatest Profit Potential of the Last Decade

"The world is about to pay the price for Bernanke's attempt to print prosperity." - 05/03/2011

Gold, Gresham's Law & the Dong

"What happens when people actively shun their official currency?" - 05/02/2011

Warren Buffett Shuns Gold as an Investment

"Gold really doesn't have utility." - 05/02/2011

Understanding Where We Are in Silver's Bull Market

"After consolidation, buy silver stocks on any pullback with haste." - 05/02/2011

Gold off Record, Silver Slides on bin Laden

"The fight between the bulls and bears has entered an interesting stage." - 05/02/2011

Commodities Beat Financial Assets for Fifth Month in Best Streak Since '97

"Demand for raw materials is increasing with expanding economies and Federal Reserve promises to boost growth." - 05/02/2011

Aussie Dollar and Gold Stocks

"The rising Aussie dollar is muting gold's shine." - 05/02/2011

Gold-Buying CBs May Signal Bullion Rally Extension

"As developing countries accelerate purchases, gold may reach $2,000 an ounce this year." - 05/01/2011

Investors Missing the Boat PM Explorers

"Poor, poor mainstream investors." - 04/29/2011

GLDX Gold Explorers ETF

"I fully expect GLDX to outperform GDXJ when the going is good for gold stocks." - 04/29/2011

CFTC Files Anti-Fraud Case Against PM Company

"Clients allegedly lost nearly all of the $3.8M they invested." - 04/28/2011

Hong Kong Plans New Gold-Futures Platform

"The city's second exchange offers leveraged bets on the metal's rise." - 04/28/2011

Commodity ETFs to Get a Bernanke Boost: Think Silver

"There's very little reason to expect anything to change on the precious metals front." - 04/28/2011

Rise of Gold ETFs Raises Concern of Price Collapse

"Market watchers warn that shiny investment vehicles could increase the speed and depth of a future crash." - 04/28/2011

Silver Drawing Speculative Heat

"Silver continues to break new highs." - 04/28/2011

USD, Gold and SP500 Trend Report

"The dollar continues to control the equities and commodities markets." - 04/28/2011

Finding Nuggets Among Junior Gold Explorers

"Grade, size and geopolitical risk separate the haves from the have-nots." - 04/28/2011

Are You a Smart Money Investor?

"Smart money ignores official government reports and relies on its own research." - 04/28/2011

Mesothermal Vein Gold Deposits

"Mesothermal veins can hold impressive amounts of valuable minerals." - 04/27/2011

World Gold Council: Investor Interest In Gold Continues

"Investor interest combined with greater confidence in jewelry purchases boosted gold in Q111." - 04/27/2011

Gold, Silver Prices Rise Ahead of Fed Comments

"Gold and silver don't always react inversely to the dollar, but today they will." - 04/27/2011

Fed Says Recovery is 'Moderate'

"A pickup in inflation is likely to be temporary, says Fed." - 04/27/2011

First the S&P Warning. . .

"Now, China wants to dump U.S. Treasuries." - 04/26/2011

QE2 and the Fate of the U.S. Economy

"A serious shift in Fed policy could play havoc on equities and commodities." - 04/26/2011

U.S. Investors Must Take Global View to Protect Wealth

"Record U.S. gold prices aren't due to demand, but rather the falling USD." - 04/26/2011

Businesses Charged in Gold Sales Sting Operation

"Businesses were operating under a "no questions asked" policy, in violation of state law." - 04/26/2011

Don't Fear a Pullback in Prices

"Time to load up on gold and silver?" - 04/26/2011

Why Bank/Debt Crises Are Helping Gold and Silver Prices

"Have the banks acted with government to reinvigorate the economy?" - 04/25/2011

Lost Inca Gold: Ransom, Riches and Riddles

"I could not remove it alone, nor could thousands of men." - 04/25/2011

Where Next for Gold, Silver and SP500?

"Crowd recognition means we're in the biggest of the 13-year bull." - 04/25/2011

Rising Gold Price Fuels Destruction of the Amazon

"There is no big 'Goliath' mining company to blame: Artisanal mining is the major culprit." - 04/25/2011

Platinum's Prospects Better and Better

"Auto demand and South African supply issues create a perfect PGM storm." - 04/25/2011

California Fish and Game Struggles to Rewrite Dredging Rules

"It's gold vs. golden trout in the state's historically gold-rich rivers." - 04/25/2011

Vietnam Gold Lending Curbs Evoke Mixed Response

"The State Bank of Vietnam has asked commercial banks to phase out gold lending and deposits." - 04/25/2011

Silver, Gold Prices Pull Back from Highs

"Gold and silver prices were in for a bumpy ride Monday as profit taking and a recovering U.S. dollar capped recent highs." - 04/25/2011

Russell Endorses Gold Manipulation Thesis

"The action is now so blatant it literally screams of manipulation." - 04/25/2011

Philippines Fears New Landslides, Wants Miners Out

"Illegal gold miners to be forcibly moved if they don't relocate this week." - 04/24/2011

Will SP500, Silver, Gold & Oil Break Out?

"Just how high will silver, gold and oil go before they top?" - 04/22/2011

Gold Miners Persevere During Burkina Faso Uprising

"As violent protests spread throughout the nation, it was business as usual at major mines." - 04/21/2011

Glittering Prices Aren't Driving Customers to Sell Gold

"Although gold prices have hit a record-breaking $1,500 an ounce, people are not emptying out their jewelry boxes." - 04/21/2011

SA Miners to Submit Health/Safety Reports

"Death rates increase in South African mines, which are the deepest and among the most dangerous in the world." - 04/21/2011

Ebullient Gold Shrugs off Rising Risk Appetite

"Investors should be wary of calling a top to gold's price rally: It seems like all news is good news for gold." - 04/21/2011

Gold-Mining Shares Lag During Gold's Recent Run

"Miners' underperformance is a clue we're not at the end of the bull run." - 04/21/2011

What's Next for the Dollar, Precious Metals?

"The USD, currently at near three-year lows, is pushing PM gains." - 04/21/2011

Catalysts in Place For Platinum's Rise

"Hi ho platinum may well be the next metals mantra." - 04/21/2011

Palladium: Bound for Rebound?

"Not everyone has given palladium the cold shoulder." - 04/21/2011

So What's Different About $1,500 Gold?

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing." - 04/21/2011

Gold and Silver: Supreme Safe Haven Assets

"Gold and silver are taking the reins." - 04/21/2011

Debunking Anti-Gold Propaganda

"Gold and its friends are no longer cheap, but they have a long way to run." - 04/21/2011

Gold Tops $1,500 in Flight to Quality

"We're seeing a perfect storm for gold and silver prices." - 04/20/2011

Can U.S. Investors Hold Gold Securely?

"Holding an investment related to the price of gold is not owning gold." - 04/20/2011

Market Update

"What we're seeing is a secular bear market at work grinding away at valuations." - 04/20/2011

Jim Sinclair Interview

"OTC derivatives account for the current state of global finance." - 04/20/2011

PGMs Rise Sharply on Risk Tolerance, Weak USD

"Platinum group metals are sharply higher largely in response to moves in other markets." - 04/20/2011

$5,000 Gold, $300 Silver Are Credible Numbers

"What will support $5,000 gold? First and foremost, the USD." - 04/20/2011

What Does $1,500 Gold Really Mean?

When the price of Comex gold futures kissed a record high $1,500/oz. Tuesday before settling back to the high $1,400s at day's end, and then topped the benchmark in early trading Wednesday, the smack sounded a lot like "I told you so." The Gold Report's expert contributors explain what this milestone means for investors going forward. - 04/20/2011

Gold and Stocks Rally, but Is it Time for a Little Pullback

"This could be the start of something exciting." - 04/20/2011

Gold Coins Returned to Family of Jew Who Fled Nazis

"Minted between 1854 and 1913, the 80 coins are expected to fetch £80,000." - 04/19/2011

Retail Investors Join Fear-Driven Gold Rush

"There's a new gold rush and getting on board is easier than you think." - 04/19/2011

Gold Financing in India: The Next Level

"With modernity wafting in the air, lenders are introducing all sorts of funds." - 04/19/2011

Argentina to Boost Gold Production

"Canada's private sector invests $850M to develop nation's gold reserves." - 04/19/2011

Kazakhstan's Gold Reserves Top $70B

"Gold and Forex reserves have risen significantly since January 2011." - 04/19/2011

PGMs Enhance Quality of Life

"PGMs play a vital role in a number of well-established medical and biomedical applications." - 04/19/2011

Diamonds Follow Gold, Silver into Stratosphere

"The smaller the size, the bigger the jump: Small diamonds are the most in demand." - 04/19/2011

NV to Revamp Mining Deduction Regs

"We need legislative guidance in interpreting the statute." - 04/19/2011

Can You Pass the 2011 Gold Quiz?

"Regardless of your score, I'm sure you'll agree with the ramifications each point makes for the gold market." - 04/18/2011

U.S. Budget Impasse

". . .has momentous significance for gold and silver holders." - 04/18/2011

Gold, Silver Little Changed After Reaching Records

"Concern about European debt and faster inflation boosted demand for alternative investments." - 04/18/2011

S&P 500, Oil & Gold Will Respond to USD Price Action

"If the U.S. Dollar Index falters, I expect gold and silver to continue higher." - 04/18/2011

Equities Don't Follow the Dollar Index

". . .so hold on!" - 04/18/2011

Massive Gold Purchase Shocks Markets

"Texas teachers pension fund places 5% of its assets in gold bullion." - 04/18/2011

Nevada Mining Association Admits to Illegal Tax Deductions

"Nevada mines have routinely claimed illegal tax deductions, including money paid to the World Gold Council." - 04/17/2011

Gold-Plated Crime? Gold-Buying Parties Face Legal Scrutiny

"National gold buying companies are hiring representatives to arrange home parties to buy gold and other precious metals." - 04/17/2011

Rising Gold Puts Pressure on Jewelry Exporters

"As jewelers switch more and more from gold to silver, 'hybrid' pieces are finding renewed popularity." - 04/17/2011

Is the Gold Price Really Rising?

"Governments want gold to rise—not fall—against their currencies." - 04/15/2011

Gold, Silver Reach New Record Nominal Highs

"Silver is particularly strong and the euro weak on sovereign debt contagion concerns." - 04/15/2011

Gold Sees More $1,600 Projections

"GFMS, no longer opining the long-term bull's case for gold as 'fatally flawed,' now projects $1,600." - 04/14/2011

Precious Metals Update

"Gold pierced the $1440/oz. resistance level, which now becomes support for prices." - 04/14/2011

In Memory of John "Jack" Pugsley

On behalf of all of us at The Gold Report, we would like to take a moment to recognize the positive contribution made by longtime contributor and friend John "Jack" Pugsley, who passed away on April 11 after a sudden illness. He was a respected newsletter and book author, investment expert and friend. As far back as the 1970s, he has shared his investment insights through publications as diverse as Common Sense Viewpoint and The Stealth Investor.- 04/13/2011

Bullish Sentiment Lags Gold's Record Highs

"Some hot and speculative money has moved out of gold, leaving the market healthier." - 04/13/2011

Germany Backs French Commodity Regulation Plan

"France urges G20 nations to support limits on commodities trading positions, allowing for intervention at times of instability." - 04/13/2011

Keeping Capital in a Depression

"The next chapter in this sad drama will include a rapid rise in consumer prices." - 04/13/2011

Gold and Silver Prices Claw Higher

"Prices regained momentum Wednesday on strong physical buying as investors took advantage of recent selloffs." - 04/13/2011

Bellwether Signal Confirmed

"Gold is up only about 480% from the 2001 low right now, with no inflation adjustment." - 04/13/2011

Gold and Silver for Tsunami Victims

"Jewelers for Japan asks jewelers and consumers to donate scrap gold and silver jewelry, in lieu of cash." - 04/13/2011

Why Is Silver Rising Faster than Gold?

"The gold price will rise relative to the value of currencies from now on, with its metallic qualities being far in the background." - 04/13/2011

Klapwijk Expects Gold to Pass $1,600/oz. This Year

"The prospects for gold prices this year remain bright. . ." - 04/13/2011

Objection Mounts Against U.S. Mint's Outsourcing

"Witnesses testifying before the House Committee express outrage over outsourcing of labor for U.S. gold bullion coin manufacturing." - 04/12/2011

iShares Launches Precious Metal ETCs

"ETC will track the day-to-day price of the underlying physical metals, as published by the London Platinum and Palladium Market." - 04/12/2011

ECB: Gold Reserves Rise by €1M

"Gold holdings rose due to gold coin trades by one eurozone central bank, consistent with the latest Central Bank Gold Agreement." - 04/12/2011

Why Record Gold Price Proves Good News for Burglars

"The increase in companies offering to buy gold jewelry by mail allows criminals to sell stolen jewelry more easily." - 04/12/2011

Zimbabwe Seeks Funds for Gold Mining

"Inadequate working capital has hampered the industry's growth, which rose by 47% last year. This year it is expected to record a 44% growth." - 04/12/2011

Peruvian Gold Comes with Risks to Miners and Retailers

"New research shows that high levels of mercury are spreading to towns in the Amazon and Andes Mountains where gold is sold." - 04/12/2011

Gold and Silver Break Out

". . .technical targets being monitored." - 04/12/2011

Commodities Across the Board Reach Record Highs

"Despite a pullback, precious metals and commodities are expected to rise further, 'as long as there's cheap money out there and as long as QE2 is ongoing.'" - 04/11/2011

Gold Mania: Are We There Yet?

"In real terms, gold still has a long way to go to beat the 1980 spike." - 04/11/2011

French Mint Prompts Gold Rush with €1,000 Coin

"Coin is already trading at more than its face value a month before its issue date as buyers clamored to place orders." - 04/11/2011

Sudan Sees Gold Output Stable

"Sudan could produce as much as 74 tons of gold this year, putting it well above industry estimates: Most of the nation's mineral wealth is mined unofficially by small-scale prospectors." - 04/11/2011

Egypt Lifts Ban on Gold Exports

"Ministry of Trade cites improved conditions in the country." - 04/11/2011

Making the Most of Rising Gold Prices

"The dominoes seem to have started to fall, and the best way to capitalize on rising gold prices is to invest in small- and mid-sized gold miners, as opposed to the yellow metal itself." - 04/11/2011

Utah Gold Standard, Part II

"Was the gold standard to thank for such felicitous economic conditions?" - 04/11/2011

Will Silver Become Money Again like Gold?

"In the private and institutional domain, silver already is a wealth protector." - 04/08/2011

Gold Technicals

"Not only did gold hit new all-time nominal highs, its secular bull was born exactly 10 years ago." - 04/08/2011

Gold Hits Record as Silver Tops $40

"Traders braced for an uncertain weekend with a potential government shutdown looming in the U.S." - 04/08/2011

Zimbabwe's Mining Output Doubles in 2010

"Platinum and gold production have multiplied as the nation emerges from economic recession, but foreign companies are on a deadline to show how they will dispose of 51% of their Zimbabwe operations." - 04/07/2011

Gunmen at Indonesia Gold Mine Kill Two Workers

"Mining has been a frequent source of friction in Papua because of its environmental impact, the share of revenue going to local Papuans and the legality of payments to Indonesian security forces guarding the site." - 04/07/2011

Istanbul Gold Exchange Opens to Diamonds, Gems

"The IGE was established in 1993 to develop gold-based investment vehicles, at which point Turkey fell in line with the international per-ounce price of gold." - 04/07/2011

India's Commodity Markets May Grow 25%

"Forward Markets Commission, India's commodity market regulator, dubs the four-fold sector increase estimate 'conservative,' and driven by precious metals performance." - 04/07/2011

Are ETFs Really Safe?

"A Casey Report interview with Dr. Andrew Bogan. . ." - 04/07/2011

Are ETFs Really Safe?

"Given that there are about 2,000 ETFs in existence, with assets totaling over $1 trillion, we thought it appropriate to find out what Dr. Bogan has learned in his research." - 04/07/2011

Let the Gold Surge of 2011 Begin

"Seems like just yesterday we saw the onset of a powerful new surge in gold and silver in H210." - 04/07/2011

Protests in 18 Nations Drive Gold and Silver Ever Higher

"Today, gold reached a new peak of $1456, silver rose to over $39 and is flirting with $40 an ounce, while the price of Brent rose to a worrisome level of over $121." - 04/06/2011

Silver's Long-Run Value

"Silver is a very different market to gold. Most crucially, there's no commonly accepted benchmark value—such as a men's suit for an ounce of gold—against which to measure silver across time." - 04/06/2011

U.S. Global Investors Sees Gold Prices Doubling

"Big corrections still possible, but the odds favor a doubling gold price 'unless there is a complete slowdown in the world.'" - 04/05/2011

Gold, Silver Are 'Uncertainty Magnets'

"Geopolitical concerns have eroded confidence in paper money, leading investors to pile into commodities—which, in turn, have reached multi-year and all-time highs." - 04/05/2011

Fed Officials Divided over Tighter Policy

"Federal Reserve policy makers last month differed over whether to begin removing record stimulus this year." - 04/05/2011

PGM Investors Should Not Ignore Zimbabwe

"The PGMs sector is a prime example where higher government taxes and ownership policies can materially impact future platinum and palladium prices." - 04/05/2011

Gold's Long-Term Outlook

"Gold's uptrend should remain firmly intact until the cycle bottoms in late 2014." - 04/05/2011

Gold, Governments and Banks

"This is the greatest Ponzi scheme in history." - 04/05/2011

Sudan's Gold Exports to More Than Double, Says Bashir

"Sudan will expand in gold mining and oil exploration in the north as the oil-rich south prepares to declare its independence on July 9." - 04/04/2011

The Lesson from Japan for PM Investors

"Country may revise mining law, particularly seabed mineral exploration." - 04/04/2011

IMF May Use Gold Sale Profit to Help Poor Nations

"The IMF disposing of over 400 metric tons of gold last year, one eighth of the IMF's total stock." - 04/04/2011

Feds Seek $7M in Privately Made Silver 'Liberty Dollars'

"Legal skirmish finds resonance, as about a dozen states have legislation allowing them to produce their own currency backed by gold or silver." - 04/04/2011

The Bedrock of the Gold Bull Rally

"The fear trade is a function of both government monetary and fiscal policies." - 04/04/2011

Vietnam to Release Draft Decree on Gold Trading in April

"Gold regulation in Vietnam has been decentralized, under five different government departments, making it very hard to regulate the metal." - 04/04/2011

Gold, Silver and the Endgame for USA Inc.

"Toss fatuous 'gold bubble' commentary into the horribly flawed thinking dumpster." - 04/04/2011

Gold and Silver Rise Near Records

"Gold prices reach for new highs while silver hovers near 30-year record as investors seek protection against inflation." - 04/04/2011

Southwest Sees Copper Boom

"With prices high, the hunt for copper in the American Southwest is experiencing a revival." - 04/04/2011

Tanzania Looks to Gold and Base Metals for Growth

"Tanzania hopes to grow its mining industry by at least 7.7% annually for the next five years." - 04/03/2011

Junior Gold Stocks 6

"Well-orchestrated research is the only way to identify elite juniors." - 04/01/2011

Frank Holmes Watches Public Policy for Investment Direction

"'Negative real interest rates are usually bullish for gold. And the cost of war and massive deficit created a tipping point for the USD,' says Holmes." - 04/01/2011

Gold Prices Fall on Strong Jobs Report

"Investors ditch the safe haven metal for stocks and trade in their gold for cash after the metal's 1.3% rally in the first quarter." - 04/01/2011

Kenya's Gold Rush Sparks New Demand for Bank Loans

"The Central Bank of Kenya's 'mining and quarrying' sector recorded the highest growth of new loan accounts in recent months as explorers flock to the mineral-rich region." - 03/31/2011

The Swiss Franc or Euro: Good as Gold?

"Seems you can't keep a safe haven down. . ." - 03/31/2011

South Africa Delays Return of Mineral Prospecting

"A new online computer system meant to eradicate mismanagement in the mining industry is not yet ready. This is the second delay in the PGM-rich nation." - 03/31/2011

Turkey Gold Beats Banks as Erdogan Fights Inflation Worries

"For every Turk who saved in a deposit account last year, three opted for gold or cash, putting nation's banks at risk." - 03/31/2011

Philippine Miners Worried by Provincial Bans

"The threat of hefty compensation claims prompts government deliberation. 'Not one mineralized country has ever put a stop on its mining industry,' asserts mining CEO." - 03/31/2011

India's Gold Demand Set to Break Records

"The immensely diverse, rapidly growing nation faces social and demographic challenges in its gold market." - 03/31/2011

Mexico's January Mining Production up 17% on Year

"Top metals like copper, gold and silver lead the charge with double-digit rises." - 03/31/2011

Stocks, Commodities About to Start Another Rally?

"My bias still favors higher prices, but we may get another dip in coming weeks." - 03/31/2011

Gold ETFs for Risk-Tolerant Investors

"Gold's small movements don't present much daily opportunity, but several ETFs offer leveraged exposure." - 03/30/2011

Gold May Advance as Libyan Fighting Fuels Demand

"Crisis in Libya is 'far from over,' and neither is gold's run." - 03/30/2011

Beyond Zimbabwe's Latest Platinum Rhetoric

"Mugabe argues flexibility is key for unlocking mining opportunities." - 03/29/2011

Mali Slashes Rosy Gold Output Forecast

"The largely desert country relies on gold for 70% of its exports." - 03/29/2011

Silver, Gold Now Legal Tender in Utah

"Act praised by sound-money advocates who doubt the future of the Fed and fiat money." - 03/29/2011

A Lot of Bull in Gold Markets

"Gold's path involves at least a short-term detour." - 03/29/2011

Massive Capital Wave Approaches Gold

"Buy these dips; you will thank yourself later if you do." - 03/29/2011

Gold's Hyperbolic Trajectory

"Get ready for a moon-shot in the gold price and hyperinflation." - 03/29/2011

Your Guide to Debunking Gold Bears

"Saying gold is just a rock is really ignorant." - 03/29/2011

Rick Rule: When Worlds Collide

Rick Rule, founder of Global Resource Investments, explores some of the implications for resource investors when two megatrends collide. This phenomenon will inevitably result in incredible market turbulence, Rick tells us, and, in the context of the ancient Chinese curse, some mighty interesting times. - 03/28/2011

Gold Bubble: Written in the Stars

"Oh lordy, gold investing is being tipped in tabloid horoscopes—sell!" - 03/28/2011

What's Really Driving the Gold Price?

"The last 40 years has been an incredible experiment with manmade money." - 03/28/2011

Miners Tumble as Harare Turns up Heat

"Zimbabwe gave foreign miners six months to sell majority stakes to local black investors." - 03/28/2011

Gold, Silver Prices Volatile on Profit Taking

"Investors weighed recent highs ahead of the second quarter." - 03/28/2011

Gold at $2,000 by Year's End?

"Gold ended with a whimper last week, but gold bugs remain confident." - 03/27/2011

Gold at the World's End

"Wild west scenes—gold panning on the Yukon River" - 03/27/2011

European Carmakers May Go Idle on Strained Japan Metals

"Some 40 auto-parts makers in Japan remain hampered." - 03/25/2011

Mali Says Gold Adds Record Windfall to Budget

"Soaring gold prices boosted Mali's budget to a record $411.6 million." - 03/25/2011

Gold Stock Valuations 7

"Gold stock investors face a critical question. . ." - 03/25/2011

Gold Weakens on Profit Taking Ahead of Weekend

"Oil prices are lending selling pressure to precious metals markets." - 03/25/2011

Investment Legends: Dollar Collapse Inevitable

"Caution: Strong opinions ahead. . ." - 03/24/2011

Gold, Silver Break Records

". . .on Libya, Japan, Portugal." - 03/24/2011

Mad Dog Gaddafi's Gold of Mass Destruction

"Gold is for bad guys. I read it in the newspapers. . ." - 03/24/2011

British-Era Gold Biscuits Seized

"Police seize bygone-era gold from a contract laborer." - 03/24/2011

Costs Cast Shadow over Gold's Glitter

"Miners worry that spending on new projects will become unmanageable." - 03/24/2011

IMF: Libya Holding Huge Gold Reserves

"Reserves could potentially be used to finance Colonel Gaddafi's government." - 03/23/2011

Japan Platinum Buyers Shrug off Quake

"Tsunami will have a limited effect on the platinum and palladium markets." - 03/23/2011

Gold May Hit $5,000/oz. in 3–4 Years: Canadian Miners

"Demand from sovereign states, central banks and ETFs to propel gold." - 03/23/2011

Manganese Operation to Bring SA Jobs

"South Africa is well positioned to develop its manganese market." - 03/23/2011

Silver Prices Surge as Gold Moves Higher

"Safe-haven buying continues." - 03/23/2011

CNBC Clueless About Gold

"The USD and Treasuries are Ponzi schemes; gold is free-market money." - 03/23/2011

China May Match India as World's Biggest Gold Consumer

"Demand in China almost tripled to 580 metric tons last year." - 03/23/2011

The Reality-Detached American

"The day of reckoning appears to be growing ever nearer." - 03/23/2011

Don't Let Japan News Take Your Eye Off Gold & Silver

"Investors need to stay focused on the big picture." - 03/22/2011

Miners Soak up Gold Rally and Rising Costs

"For gold miners, it could be a case of more money, more problems." - 03/22/2011

Guinea: Obstacles, Omens and Opportunities

"Interest groups argue for communities in mining areas to be directly involved in discussions on contracts." - 03/22/2011

Gold Is for Real Wealth Preservation—Not Speculation

"BMG builds a case for gold as the ultimate portfolio diversifier." - 03/22/2011

Think like a Thief

"Diversify the locations where you store your physical gold." - 03/22/2011

Modern Mining, for Gold and Prizes

"Mining professionals judge the competition—and scout for talent." - 03/21/2011

Political Spotlight Heats Up for Nevada Mining Tax

"Nevada Tax Commission scheduled an emergency meeting regarding the state's failure to audit mining companies for the past two years." - 03/21/2011

End Game

"The final collapse of the USD is now underway. . ." - 03/21/2011

Australia to Push for Mining Levy amid Tax Debate

"Prime Minister Julia Gillard has vowed to press ahead with mining taxes." - 03/21/2011

Price No Bar as GenNext Buys Gold

"Penchant for gold jewelry amongst younger generations in South India is generating high demand." - 03/21/2011

Aussie Gold Stocks Surge

"The selloff in gold last week reversed quickly, as expected." - 03/21/2011

Vietnam's Largest Gold Mine Lures Illegal Miners

"The number of illegal miners in Bong Mieu has risen from less than 100 to thousands." - 03/21/2011

Why Deflation Will Torpedo the Economic Recovery

"The impact of the 30-, 60- and 120-year long-term cycles is decidedly deflationary." - 03/21/2011

Gold Gains from Softer Dollar, Geopolitics

"Since the Japanese earthquake, gold has fallen by more than 3%." - 03/21/2011

Speculators Cut Bullish Metals Positions as Prices Fall

Analysts say strong hands will replace 'shaky ones.'" - 03/21/2011

Why Gold Is No Longer an Effective USD Hedge

"The gold story is no longer simply a USD devaluation play." - 03/20/2011

ETFs Slice, Dice Gold Miners

"ETFs are cutting the mining sector into increasingly thinner slices." - 03/18/2011

Volatility Jumps in Global Markets

"What does this mean?" - 03/18/2011

PGM Outlook Tied to Speed of Japan's Recovery

"Japan's auto industry faces hurdles, but not significant production-capacity damage." - 03/18/2011

Gold Holds Up

"The metal's safe-haven status kept it firmly in positive territory." - 03/18/2011

Delusional Comments in Support of Delusion Policy

"Bloomberg is not generally known to publish tripe indiscriminately. . ." - 03/18/2011

China Enters Race for Seafloor's Mineral Riches

"Nation to follow Canadians' example in mining for underwater precious metals." - 03/17/2011

Peru's Presidential Field Split over Mining Taxes

"Candidates debate strategies for maximizing mining's economic benefits." - 03/17/2011

India: ETF Products Unlikely to Affect Demand

"Gold ETFs may not curry favor in India, jewelry demand provides a cushion." - 03/17/2011

Gold Bar Premiums Rise in Tokyo

"Gold bars were offered at zero premium to the spot London prices last week." - 03/17/2011

The World's Best Gold Experts: "Buy and Hold!"

"BIG GOLD's Jeff Clark interviews the smartest, most-accomplished investors in the gold industry." - 03/17/2011

How to Gauge the Equities Market

"We must start watching closely for a bottom in gold. . ." - 03/17/2011

Three Years Ago to the Day

"The trend gold began rising on 10 years ago doesn't seem to have hit its true peak just yet." - 03/17/2011

Tanzania to Ration Power for Miners

"Tanzania faces 230 MW power deficit due to lower water levels at hydro power stations." - 03/16/2011

Gold Prices Rebound After Selloff

"Bargain hunters jumped into the market." - 03/16/2011

Van Eck Introduces Colombia ETF

"Colombia, underweighted by most investors, has a very favorable outlook." - 03/15/2011

Platinum Production Falls as Japanese Auto Plants Close

"The problem compounded by rolling black-outs to cope with nuclear power shortage." - 03/15/2011

Mine Exploration Expands in North America

"Low geopolitical risk, reasonable costs spur mining renaissance in North America." - 03/15/2011

Vietnam Takes Aim on Black Market Gold Trading

"State Bank of Vietnam to apply bold monetary policies to fight "dollarization." - 03/15/2011

Gold Nugget Finder Hopes to Strike it Rich at Auction

"Seven-pound gold nugget, a 'one-in-a-billion find,' may be a case of finders keepers." - 03/15/2011

Natural Disasters and Political Uncertainty

". . .cause investors to flee paper for precious metals." - 03/15/2011

Checking in on Relative Gold

"The current picture for gold is mixed but could become clearer if/when the greenback confirms its bottom." - 03/15/2011

PM Investors Take Profits at New Highs

"Be careful not to get shaken off a secular bull trend. . ." - 03/14/2011

A Comeback of Gold-Backed Money?

"The mania phase of the gold bull market is getting closer every day." - 03/14/2011

Ghana's Gold Rush Lures Chinese with Illicit Mines

"The now-ubiquitous Chinese-made "Chang Fa" crushers and grinders started appearing three years ago." - 03/14/2011

Vietnam's Gold Traders Shift from Bars to Bracelets

"Gold trading restrictions prompt Vietnamese traders' transition to jewelry." - 03/14/2011

Gold Gains Following Japan's Tragedy

"Safe haven buyers bought the metal against escalating devastation in Japan." - 03/14/2011

Gold: Still Far to Go

"The gold price could easily reach the vicinity of $1,700/oz. by late 2011." - 03/10/2011

Save, Invest, Speculate, Trade or Gamble?

"Neither gold nor silver is cheap anymore, but both are going a lot higher." - 03/10/2011

Terraco Gold

"Substantial evidence shows Almaden may hold higher-grade feeder shoots at depth." - 03/08/2011

Gold, Silver Prices Hold Gains as Oil Stabilizes

"Prices eased off highs as profit taking battled with safe-haven buying." - 03/07/2011

Gold Fever Hits the South Pacific Islands

"High metals prices encourage miners to return to a land of mineral wealth and historic conflict." - 03/07/2011

Real Interest Rates Rises Will Hurt Metals Prices

"A Rise in interest rates could 'take some of the froth out of commodities.'" - 03/07/2011

Deadly Gold Rush Consumes Colombia

"Guerrilla troups' move into gold underscores the many difficulties of ending Colombia's complex four-decade war." - 03/07/2011

PDAC: Bull Market Signals Spate of Mining Deals

"This year the world's biggest mining convention could turn into a bonanza for dealmakers." - 03/06/2011

Royal Mounties Search for Nearly $2M in Gold Bars

"An attempt was made on Valentine's Day to sell the gold bars in Toronto." - 03/02/2011

Gold Rises to Record on Mideast Unrest

"Libyan unrest and surging oil prices prompted investors to pile in." - 03/02/2011

How MENA Unrest Hurts Miners

"Mining CEOs put oil at the top of their risk lists." - 03/02/2011

Australia Remains World's Number-Two Gold Producer

"Less and less of the exploration dollar is being spent in Australia." - 02/28/2011

WGC Initiative Could See Indian Gold Sales Soar on Farming Incomes

"Cash-heavy farmers are moving towards buying gold in small quantities." - 02/28/2011

Bullish Gold Bets Rebound as Mideast Tensions Mount

"Hedge funds boosted their bullish bets on gold to the highest since December." - 02/28/2011

Gold Market Update

"Gold's 50-day moving average is starting to turn up." - 02/27/2011

India Bullion Industry Demands PM Tax Cuts

"Gem and Jewelry Export Promotion Council calls for jewelry export tax exemptions." - 02/24/2011

QE2 and Its Consequences, Pt. II

"Increased liquidity from QE2 is amplifying, if not manufacturing, the stock market rally." - 02/23/2011

Gold, Silver Prices Hang onto Rally

"High oil prices, a weak Dow and violence in the Middle East prompts investment." - 02/23/2011

Speculators Continue to Add Positions in Gold, Silver

"Rise in speculative positions came on new long positions and shorts covered. - 02/22/2011

Jewelry Spurs Gold Demand

"Strong momentum in key Asian markets made for a paradigm shift in the sector." - 02/22/2011

Gold Rush Indicates Hard Times for the Portuguese

"A debt-strapped population sells off heirlooms to pay monthly bills." - 02/21/2011

Montana Gold-Mining Cyanide Issue Is Back

"A Montana senator aims to allow new mines to process ore within the state." - 02/21/2011

Canadian Miners Crack SA's Lucrative Platinum Market

"Canadian expertise is playing a huge role in finding the new stuff." - 02/21/2011

Peru Ends Illegal Mining

"The government sent about 1,000 security forces to destroy illegal operations." - 02/21/2011

Gold Roars Above $1,400 as Mideast Violence Spreads

"ETFs stayed soft as interest in the physical market surged on unrest." - 02/21/2011

Egypt: Placebos, Protests and PM Breakouts

"The best opportunities emerge in times when fear reaches an extreme." - 02/21/2011

Can Middle East Revolutions Affect the Gold Price?

"Extreme crises have prompted more accumulation of precious metals." - 02/21/2011

Gold Market Update

"Are gold and silver about to reverse to the downside again?" - 02/20/2011

Gold's Bull Market

"Use upcoming weakness to buy with both hands." - 02/18/2011

DOI Looking to Ban Mining Near Grand Canyon

"Proposed withdraw encompasses one million acres near the Grand Canyon." - 02/18/2011

Buoyant Prices Prove Double-Edged Sword for Miners

"Commodities boom makes for pricier steel, oil, labor and other operational necessities." - 02/17/2011

Central Banks Now Net Buyers of Gold

"Policy shift turns banks from net sellers to buyers for the first time in 21 years." - 02/17/2011

Dollar on the Edge of the Abyss

"A lot is riding on the next two to three weeks. . ." - 02/17/2011

India's Gold Demand Beggars Belief

"India's private consumption jumped to a new all-time record of >963t in 2010." - 02/17/2011

Comex Gold Floats Near Unchanged

"Weaker economic data was counterbalanced by investors booking profits." - 02/16/2011

Nevada Miners Could Lose Power of Eminent Domain

"Nevada miners are expected to face a number of legislative challenges." - 02/15/2011

Eurozone Central Banks Increase Gold Reserves by 1M Euros

"Gold holdings rose due to a single euro zone central bank's trading." - 02/15/2011

Healthy Correction for Gold Miners and PMs in Secular Bull Market

"A stock's reaction to news items may tell us the authentic underlying strength." - 02/15/2011

What If We Had a Bubble and Nobody Came?

"Hold your gold and silver. This train hasn't even left the station." - 02/15/2011

Global Inflation Rising and Other Pro-Gold Developments

"Recently, the Fed surpassed China as the largest holder of U.S. Treasuries." - 02/14/2011

Precious Metals and the Validity of Technical Analysis, Pt. 1

"Technical analysis shows a downtrending gold price but fundamentals are strong." - 02/14/2011

Gold Miners Index May Be Warning Us

"The charts are still pointing to lower prices in the coming days or weeks." - 02/11/2011

SA Mining Output Up After Two Yeas of Decline

"Report showed a 6.5% jump in yearly output." - 02/10/2011

Scotiabank to Sell Gold in Mexico, Dubai

"The bank's total revenue from precious-metals trading was $245M last year." - 02/10/2011

SEC Probes Insider Trades with ETF Investigation

"SEC suspects traders are using exchange-traded funds to conceal insider trading." - 02/10/2011

Scottish Gold Rush?

"Prospectors revealed they have found a new deposit in the Highlands." - 02/10/2011

Spring Festival Boosts Gold Demand

"The Chinese New Year festive period has boosted demand." - 02/10/2011

Illegal Gold Mining Site Raided in Riau

"Police raided an illegal gold mining site, confiscating 15 grams of gold." - 02/10/2011

All That Glisters Is Not Gold

"X-ray fluorescence analyzers perform instant alloy identification." - 02/10/2011

Fairtrade Gold Hits British Jewelry Markets

"New standard aims to boost livelihoods of artisanal miners." - 02/09/2011

China May Increase Gold Reserves Beyond Fort Knox Level

"China's central bank advised to increase gold holdings nearly tenfold." - 02/09/2011

Gold, Silver Prices Take a Break

"Technical trading drove the metals through key resistance areas." - 02/09/2011

Africa Warned of Unrest if Resource Wealth Not Spread

"With Africa facing 17 elections this year, voters may use the ballot box to demand a decent share of the pie." - 02/09/2011

Vietnam Government Approves Eight Gold Mines in Ha Giang

"Local governance ordered to select qualified companies to exploit mines." - 02/09/2011

Colombia's FARC Lured by Gold Mining

"Notorious guerrilla group eager to expand drug-running and extortion rackets." - 02/08/2011

Japan to Invest Billions in African Minerals, Infrastructure

"Japan, China compete for influence in the developing continent." - 02/08/2011

Critical Thinking

"It's a good time to be mining, or opening a mine. . ." - 02/08/2011

Are Gold and Silver Prices Going to Turn Up?

"What will happen to the dollar and the euro?" - 02/08/2011

Gold and Silver Prices Struggle Higher

"Physical buying supported prices, technical selling prevented rallies." - 02/07/2011

Congo Arrests Foreign Suspected Gold Smugglers

"Nation's eastern region mining ban has gunmen clashing over resources." - 02/07/2011

Dock Strike Slows Peru's Mineral Exports

"At least eleven ships stall at mineral export terminal." - 02/07/2011

It's Super Gold Sunday!

"Gold stocks have put in a nice bounce from the strong selling in January." - 02/07/2011

Record Gold to Lift SA Gold Miners' Profits

"Producers recover from dwindling grades and mine stoppages." - 02/04/2011

Gold Prices Dip on Jobs Report

"Prices dip after Thursday's sudden, violent rally." - 02/04/2011

What Egypt's Unrest Means for Gold

"Within a week of public unrest, gold edged down." - 02/03/2011

While Commodities Rally, Gold Must Hold $1,290/oz.

"Gold seems to be lagging the rest of the rallying markets." - 02/03/2011

Industrial demand for Gold, Silver Soars

"With gold and silver, it's unlikely that manufacturers will find substitute metals." - 02/03/2011

Russian Corruption Holds Back Metals, Commodities

"Corruption keeps assets depressed, metals investors nervous." - 02/03/2011

Deposit Formation Model May Help in Nevada Exploration

"Models for deposit formation shape how companies explore, mitigating risk." - 02/03/2011

A Moment of Clarity

"Is the bond market finally catching on to the 'forced risk' trade?" - 02/03/2011

Gold Prices Fall on Jobs Report

"Safe-haven buyers clashed with investors dumping gold for riskier stocks." - 02/02/2011

When and How Gold Will Begin Its Bubble

"Years 2011–2012 could serve as the beginnings of a precious metals bubble." - 02/01/2011

PopCon: The 'Economic Recovery' Lie

"A collusive and covert assault on the gold price is underway. . ." - 01/31/2011

Gold Market Update

"Houston, we have blast off on every freaking thing morons were selling at 30% discount. . ." - 01/31/2011

Precious Metals and USD's Next Big Move, Pt. II

"The market will have to shake most gold positions before we see higher prices." - 01/31/2011

What History Says About Gold Investment

"Those who think gold will only increase do not have history on their side." - 01/31/2011

Regression to the Mean

"This cyclical bull should top by March. . ." - 01/31/2011

Gold Gives John Paulson Largest One-Year Haul in History

"Billionaire John Paulson multiplies wealth on gold's rally." - 01/31/2011

Gold Premiums Highest Since 2004

"Everybody is snatching the available stocks." - 01/31/2011

Is Sulfur the Key in Quest for Gold?

"New finding could help gold explorers find areas more likely to contain deposits." - 01/28/2011

Gold Rebounds from Four-Month Low

"Bets that low U.S. borrowing costs will bolster demand raises gold." - 01/28/2011

Market Favors UK Miners, Copper

"Mining stocks have underperformed metal prices this year." - 01/27/2011

Follow Through, Pt. 1: Economies and Equities

"This is still a secular bull market that continues to broaden its audience." - 01/27/2011

Gold Goes Viral

"Research marks a significant step in combining assorted materials to create nanodevices." - 01/27/2011

Tanzanian Gold Mining Poisons People, Livestock

"Toxic waste from a North Mara gold mine contaminated River Thigithe." - 01/27/2011

Gold and Silver Eagles Sleeping

"Another week of mostly slowing sales for U.S. Mint. . ." - 01/27/2011

Mideast Revolutions and the Impact on Commodities

"This could well be the surprise swan of 2011." - 01/27/2011

Looking for a Snap Back

"Dichotomy between buyers and sellers means gold is moving into very strong hands." - 01/27/2011

Gold and Silver Investors

". . .should follow China's move into the U.S. banking industry." - 01/26/2011

State of Denial

"We're seeing the consequences of Mr. Market's confusion. . ." - 01/26/2011

Gold Price Correction Consistent with Bull Market Continuity

"If the USD was correctly valued, there'd be no need to own gold and silver." - 01/26/2011

Gold Declines on Slumping Investment Demand

"The risk trade is back on." - 01/26/2011

Global Gold Demand Is Mixed

"Russia's additional demand for gold is a drop in the bucket." - 01/26/2011

Palladium to Outperform in 2011

"However, investors shouldn't hold out for a repeat of 2010's stunning rises." - 01/26/2011

Senators Introduce Bills to Repeal Form 1099, Opposed by Gold Dealers

"The law would require entities to file a Form 1099 with the IRS for transactions over $600." - 01/25/2011

Vietnam Banks Cut Gold Deposits

"Central banks protest a rule prohibiting commercial lending the metal to gold bar traders." - 01/25/2011

SPX Correction Looms

"The key sentiment indicators are screaming that an SPX correction looms." - 01/24/2011

The Good, Not So Good, Bad & Ugly on the Indexes

"The major indexes are giving mixed signals. . ." - 01/24/2011

Two SA Mines Halt Operations After Weekend Deaths

"Two of South Africa's mines were closed after fatal accidents." - 01/24/2011

Yukon Gold Rush 2.0

"The Yukon still possesses an abundance of mineral wealth." - 01/21/2011

'Fear and Love Make Gold Strong'

"Investors have to look at gold demand as both the fear and love trade." - 01/20/2011

Gold, Silver and Unhedged Producers

"There is no doubt, gold producers are in for a good time." - 01/20/2011

Gold Prices Move Slightly Higher

"Moderate buying continues, but prices still trapped in a tight range." - 01/19/2011

U.S. & China Going in Opposite Directions

"China's racing to be the #1 economic world power; the U.S. is retreating." - 01/19/2011

Commodities Boom Signals Growth; Companies Benefit

"S&P's GSCI Spot Index of commodities has to its highest since 2008." - 01/19/2011

Tokyo Gold Vending Machine Vies with Drinks, Lingerie

"Japanese consumers can invest in 'something real.'" - 01/18/2011

Tunisian First Lady Flees Nation with 1.5 Tons of Gold

"The so-called Tunisian Marie Antoinette raided gold reserves with private militia." - 01/18/2011

Colombia Closes 56 Illegal Gold Mines

"Guerrilla forces accused of financing operations through illegal mining." - 01/18/2011

A New ETF to Play Gold's Appeal

"AGOL is the first U.S. precious metals product to be vaulted in Asia." - 01/18/2011

Here We Go Again

"The stock market's ready to roll over into one of the worst bear markets in history." - 01/18/2011

Gold Stocks: Stick with Juniors and Avoid Large Caps

"The large caps really suck!" - 01/18/2011

The Coming Flood of Yuan and Chinese Gold Demand

"Many sovereign nations are holding yuan in reserve instead of just dollars." - 01/17/2011

Gold Wave Patterns Remain Bearish

"It's about to get ugly, so strap on your seatbelts." - 01/17/2011

Anthony Bolton on the 'Only Commodity to Buy'

"Stars of one bull market are not necessarily the stars of another." - 01/17/2011

Financial Meltdown Fast Approaching

"The stubborn image of a debt-swollen, jobless behemoth of an economy persists." - 01/17/2011

Gold Steadies as Dollar Restricts

"Gold stabilizes after posting a second successive weekly fall last week." - 01/17/2011

New Research Indicates Near-Term Gold, Silver Shortages

"Study sheds new light on the state of the gold and silver markets." - 01/17/2011

Garlic or Gold: What Drives the Chinese Market?

"Speculators' targeting of garlic, ginger and mung bean is unique to China." - 01/14/2011

Gold Mining in the Silver State

"Despite major setbacks, Nevada remains an excellent place to mine." - 01/14/2011

Gold Could Bounce Next Week

"Europe's bond auctions this week may not lead to lasting success." - 01/14/2011

Bullish Sentiment in Gold Abates

"The COT data looks very healthy if you are a gold bull." - 01/13/2011

Precious Metals' and the USD's Next Big Move

"If we get a higher dollar, look for gold to have a stair-step pattern lower." - 01/13/2011

San Francisco Struck $1 and $3 Gold

"More gold dollars were produced than you might expect. . ." - 01/12/2011

Yearly Cycle Low Approaching

"We should see an intermediate top fairly soon. . ." - 01/11/2011

Happy Little Mushrooms 2011

"Don't listen to the lies—you have to read between the lines." - 01/11/2011

Top-Three Investment Threats & Opportunities for 2011

"Gold is either in a huge bubble or on the verge of collapse." - 01/11/2011

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

"More agony will follow the recent euphoria in equity markets. . ." - 01/10/2011

Real Silver Highs 3

"Many on Wall Street suspect silver is stretching to bull-ending extremes." - 01/10/2011

Will Gold, the USD or the Euro Collapse?

"Countries that endured hyperinflation used their collapsing currencies to the end." - 01/10/2011

Japan to Subsidize Robotic Deep-Sea Mining Research

"World's richest seabed gold, silver and REE deposits may be worth $241B." - 01/10/2011

Gold Up on Bernanke Comments, Jobs

"We may see more disappointing data, offering an upside push to gold." - 01/07/2011

Gold/Silver Correction to Set Up Next Major Move in 2011

"The short-term trend is exhausted; could see shakeout in gold and mining stocks" - 01/06/2011

When Will Gold and Silver Go Down?

"I'm increasingly convinced $30,000–$50,000/oz. gold will be seen in this lifetime." - 01/06/2011

2011: Year of the Yellow Brick Road

"Is your yellow brick road made of dreams or gold?" - 01/06/2011

How High Will Gold Go in 2011?

"A buying opportunity may be dead ahead." - 01/06/2011

How Long Can S&P500, PMs and Bonds Rally?

"Stocks are overbought currently on nearly every timeframe." - 01/05/2011

Why Rising Rates Are Super Bullish for Gold and Silver

"Gold is in position to accelerate to new highs, and then higher highs in H111." - 01/05/2011

HSBC Ups 2011–'12 Au, Pd and Ag Forecasts

"HSBC has upped its gold forecast for 2011 by $25 to $1,450/oz." - 01/05/2011

Gold Recovers from Worst Fall in Two Months

"Physical demand certainly is playing a role. . ." - 01/05/2011

The Long Swim: How the Fed Could Become Insolvent

"The Fed is now paying interest on ~$1 trillion in deposited reserves." - 01/04/2011

The New Gold Rush

"As confidence in global currencies wanes, the world's appetite for gold will increase." - 01/04/2011

New Annual Record for Silver Eagles

"Silver Eagles hit a new all-time record high of 34,662,500 sold." - 01/04/2011

The Best of Times

"Capital is still plentiful for juniors. . ." - 01/03/2011

How to Trade Gold, Stocks and ETFs in 2011

"Look for some big moves in precious metals in 2011." - 01/03/2011

2011: Year of the Precious Metal Junior Miners

"The best place to make money in 2011: The TSX and TSX Venture." - 01/03/2011

No End in Sight for PMs Rally

"The global commodity market has seen the sharpest recovery ever." - 01/03/2011

Silver Stocks 4

"Silver is roaring through its bull highs to a level not seen in 30 years." - 01/03/2011

Musings on the Record Price of Copper

"Irrational exuberance for copper could continue at increasing prices." - 01/03/2011

Rhodium: Catch-Up Potential?

"Rhodium is finite and the rarest of the precious metals." - 12/29/2010

Weak USD Gives Physical Gold, Silver ETFs a Kick

"Gold surged past $1,400/oz. thanks to a downtrending dollar." - 12/29/2010

Silver, Gold Top Picks in 2011 Commodity Survey

"Silver will be the top-performing commodity in 2011." - 12/28/2010

James West: Monetary Policy—Negligence, Ignorance or Fraud?

Recovery? What recovery? With more money in circulation than ever before in history, Midas Letter Editor James West asks, "Where's all the money?" The government would have us believe a "recovery" is underway and that we're all firmly back on the road to prosperity. "A recovery is underway," says James, "but those elements of the global economy that are recovering aren't in the economic interests of most planetary citizens." In this Gold Report exclusive, James looks beyond media talking heads and rosy governmental economic forecasts to ponder the eventual consequences of a regulatory framework that is fractured and impotent. - 11/22/2010

Junior Miners Becoming Attractive Takeover Targets

There have been some exciting mergers and acquisitions (M&As) within the junior mining sector over the past few months. As gold and silver settle from the previous move, many projects will be rerated and acquired by majors that are struggling with decreasing resources. I believe the industry is undergoing consolidation and we are seeing the beginning of a major international race to control future gold and silver ounces in the ground. The bull market in gold and silver is intact and, though we may see some short-term pullbacks in bullion prices, the junior mining sector will continue to outperform. - 11/03/2010

The Best Way to Participate in Long-Term Gold Bull Market

The gold price recently made a new high amid widespread concern over weakness in the U.S. dollar. The gold rally has been driven by strong global demand among investors seeking a safe haven. Demand has been driven mainly by uncertainty over the economic outlook, as investors continue to recover from the fallout of the financial crisis two years ago. - 11/01/2010

Gold Miners & Explorers Face Serious Supply Problems

As the gold price hits record levels, major gold companies face declining production. Micro-cap companies that discover large gold deposits are immediately in the sights of cash-rich gold mining companies seeking new reserves. Geologist Brent Cook of Exploration Insights takes a look at the dilemma facing gold miners big and small. - 06/28/2010

Richard Karn: PM Rudd's Death Warrant—RSPT

Is the Rudd removal a brilliant political ploy on the part of the Labour Party? Pushing back the Sept./Oct. federal election they likely would've lost to April 2011 provides ample time for damage control. But what about the significant, unintended consequence of the RSPT? In this Gold Report exclusive, Richard reveals "the market door has slammed on companies until the matter is resolved." - 06/25/2010

Will China's Bubble Implode and Bring the U.S. Down with It?

China could be the single-most important factor in trying to solve the global financial crisis. Clif Droke, editor of the Momentum Strategies Report, in this exclusive article for the Gold Report, looks at questions surrounding China's near-term future and the momentous impact on our own financial futures. - 05/07/2010

Louis Paquette: The Seasonality of Gold Has Broken Down

The Gold Report has again interviewed newsletter writer and commentator Lou Paquette, who launched the Emerging Growth Stocks website in 1995 to provide investors and speculators with a unique alternative to what he saw was a growing problem with corporate governance and conflict of interest on Wall Street. He is not counting out the U.S. dollar quite yet as the euro waivers. He also believes that there is no longer necessarily a seasonality regarding gold and gold stocks. - 03/10/2010

Dalton Police Seek Peddler of Fake Gold

"Suspect swapped real gold for fake while business owner ducked out to the ATM."

Metals Market Equations Are No Longer Simple

"Underlying chaos in global affairs will keep gold and silver to keep rising."

Gold Stocks Not Sparkling Yet

"We need a turnaround in sentiment to cause gold prices to rally strongly thus setting the stage for a massive rebound in the mining sector."





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